Reviews on krups coffee maker 2021

Last week I was invited to a commercial presentation of those they do in a hotel waiting for you to buy something later. The truth is that I was not too interested in the product they presented, but my friends went and I decided to sign up and at least stay at the coffee they offered.

It was precisely during that moment when I saw something that caught your attention. The coffee maker with which they prepared the drinks was of a model I did not know and, really, I liked the result a lot. Not that I want to change mine right now, but I do like to be up to date just in case.

So I looked at the brand, Krups, and started researching and, by the way, I looked at other   similar coffee machines . This is what I found about the best Krups coffee makers on the market, in case someone is doing well.

What is the best krups coffee maker

1. Krups EA815070  – A supercafetera in your kitchen

The Krups EA815070 is part of the series of superautomatic coffee brand. These automatisms allow us to choose between all the options offered by the machine in a simple way, practically just by pressing a button.

On its large LCD screen we can see the different choices we make. The buttons that surround it allow you to select between three different coffee intensities , if we want to make a cup or two or save our two favorite recipes ,

Similarly, the milk frother can also be used automatically, with a program designed to remove all the foam and prepare a good cappuccino .

These functions are joined by the integrated grinder , which offers three different grinding modalities and has a tank that holds 250 grams of coffee .

As if that were not enough, it includes the Thermoblock function , which heats the device in just a few seconds so that the operation is faster, and in terms of cleaning, it is not only automated, but also has a practical drawer for the grounds of the coffee.

The negative point that I could find this coffee maker is its size. It is larger than other models, so we must take it into account when thinking about where to put it.


It is, without a doubt, a coffee maker capable of fulfilling all the expectations you have when you buy it. It has many options to customize the coffee to our liking. In addition, automatic cleaning and descaling programs make maintenance very convenient.


  • The deposit of coffee beans with capacity for half a kilo
  • Your professional milk vaporizer
  • Its maintenance is very simple thanks to its automatic systems


  • It is larger than other automatic coffee machines
  • It makes some noise and vibrates a bit when used

2.  Krups Espresseria EA82FB10 QF – The real coffee

Like the previous one, the Krups Espresseria QF EA82FB10  is within the super-automatic range of the brand. Really, seeing the possibilities offered and the ease of use, all these automatisms are appreciated.

Thanks to its controls we will be able to choose three characteristics of our coffee. The first, the intensity and the aroma we want . The second, the type of coffee we want: espresso, lungo, extra Lungo, etc … And, third, the temperature at which we want the drink, since this coffee maker offers us three possibilities.

It also includes a button for the machine to prepare a cappuccino , aided by the built-in vaporizer capable of extracting all possible foam to the milk.

The coffee maker has what the brand has called the Quattro Force system . Thanks to this, perfect the four steps necessary to create a great coffee: grind, press, percolate and drain.

And all in a few minutes . Between the grinder with Active Speed ​​function so that it grinds faster and the heating system in seconds, the coffee maker takes surprisingly little time to present our coffee.

It is complicated to look for negative points to this model. Perhaps, to ask for something else, the deposit of coffee beans and water could be larger. The capacity is 275 grams and 1.7 liters respectively.


If you want a super-automatic machine with numerous features that are very easy to use, this model may be perfect for you. The control panel is very simple and we can customize the coffee to our liking in just a couple of steps. The speed of the grinder is also something to highlight.


  • We can choose intensity, quantity and temperature in a simple way
  • The Active Speed ​​grinder for when we are in a hurry
  • The steam nozzle for great results with milk


  • Coffee and water deposits could be larger
  • The very purists will miss some manual option

3.  Krups KP1605 – A great little coffee

The first thing that catches the attention of this model is its beautiful design and its small size . It is a device that will not give us any problem when putting it in our kitchen. But, in addition, the Krups KP 1605 , also known as Dolce Gusto Genio 2 , offers other great advantages.

This coffee maker works with the Dolce Gusto capsules made by Nescafé. Precisely, the great variety of types of coffee offered by this brand is one of the great advantages of this model.

And, if we want to try something else, we can also buy tea capsules  or even some  cold drinks . For us to get to know them, this coffee maker includes a pack of six different unit doses.

On the other hand, this model allows you to easily select the amount of coffee we want. Its Play & Select function will stop automatically when you reach the selected amount.

