The Best Microwave Oven 2021 – Buying Guide

Today I would like to talk about the best microwave ovens that exist in the market in my opinion .

I do it after having to search through several models as a result of my old device breaking. The truth is that I was consulting between several brands until deciding what is the best microwave to buy and what is the best microwave brand

I want to help with this article all the people who want to know which is the best microwave oven. In advance I want to warn that among all these options any of them is suitable .

Which Is The Best Microwave Oven

1. Microwave Cecotec Silver – Functional and complete

The Cecotec Silver microwave is undoubtedly one of the great options to consider when knowing what microwaves to buy . It is for several reasons that I could basically summarize in its completeness.

It has several cooking modes and a power not negligible of 700W . That makes it possible to fulfill several functions, among which is the defrosting, the function to brown and of course the grill, the most destable of it.

It has ample space to heat, so we can cook very comfortably on a microwave grill. The grill function reaches 900W, the normal function up to 700W with five different power modes.

So, if you are looking for a complete, aesthetic device, with a good capacity to load it and that at the same time is affordable, the Cecotec Silver is undoubtedly a good option to consider when thinking about which microwave to buy.

Its timer reaches thirty minutes and also has a way to notify when the time we set is met. It is therefore ideal for use with all kinds of dishes for microwave cooking.

Its controls are of the classics, so it is easy to program . In particular they are roulette mode so anyone can use it. The truth is that in recent years it seemed that to use a microwave you had to study a career. The Cecotec Silver is easy to use but can not, really.

Its design is careful and the materials are of quality . It does not rest directly on the table, which is appreciated because although it seems that it does not make it more structurally manageable.

The only negative point I could put on this microwave is that I would have liked it to bring some more accessories. The truth is that a grill or a lid would make it a perfect purchase. It is also true that almost none include it for the price this has.


I consider this microwave a good option because it is one of the most complete models at a lower price. We can find other better known brands that for the same price either offer us less power or do not offer us a microwave with grill. I consider this important point since a microwave should not be in the 21st century a pot nothing more than to heat. For a daily use it is perfect because it is very easy to handle, without complications, with the classic roulette of a lifetime that we have always understood. And the price or comment, because it is spectacular.


  • It has grill
  • Up to 900W of grill power and 700W in heating or defrosting mode
  • Five different powers for heating, three for the grill
  • Easy to clean
  • Good capacity (up to 20 liters)
  • It has good materials and is extremely simple to use


  • I would give it a 10 if it came with accessories

2. Orbegozo MI 2015 – Simple and very busy

You could say that the Orbegozo MI 2015 is the classic microwave that meets the functions expected of it. In fact, it has a function of defrosting and heating. At the same time, these modes are divided into several powers.

It has a capacity of up to 20 liters , which is more than enough to heat all kinds of pots and cook with those that are indicated for it in the microwave. In general it is a great option when deciding which microwave to buy if you do not want to complicate the existence and want guarantees.

The truth is that the Orbegozo brand offers a wide variety of household utensils that range from braziers to microwaves through blenders. I don’t know a single person who has ever spoken badly about this brand.

In terms of quality of designs and especially in terms of durability, everything they do is wonderful. I can tell you that several of the devices I have at home (including a brazier) are still working as well as 20 years ago.

It is a microwave therefore it can guarantee us a lot of efficiency with 700W of power, both for defrosting and for cooking . It has a 30 minute timer, more than enough to cook in a suitable pot for example a chicken.

Its design means that it can have a lot of capacity inside it despite being a compact model . That will not occupy too much on our countertop and can accompany us for several decades without giving us a single problem: sure.

I particularly like its design: it is attractive and uncomplicated, it also has wheels for handling so it is a perfect gift for the elderly or for the typical son who has just become independent. Value for money I consider it a bargain, really.

The negative point that I find in the microwave Orbegozo MI 2015 is that it does not have a grill. It is not properly a microwave oven but a dry microwave. That, although it does not mean that we cannot cook in it, does mean that in many cases we will need specific devices to do so. However, it also does not have to be an inconvenience since most people have never cooked in microwaves and do not plan to do so either.


