How To Install WordPress On Hostgator 2021: In 5 Minutes

Today i am going to show you how to install wordpress on hostgator. It’s very easy to set up and fun on inside. WordPress is best as platform and hostgator as hosting provider. Now trend platform for building website is wordpress. WordPress is very famous for it’s easy customization, cms and security. Hostgator is most reliable, safe and high quality hosting provider. With using both of them for a blog site will be more smarter. To make your site smart you need to use them. If you want to use it,  i will show you how to install wordpress on hostgator.

What to do before Install WordPress In Hostgator?

Good Question.  You have to choose best plan for your blog.  They offer three (03) type of package. Hatchling Plan: It’s very basic plan. You can keep only one domain on this hosting package. You will get good amount of bandwidth from this package. Another thing you will get with Hatchling Plan is shared ssl certificate. If you have only one site or domain then this plan is best for you. Baby Plan: The most popular package in hostgator is baby. Maximum user of them choose baby plan. On this package you will able to put unlimited domain or site. Basically who is doing business in online they need to purchase domain regularly. Sometime for event blogging, some time for domain ranking i.e: domain name with the keyword and many other reason. As online marketer have several domain so they love this package. One hosting for unlimited domain. That’s an awesome offer. I love this package. Business Plan: Hopefully you understand from the name of package who need this. If you are businessman they this is for you. What else have than other on this package? You will get private ssl which mean your server is fully protected. In business private ssl is much needed. Oh! i forgot… Dedicated IP which you will get only on this package. Another is free toll free number. Isn’t it enough? On each package you will get a free domain. Don’t miss that chance. Money back need? Probably no one ask for refund because their hosting is high class. So why will shift. But after all… After all if you are not happy with them ask for refund within 45 days. They will give you no question money back guarantee.

Let’s Start Journey with Hostgator

Now i am going to show you step by step guide on how to install wordpress on hostgator. Firstly what you have to do is go to official homepage of hostgator from here. Now click on “get started now!” This link will arrive you on their package page. I already brief above 3 package about them. Choose best one for you. I prefer Baby Plan will be best for you. Select your plan. Click on sign up now! If you have domain enter your domain name. If you do not have domain then register with your domain name.
hostgator domain name
On this page you will also see “Choose a Hosting Plan“. Fill it up with user name and a pin code . (This pin code will help you for customer support )
enter billing-info
choosing hosting plan
Now Simply enter your billing info. Here below i am also i give you an instructional image for example. You can pay from your paypal or mastercard.
enter billing info

How To Install WordPress On Hostgator 2021:

Now i am going to bring you inside of how to install wordpress in hostgator. The faster way to install wordpress is QuickInstall from your hosting account. With clicking on QuickInstall you setup wordpress on your blog in few minutes.
Quick Install On Hostgator
On QuickInstall page, see WordPress on left bottom and click on it. Now click on continue to install wordpress on your blog. Now you will see install page of wordpress. Give url of your website, mail address and user name. Give click on install and you will see an congratulation message from hostgator.
Install WordPress on Hostgator
You may get mail on your mail address where log in info is containing. With this message you will also see log in area, user name and password. Hopefully you understand how to install wordpress on hostgator. Installing wordpress on hostgator is very easy with this instruction. After installing wordpress and hosting on your blog you can choose theme for your blog from here. Here i am giving you minimal and smart wordpress theme. If you need free theme with beautiful design, layout and responsive then here i am giving you this opportunity. Hopefully these theme will help you to choose best theme for your blog. If this tips for how to install wordpress on hostgator is helpful for you then our effort reach the destiny of happiness. Now use Hostgator with best CMS provider. Our aim is to bring easier solution for our visitor. Enjoy your wordpress site with hostgator.