It also highlights its water tank because, despite the total size of the coffee maker, it has a capacity of one liter . Along with this feature, it is also worth naming your automatic shutdown system , which will disconnect the machine after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The negative point that we can find for this coffee maker is that, although it is not noisy, it vibrates a little when it starts. In any case it is not a movement that destabilizes the cup.


Lovers of Dolce Gusto capsules will find that this model is perfect for them. Apart from its automatisms, it allows you to select the amount of coffee we want. In addition, its size allows it to sneak into any corner of the kitchen.


  • The Play & Select function to choose the amount of coffee we want
  • The wide variety of Dolce Gusto capsules, even cold drinks.
  • It is really easy to use


  • It vibrates something when preparing coffee
  • The color of the cable slightly breaks the design of the machine

4. Nespresso Pixie Krups Beige – A Nespresso just pressing a button

This coffee maker model, like the previous one, uses the capsule system to make our coffee. However, instead of the Dolce Gusto, the Nespresso Pixie Beige Krups  uses those marketed by the Nespresso brand , which offers a wide variety of aromas and flavors .

As with all Nespresso machines, the use of this coffee maker is extremely simple . Actually, it’s just about introducing the capsule into the corresponding department and pressing the button to select the desired option. In just half a minute the machine will have our drink ready.

The buttons located at the top will allow us to choose how we want coffee. Thus, it presents the espresso option and the lungo option for us to decide.

If, on the contrary, we want to prepare a coffee with milk or similar, this model includes a practical milk heater , which will save us having to heat it in the fire or in the microwave.

Other interesting features of this model is the deposit of used capsules that includes and in which we can deposit up to 14 to make recycling easier.

The least favorable aspect shown by this model is the capacity of your water tank. The 0.7 liters it can hold will give us only for about 4 cups.


If you are looking for a coffee maker with an attractive design and that is very simple to use, this model adapts perfectly to your claims. In addition, the included milk heater will make it much easier to prepare the drinks that carry this dairy.


  • The milk heater included
  • We can select two different quantities of coffee
  • The container for used capsules that facilitates recycling


  • The water tank falls somewhat short
  • It makes a little noise, but within normal parameters

5. Nespresso Pixie Titanic YY1201 Krups  – The best of its range

The Nespresso Pixie Titanic Krups is part of the same series of coffee makers as the one presented above. In this way, it shares many of its characteristics and, of course, the fact that it works with Nespresso capsules . In fact, to be able to try some of its modalities, it includes a welcome pack with 16 different ones.

It also highlights the great power it presents: there are 1 9 bars of pressure that take advantage of all the aroma and intensity of coffee, offering a creamy drink with all the flavor .

As with the previous one, we will be able to easily choose between preparing an espresso or a lungo . We just have to press the corresponding button and, quickly, we will be savoring the drink.

What is different is the possibility of making a macchiato , since its grid is prepared for it.

On the other hand, we will not find any problem with the size of the cups. Your drip tray can be removed and thus use larger cups or glasses.

The negative point that we can find this coffee maker is the same as the previous model. The 0.7 liter capacity of the water tank falls a little short, having to be recharged frequently.


If yours are the coffee machines that use the Nespresso capsule system and, in addition, you like devices with an attractive design, this may be yours. The ease of use and the speed with which coffee is able to serve us also help make it a great option.


  • The grid prepared to make macchiatos
  • You can select between Espresso and Lungo easily
  • Its innovative and attractive design


  • The capacity of your water tank. It seems scarce for the range of the machine
  • Some think it is a bit noisy, but it goes by tastes

How Krups coffee machines work

The history of this company starts in the middle of the 19th century, when the German Robert Krups takes advantage of his knowledge as a worker in a forge to create and market his products. In principle, he specialized in coffee scales, but in just a few years they diversified production and began to cover a wide range of appliances.

Their relationship with coffee begins in 1956, when they release their first mill for this drink. Already in the 80s, Krups began to manufacture coffee machines, especially espresso. His success caused them to expand the models and in 1991 he took out the first Nespresso machine.

Today we can find all kinds of coffee makers of this firm. Thus, they have positioned themselves among the best sellers in the super-automatic sector, in which the whole process is carried out in a simple and automated way. Likewise, it continues to market espresso machines. Last but not least in terms of sales, its capsule coffee makers, both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto, place it among the most popular in today’s market.

Advantages of Krups coffee machines

  • We find super automatic models, manual or capsule espressos
  • Among the capsules we can choose between Nespresso and Dolce Gusto
  • The great quality of the products it manufactures