As I said, the best thing about this microwave model and the main factor that can help us include it as a candidate for the best quality / price microwave is to belong to a brand of such quality as Orbegozo. Almost certainly that will mean that we will have a microwave for almost a lifetime. Indeed, the quality of all its models is impeccable and very durable. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple microwave to use, that does not complicate your life and lives up to what a microwave has to do (which is usually basically heat and defrost) without a doubt the Orbegozo MI 2015 is A great microwave option for you.


  • Up to 20 liters capacity
  • Attractive and compact design, it hardly takes up space
  • Good power with up to 700W to heat and defrost
  • Specific defrost mode
  • Great quality of its materials and great durability, a lot of guarantee just for being Orbegozo
  • Easy to use, recommended for adults, children and clumsy


  • It has no grill function

3. Daewoo KOG-837R – Sum of technology

Here comes a microwave device for those demanding who read me . If what you are looking for is what is usually said a “pro” microwave you have found it without a doubt with the Daewoo KOG 837RS .

It is a device only a tad more expensive than the previous two, however, it more than compensates for that thanks to everything it can offer us in return. For starters, it has more power since it reaches 800W in the heating function .

Secondly, it has more capacity since it has up to 23 liters of capacity which is very loose and more than enough to be able to cook with the appropriate utensils for microwaves.

If what you are thinking is what microwave to buy and you want one that accompanies your kitchen with metallic materials and good taste, the  Daewoo KOG 837RS is a great option and certainly one of those that you should mainly consider.

It has five levels of power, so it is indicated for several functions that range from defrosting to browning for meat and vegetables. It also has a unique function: defrosting by weight and time.

That means that it is able to adjust its power to the needs of each particular dish . This is very useful since too many times a large piece is cooked on the outside and frozen inside with other microwaves.

All its cover is stainless steel , which accompanies very well any kind of aesthetics for the kitchen. Despite its avant-garde design it is simple to handle. It has five keys for different modes and for pause and start and a wheel that allows us to vary power and time on a digital screen that has in front.

In short, it seems to me that it is a fairly good microwave model considering the price it has . For the quality of its materials, for the greater capacity of its interior, for design and for its greater power it seems to me that it has a more than reasonable price compared to other models that give less for more.

Without a doubt, the  Daewoo KOG 837RS is a great purchase option for those looking for a practical and complete microwave thanks to technology.

It has a lock for children, it has a grill and naturally with a timer.

In my view, the only “but” that I could put on this device is that, although its metal design makes it suitable for virtually any kitchen, the truth is that when cleaning it will require metal products. In addition, objectively it must be said that there are always more finger marks on the metal than on plastic or colored metal such as white. For the rest, I consider that this device deserves the highest score.


As I said before, if you’re looking for a microwave guarantee in exchange for an affordable price, the Daewoo KOG 837RS can be a great option for you. For the price it has is rare to see a microwave with grill, with grill and, in general, with so many functions and such an attractive design. I especially like the issue of the blockade of children because the truth is that they are always touching everything.


  • It has grill
  • A lot of power, reaching 800W in the heated
  • High quality design
  • Child lock system
  • He has a barbecue to cook with her
  • It is easy to use despite its multiple functions


  • In my view, metal gets dirty very quickly from finger marks

4. Orbegozo MI 2017 – Easier impossible

As I say in the title, the Orbegozo MI 2017 is “easier impossible”. It has a system of classic use, which includes wheels to adjust temperature and time; no more no less.

I believe that this microwave is another one of those that can be used as pearls for those who are looking for a functional device at a low price that will provide them with the service expected from a microwave day by day.

It has a power of up to 700W, which is more than enough to heat and even brown in the case of meats and vegetables. It must also be said that its power has up to six adjustable levels that allow you to perform any task. That is all that is required of a microwave, which is capable of defrosting and also heating.

The simplicity of its use makes it especially suitable for older people . It is therefore a good gift to leave the happy saucepan every time you want to heat something: in the long run it saves money and resources thanks to the fact that it spends little electricity.

