Long Tail Pro Review 2021 : Professional Tool For Keyword Research

Have you ever think which is best keyword research tool? Here i am giving long tail pro review 2017 where it will assist to you catch hottest tool for keyword research. Which thing can give you faster success in online? It’s only Keyword research. I would go first with it. Because if you do not have good research on keyword selection then rest of the thing is work less. I mean firstly you have to be expert on keyword research.
Long Tail Pro Review 2017
Question Comes How to be expert on keyword research? There have a only one tool name Long Tail Pro which will make you expert on keyword research only in 30 minutes. You just have have to take a look below on my long tail pro review. What will You Learn From Long Tail Pro Review How to Research Keyword Perfectly. How to select accurate keyword for your blog with watching keyword difficulties. How many backlink you need to reach on top. How to use Long Tail Pro effectively. How to become expert on keyword research.

Long Tail Pro Review 2017 : Be a Expert Within 30 Minutes

Here already i mentioned you will be leader in keyword research only in 30 minutes. Not only an expert you will also get fixed traffic for long term. Also you will able to find out profitable keyword for your blog.

Keyword Research:

Long tail pro is fastest keyword research tool. Once you put seed keyword you will find up to 800 keyword on per seed keyword. Here you will able to see how many global and local search comes on your given keyword. You can select search volume to low to high or high to low. So it will be easier for you how many visitor you are going to receive on each month from this keyword.

Analyses Your Competitor:

Why you will go for another tool for analyses your competitor. You will able to find top 10 competitor analyses from here. What is your competitor Page Authority, how many links have on this page and link juiced. Not only that you will also see Domain Authority, Page Rank, Moz Rank and also Site Age.

Pay Per Click Keyword Analysis:

Are you earning money from adsense, CPA or any other? Then you have to know how much you can earn from your selecting keyword. So you will able to find best keyword which has more PPC. Life become more easier if you know how much you will earn from your article.

Keyword Domain Check:

Are you planning to make a niche site with your seed keyword? Long Tail Pro show exact match domain with your seed keyword. You will easily able to find which is available or taken.

Rank Checker:

Now no need to invest extra money on rank checking. Long tail pro has an awesome built in feature which will monitor your site ranking on top search engines like google, bing and yahoo.

Keyword Competitiveness:

Just clicking on keyword competitiveness you will understand how much easy or high competition has this keyword.
keyword competitiveness
If you see it’s from 0-10 then do not wait select this keyword as it has no competition. 10-20 KC mean it has extremely low competition. 20-30 KC is also on low competition. 30-40 KC mean this range has medium competition. 40-50 KC keyword has medium high competition. 50-60 KC mean this keyword has very high competition. 60-70 KC has extremely high competition which is tough to get on top. 70-100 KC it is better to avoid these keyword. You can learn more about keyword difficulty from here. Hopefully from here you get a sound knowledge on long tail pro review.

Long tail Pro Review: How to use it

Here i am showing you how easily you can use long tail pro. Give your adword id password on log in panel. Give your seed keyword and click on find keywords. Here i searched “Dog Food” as seed keyword. I found 800 keyword within a second. Here below i share an screen shot of this seed keyword.
dog food
Here you can see keyword, suggested bid, local search, global search, advertiser competition and average keyword difficulties. From Global search and local search you will understand how much search have on each keyword per month. You can select search from minimum to maximum amount per month.
dog food kc
On above image i shown you average keyword competitiveness which will help to find out how much easy this keyword for you. Low score mean very easy to bid. Just click on calculate and see KC of your desired keyword. Hopefully you understand how valuable is long tail pro for keyword research. Now you are able to research keyword alone as an expert. If you have any question for keyword research or long tail pro review please feel free to drop a comment below. If you want to earn money from your blog then best keyword research is mandatory. One tool can bring thousand of dollar on your blog that is keyword research software. Long tail pro is now the best keyword keyword research tool in the online industry.  Semrush is on 2nd position as a keyword research tool after that. So you can use this keyword research tool for your online business. If you need to more about how to research keyword with long tail pro, then answer is they have own long tail university where you will see best tutoring how to research a keyword with long tail pro.