It has a capacity of 20 liters which is what usually have this type of microwave taking into account its power and performance. At the same time its timer is 30 minutes so with this microwave we can cook with utensils suitable for it.

It certainly seems like a great purchase because it offers all the performance that can be expected in a microwave in exchange for a fairly affordable price. At the same time, if you are thinking about which microwave to buy, the Orbegozo MI 2017 is undoubtedly a good option both for its design and for the quality of its materials that should be sufficient to guarantee long durability.

The only but that could put this Orbegozo MI 2017 is that it does not have a grill function. Despite being suitable for both power and the ability of your timer to perform the cooking function, it is necessary to use utensils adapted to this type of kitchen. However, for the price it has, I consider it quite complete and in fact compensates for that lack with design, functionality and simplicity when using it.


I think this microwave is a good option if you don’t know what microwave to buy and you don’t have big pretensions or want big complications. Indeed, with this device you can fulfill the basic functions of a microwave (heated and defrosted) in a simple and efficient way. At the same time it has a more than affordable price, so it is an investment that will accompany you for several years in exchange for a modest initial outlay.


  • Very simple to use
  • Spacious inside (up to 20 liters)
  • Good power capacity power / price ratio (up to 700W)
  • It has defrosting and heating function
  • Built-in timer


  • It has no grill

5. Samsung ME83X – Optimal design and technology

The Samsung ME83X is a very complete device : surely the most complete of those we have seen so far because it is the one that incorporates the most technology. Indeed, its exterior appearance already makes it clear that we are facing one of the microwave superdesigns.

If you are still thinking about which microwave to buy and you are thinking about it very much precisely because you want to give it all the possible use and you are looking for a very complete device , the  Samsung ME83X may be a good option for you.

First of all, its finish is spectacular. It has an opaque screen that, when the microwave is switched on, allows you to see what is inside . However, the rest of the time not only goes unnoticed but is also very elegant.

Despite the compactness of its design, it has a fairly large capacity compared to other similar models: it reaches 23 liters . That means that inside it there will be enough space to cook even large pieces that require a lot of time.

Its power is organized around six power levels and reaches a total of 800W . With this we are guaranteed that we can use it in different uses; from defrosting food to cooking or browning for meat and vegetables.

Regarding the defrosting function, it must be said that it is adapted according to the weight . That guarantees us that all defrosting will be done correctly preventing the outside part from being cooked and the inside part completely frozen.

It should also be noted that the entire surface of this microwave is ceramic . When choosing the best microwave, we must certainly look at how easy it is to clean . In this case, because it is the entire ceramic surface, the dirt cannot accumulate and it is only necessary to pass a damp cloth to clean it without difficulties.

By the way, with this we avoid the proliferation of bacteria and the need to use products to eliminate them that eventually deteriorate the devices.

On its handling, it is something newer than the previous roulette models . It has several keys that are designed to make its use easier although at the beginning it can cost to understand exactly how it works.

If it is you or yourself who is planning to do cooking functions in two afternoons, you will have learned how it works and probably the rest of the members of the house like them and just need the simple way.

The only negative point I can find is that it is a microwave whose control keys can be a bit messy for some people. It is likely that in the first use we do not even know how it works. In the long run this is not an inconvenience, but it may not be a suitable device for all kinds of customers (for example, older people).


I consider the Samsung ME83X to be a top device on this list. It is for the quality of its design, the elegance of its appearance and its great versatility. It offers a lot, and that is why it has a higher price than the other models. However, its advantages make our life easier, especially that of easy-cleaning ceramic material that offers us not to waste much time in cleaning and at the same time optimal maintenance without proliferation of bacteria.


  • Very attractive design
  • Ceramic material perfect for easy cleaning
  • Up to 800W of power
  • Child lock


  • A bit difficult to use for older people

6. Teka MWE 225 G  – Best value for money

I’ve always thought that some brands far from focusing so much on design focus more on functionality. That is why subsequently every customer has their favorite brands. We could say that Teka is the brand that offers more in exchange for saving on design.

The truth is that we see the  Teka MWR 225 G and we think it’s a lifelong microwave. However, it is much more: its power is distributed in five power levels that reach 700W for heating and 1000W for the grill.

This means more power (for the grill) than most microwaves that do not even include this function . And all this also for less price than most of them. Its use despite being distributed in an electronic panel and not being the classic wheel panel is simple.

This is because it is very intuitive and has all the keys organized according to the type of food and the operation we want to perform . That is why it seems like a very important option to consider if you are thinking about which microwave to buy.

It also incorporates the automatic defrosting system based on size and weight, a function that even today few microwaves have and that we do not usually find in other microwaves at this price.

For all these reasons I consider that the Teka MWE 225 G is a great option that offers a lot in exchange for a small budget . I would definitely give it a ten.

If I had to put a but this microwave is that I would have liked to have ceramic interior surface instead of painted to be able to clean it better, however, you can not have everything in this life.


If you are looking for something cheap, good and complete, without a doubt the Teka MWE 225 G is a great option for you. For a more than reasonable and affordable price you can have a microwave with several functions that range from defrosting to the grill through heating with greater power capacity than other models. By the way, it has a defrosting function by weight and size which will save you many headaches. In short, Teka proposes with this microwave model one that at the cost of saving on design is able to offer more in performance.


  • Great quality / price ratio
  • It has grill
  • Great power of both cooking and grill (700W and 1000W respectively)
  • It has defrosting function depending on size and weight


  • Painted and non-ceramic interior

The best microwave with oven:  LG MH7265DPS

This LG model has Smart Inverter technology that allows defrosting, heating and cooking more quickly and evenly. Maintains the taste and nutrients of your food. Its adjustable power gives you the possibility to prepare a variety of dishes. Cook 1.6 times faster than other microwaves, saving up to 17% of electricity and avoiding overheating.

It offers you a large interior space of 32 liters although its design is compact. Ideal for small kitchens . It comes with hexagonal inner rotating ring . It incorporates ECO function to save up to 40% of energy when it is in Stand By. Easy to clean.

The best integrable microwave:  Teka MWE 225 FI

Teka has designed this microwave to be part of your kitchen design because it is integrable. It is made of stainless steel anti fingerprint . Through its electronic panel you can choose between its 5 power levels to adapt it to different functions and foods.

Its interior has a capacity of 20 liters and has a glass window door to monitor cooking. It has a turntable 24.5 cm in diameter and timer from 0 to 95 minutes. It has automatic defrosting functions by time and weight; Automatic grill and safety lock for children . 1000W of power .

The best small microwave:  Orbegozo MI 2015

Orbegozo brings us an efficient microwave without grill with 700W of power and 20 liters of internal capacity . It offers 6 operating settings so you can prepare different dishes and defrosting program . It has a timer from 1 to 30 minutes . It incorporates internal lighting and sound warning at the end of the cooking time.

It is simple, rugged, compact and easily cleaned . It adapts to any type of kitchen. It doesn’t need installation , you just need to plug it in and use it. It has intuitive manual rotary controls to give you comfort when choosing the program and the ideal time for each type of food.

The best Microwave Balay:  3WGX2018

Tabletop microwave ideal for your kitchen, office or anywhere you need it. It is made of robust stainless steel to guarantee hygiene, long life and easy cleaning . It has a turntable of 24.5 cm in diameter and mechanical controls resistant, practical and intuitive.

Its enameled interior has a capacity of 17 liters where you can cook, heat and defrost your food. Enjoy 800 W of power and 1000 W in its simultaneous Grill , allow your dishes to get a golden appearance while you heat them. It is compact , its dimensions are 29 x 46.2 x 32 cm.

The best Teka microwave:  MWE 225 G

Teka offers this microwave of 1050 W of power with 5 levels of intensity and simultaneous grill so you can cook, heat and defrost your food efficiently. It is made of sturdy stainless steel   and has 8 direct access menus for versatility and comfort.

Its easy-to-understand and manipulate electronic control panel allows you to regulate its power and choose the operating time with a timer from 0 to 95 minutes and a function of +30 seconds . It has a turntable of 25.5 cm in diameter. It also offers automatic defrosting by time and weight. Manual.

The best Bosch microwave:  HMT72G650

This beautiful and modern design integrable microwave is manufactured in stainless steel and enjoys an internal capacity of 17 liters ; with a power of 800 W , combined grill of 1,000 W and 5 intensity levels . It includes integration framework .

It has interior lighting and turntable 24.5 cm in diameter. You can choose the cooking time with its 60-minute programmer according to the type of dish you wish to prepare. Its dimensions are 280 x 45.3 x 32 cm . It has a mechanical control panel that is easy to understand and handle. It includes installation manual.

The best Whirlpool microwave:  MWF 421 SL Countertop

We are already accustomed to the excellent quality of Whirlpool products. Now we present this microwave oven 800 W of power and 1000 W in its folding grill . It has an internal capacity of 25 liters and is very easy to clean . It has JetStart function which allows you to reach the maximum temperature for 30 seconds to reheat foods with a high water content (soups, creams, hot drinks, etc.).

It also offers programs for steaming . In its electronic control panel you can choose the time , the cooking mode and the type of defrosting for each type of food.

The best Samsung microwave:  ME83X / XEC

If you are looking for a microwave with excellent value for money , we recommend this model. It has 800 W of power and an internal space of 23 liters . It offers you 6 levels of power and an interior covered with high resistance ceramic enamel so you can prepare the dishes you want and then you can easily clean it .

Does not absorb moisture, odors or flavors to maintain the original taste of your food. It has a LED screen and touch buttons intuitive understanding and easy operation. Includes ring and turntable. Its dimensions are 33 x 32.4 x 21.1 cm . Works with 230 V .

The best Orbegozo microwave:  MI 2021:

The MI 2021 of Orbegozo is a microwave with vintage design and 20 liters of capacity in its interior space. It offers you 6 intensity options and a timer of up to 30 minutes for you to manage its 700 W of power . It has a defrost program and an acoustic signal when cooking is finished.

In addition, it has rotary mechanical controls that are easy to understand and handle. Chrome handle . Its dimensions are 44.5 x 25.6 x 34 cm and it is light (12 kg) so you can take it where you need it. It also comes with a 24.5 cm diameter turntable to ensure uniform cooking.

The best LG microwave:  MH7265DPS

This microwave has 1200 W of power , 1000 W in its grill function   and 1500 W if you combine both features (Micro + Grill) It has a large interior space of 32 liters capacity and Smart Inverter system for cooking, heating and defrosting evenly in less time.

Its adjustable power offers you multiple ways to cook, automatic menus and Crispy plate so you can grill and fry using less fat. Cook 1.6 times faster saving up to 17% of electricity. Its Eco ON function allows to reduce up to 40% energy when in Standby.

The best Cecotec microwave:  Proclean 3010

Cecotec, always thinking about your needs, has released this microwave with an internal space of 20 liters of capacity and Ready2Clean coating that repels dirt and is easier to clean.

It has 3DWave technology that wraps food with waves for more efficient cooking. It has 700 W of power and 6 intensity levels . Its defrosting function that adapts to all kinds of food. It has manual rotary controls that are very easy to understand and manage. It also offers a timer function of up to 30 minutes with acoustic warning to notify the end of the cooking cycle.

Buying guide for the best microwaves

When choosing the best microwave you should look at several aspects that I will detail below . Having these criteria in mind and looking for advice among other buyers you can find your ideal option.

Heating power

The power to heat basically serves to give us an idea of ​​how fast our microwave can act. At the same time it is important to take it into account to know whether or not you can perform different operations such as putting vegetables in it . In many cases we will need lower powers for what things although the truth is that many people put it to the top for anything which is totally inadvisable. A microwave should have a minimum of 600W of maximum power.


The smaller the capacity of your microwave, the less work you can do with it. If you only want it to heat a cup and a plate from time to time it is possible that you should consider using a saucepan directly. The ideal capacity ranges from 18 liters to 23 liters. With it we can defrost pieces that, otherwise we would have to use the oven, which is also not suitable for it. Therefore, consider not only the necessary capacity for day-to-day life but also the most exceptional uses such as defrosting.

Modes included for heating

As we have said, most microwaves include defrosting and heating functions. However, others include the grill function that would allow baking to some extent. It must be said that if we have the right utensils, we can take full advantage of our microwave. We must take care that our microwave has at least defrosting and heating function. If it includes a grill, we can naturally perform other very interesting extra functions.

How does a microwave work?

A microwave as surprising as it may seem is actually a movement machine . More specifically, atomic movement. Indeed, the heat of things depends on the movement of their atoms. The faster these move, the hotter an object will be. What a microwave does is emit waves that are absorbed by substances such as water or sugar.

That way, what it does is put them in motion and thereby cause the heating of all the surrounding particles. That is why we say that in a way the microwave is an agitator of atoms that manages to make our food warm up as if by magic. Depending on the wavelength, its power will be greater or lesser.

Who invented the microwave?

Like many inventions in the history of mankind that were created through “chance”, this was no exception. One day at his workplace, in 1945 the American engineer named Percy Spencer was working on another project to improve a radar; That’s when he realized that the chocolate bar in his pocket began to melt. Being surrounded by magnetrons (apparatus that transforms electrical energy into electromagnetic energy in the form of a micro wave), it was noticed that this exerted influence on the chocolate bar by heating it thanks to the low intensity electromagnetic micro waves. After several successful trials with other foods, two years later the microwave oven went on the market and nowadays it can even be cooked in them.

What are microwaves made of?

It is completely covered with metal, also has aluminum parts, glass and cables. Practically, microwave ovens are manufactured by closed circuits of conductive materials (steel, alloys, etc.), making it an appliance impervious to radiation.

Microwave parts

Although it seems very complicated, its operation is really very simple and that means that it is of few parts or components that make up the microwave oven. Basically its parts are: • The magnetron: Without it there is no microwave oven, this lamp is essential since it is the one that emits the small waves (micro waves) of high frequency that is used to heat meals; It is basically a diode type electronic tube (which circulates the current in one direction only). • The anode: It is a hollow iron cylinder (positive pole) with internal cavities (resonant). • The filament: It is the heater that serves as a cathode (negative pole) in the tube (magnetron). • The antenna:It is the one that transmits the energy of the micro wave. • The soundboard: Thanks to it, these small waves “bounce” around the same axis, returning to the same place forming a standing wave impacting the food in question. Without this soundboard (magnet), the waves would fire on all sides and would not exert the final effect obtained by heating the food in these electrical devices. And because of this, you know why you can’t use the microwave with the door open!

Microwave types

The most common are the turntable microwave ovens (until I have one) and those mentioned in our comparison with its multiple functions (with / without grill, with buttons, wheels or knobs and digital), but in this section we will mention other types of existing microwaves in the market and of which you certainly did not know that they existed and that they can adapt to your budget or needs. The price differences that you can have in general not only for the type of microwave any of these, are the capacities in liters they have (between 17 and 40 liters), amount of buttons and / or the power with which they work (up to 11) and in addition to the brand.

Desktop microwave

They are the simplest and most popular, they are simply placed on top of the kitchen counter or countertop.

Built-in or integrated microwave

They are those that are placed at a certain height in the kitchen furniture, recessed. From these two main categories the following are derived:

Microwave without turntable

It is a microwave oven with a ceramic and smooth surface for easy cleaning, under which is a rotating antenna that distributes the waves throughout the food. It has an automatic heating that only selecting the weight of the food will adapt to the appropriate temperature and time.

Microwave with odor extractor

This type of microwave oven has this combination of high performance that has child insurance and multiple functions. They come with their turntable, grill function, more interior light and some predetermined functions.

Microwave with bell

It adapts to tall furniture preventing us from occupying another place in another piece of furniture or on top of marble or built-in, without sacrificing quality by lighting your stove. It is a two by one.

Convection microwave

Its operation is based on the expulsion of hot air by a fan that drives it throughout the microwave oven cavity, being able to prepare roasted vegetables, pizzas, meats, cakes and much more. The food is cooked faster and at a lower temperature, brings a rack as an accessory for you to cook and brown your meals perfectly; They can work with metal utensils, some models bring grill and more functionalities.

Steam microwave

It has a high efficiency boiler that generates steam that passes directly to the top of the interior of the microwave oven allowing food to cook without oils, being your food healthy and low in fat, maintaining juiciness and a lot of flavor.

Microwave with crisp function

Allow to fry in our microwave oven with little oil. It is recommended to use a special Teflon crisp dish capable of reaching temperatures up to 210 degrees Celsius.

Multifunction microwave

It is the most modern microwave oven of all. Formed by an oven and the microwave itself, together. The ovens are high-end or very high-end, with different cooking and steam cooking programs.

Industrial microwave

These microwave ovens are given according to their intensity of use (light, medium, intense, rough and fast cooking), they come from 5 to 11 power levels, they can be manufactured with different materials according to the use that will be given, up to 100 programmable memories, double magnetron and double heater.

How to clean the microwave?

It is really very easy and in the market there are special products to clean these appliances (zero abrasives), since the splashes that remain in the microwave after heating the food are seen and tend to grab a bad smell and can reduce the efficiency of the appliance. Make sure the microwave is disconnected while cleaning it, here we show you other cleaning options.

Steps to clean the microwave with vinegar

1. Fill a glass or microwave bowl with half water and add a tablespoon of white vinegar. 2. Put it in the microwave and heat it for 5 minutes (it may be less time in a power can oven), waiting for it to heat the water until the steam rises to the microwave walls and releases the embedded dirt. 3. Remove the bowl and clean the inside of the microwave with a clean cloth or paper towel until nothing is embedded. 4. Wash the turntable (if any) with your sponge the same when you scrub your food dishes, dry it with a dishcloth or let it dry naturally.

Steps to clean the microwave with lemon

1. Cut a lemon in half by placing the halves upside down on the microwave dish with a tablespoon of water for a minute or until the lemon is hot and inside the microwave is full of steam. 2. Clean the inside of the microwave oven with paper towels and continue with item 4 of “cleaning the microwave with vinegar”.

Steps to clean the microwave with soap wash dishes

1. Fill a microwave bowl with warm water and add the liquid soap with the amount that suits you. 2. Put the bowl in the microwave for a minute or until it starts to steam. 3. Remove the bowl and with a pretty damp sponge, clean the inside of the microwave oven. 4. The steam will loosen everything embedded so you can clean it better and if you want, you can add baking soda to the bowl with soap and water to do the air freshener job.

Steps to clean the microwave with glass clean liquid

1. Mix the glass cleaning liquid in a bowl (duplicate) with hot water. You can clean the microwave oven inside as well as outside. 2. Clean the inside with a sponge smeared with liquid you will clean the inside of the microwave. 3.Clean the turntable and oven vents. 4. Difficult stains can be left soaking with glass cleaning liquid for 5 minutes before scrubbing. 5. Clean everything with a clean cloth (with water if it smells like glass cleaner, repeating the procedure until it stops smelling) and let the microwave dry. Regardless of how you clean your microwave oven, do not forget to leave it open to ventilate and do not wait until it is very dirty to clean it (avoid the so-called “hot spots: hardened remains”), keeping it always shiny.

When a microwave rusts inside

This happens when micro waves are lost due to misuse. If the microwave oven is left for such a long time, the metal under the oxide can be exposed creating sparks or arcing damaging the microwave. What you should do is paint it with special microwave paint that can be brushed or spray, as you prefer and follow the recommendations of the seller.

Are there left-handed microwaves?

For left-handers as such there is no or at least with that denomination so far, but microwave ovens are obtained in the market with an inverted door and this can make life easier for a left-handed person in the kitchen; they just have to look a little because they are quite difficult to get.

Microwave containers

In the market there is a wide variety of options when choosing which containers or accessories to use inside microwave ovens, here are some recommendations:

Glass or ceramic containers

The most used, but we recommend that you verify that they bring the label when you buy it, indicating that it can be placed inside your microwave oven because in the case of glass containers, not any glass can withstand the heat inside the microwave and you can cause an accident .

Cardboard or paper containers

You can use it with confidence, as long as they don’t have ink or paint that can melt. Prevent the paper from being brown, because you could generate a fire.

Golden microwave tray

It is another accessory of the microwave oven, made of a special material whose property is to absorb a large amount of energy causing its temperature to rise with which we will get natural gold. It has a special paint that attracts microwaves, so it can reach an approximate temperature of 350 ° C. It is the only accessory that enters the microwave empty, does not cause smoke or smell, can not be used in all microwaves, ask the supplier.

Why does the microwave not turn on / work?

The microwave oven can have some failures and these have as consequences that our microwave begins to present problems. Among the reasons why it may not turn on or function properly are the following: • It turns on, but does not accept orders or commands. This can be caused by a short circuit in the microcontroller or there may be water (liquids left after washing without care) in the membranes. • Turn on and accept the order, but do nothing. This happens because the digital board inside is dirty, full of grease or oil, also that it was cleaned with a wire sponge (serious error). •  Does not heat.This happens because the magnetron stopped working, it must be replaced and holy remedy. • Some keys do not accept commands. The membrane that covers the keyboard is broken and affects the internal functioning of the electronic board, it can be changed or painted with conductive paint, but it does not always give good results. • It works, but not hot and smells like burnt The expert must check all the microwave parts from the inside very well, for that he uses special equipment to test them. Depending on the diagnostic results, they may repair it or they will have to buy a new microwave oven. Remember to look for a microwave oven repair technician if you don’t know how to do it or simply, let an expert do it.

Differences between the microwave oven and the electric oven

Both work based on electric current, but their operation is different. The microwave oven works by means of electromagnetic waves, which cause food molecules to stir by cooking or heating them. The electric oven works through the heating of one or more resistances and the preparation of the meals is more natural, keeping them softer / juicy inside and the crunchy outside.

More about microwaves

Due to possible health problems that can cause (according to some people) as damage that your microwave oven can suffer, here are some considerations that you should take into account when you are going to use a microwave.

Microwave & radiation

The interior of the microwave is completely covered with metal in order to reflect the radiation in the metal and thus not let the electrons escape. This particular microwave condition makes it more efficient and is a way to protect users from waves. So far, the consensus is that microwave oven exposure is minimal, according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States.

Precautions in pregnancy?

This incognito is normal and very common, but it is safe to use it because microwave oven manufacturers are required to comply with strict safety standards to ensure that emission levels are well below the limit of what is considered a risk to health. Similarly, if in doubt, do not stand in front of the microwave when using it if you think it could harm the fetus. Microwaves emit non-ionizing radiation, such as those generated by televisions, computers, photocopiers, mobile phones, that is, most of the electrical devices, therefore, do not harm if it is not overexposed although this issue is still under study.

The microwave and the plastic

If the plastic container contains Bisphenol (containers marked with numbers 7) which, in large quantities, may be harmful to health. Use only those marked with numbers 2, 4 and 5. But we recommend using silicone ones better, than without much easier to clean and better to achieve your purposes without risk to your health.

The microwave and aluminum

When receiving the microwaves, aluminum can end up melting the oven and even causing your home’s electrical system to end up seriously affected. Do not use it!

The microwave and the metal

Metal is a conductor of electricity and you can end up causing a misfortune. Do not use anything that has metallic material such as pots, pans, cutlery and the like, always keep them away from your microwave oven. It can affect the entire microwave mechanism and break it.

Microwave and expanded polystyrene containers

Follow the advice given in “the microwave and plastic”.