7 Best Compost Bins 2020 buyers Guied

At the very eve of global warming, it’s our major duty to plant as much as possible plants or culture trees. People all around the world do this job with great fun. They implant plants; culture them with maintaining the rules and regulations. Now you can shortly do this things staying at your home so easily. Best Compost Bins It looks good that your entire house is surrounded by many small and big plants all over the yard. Besides good looking it is must need for us and our next generation. They must suffer if now we don’t take steps to reduce global warming.

Bordering on this topic here is a new product that you will amaze to see that this product has made so many unusual troubles some things comfortable. We all have a section of closely-knit the garbage at our home. But this thing is also known as to you a Compost Bin, if you are a gardener or culture plants in your house. You must know that fertilizer can make a huge difference in the quality of the plants, vegetables, flowers and grass. A well fertilized culturing process will produce the healthiest and biggest useful plants. For these reason you need compost to use on your plant or culture.

But if you dig composting but dislike the sight of rotting waste, try hiding those heaps inside commercial composting bins.

So, what is Compost?

Compost is a process of decomposed plant matter from yard waste such as grass clippings and leaves along with food scarps that eventually turn into manure that you can use as a valuable soil additive. By the side, compost contains so much of macro-nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc. These nutrients not only help make healthy and abundant produce in your garden. They are also an important part of our diet as well. When you are about to grow fruit or vegetables with your homemade compost you are aiding to ensure that you get these same nutrients in your own diet. Compost also contains beneficial insects, bacteria and useful fungi. These things play an ultra-role and also take part in helping plants absorb nutrients, establish strong root systems and withstand pests. Compost also helps soil maintain proper moisture and temperature levels, saving most of your time in the long run because plants grown in well composed soil, which do not need to watched as often.

So these composters are a great addition to your culture of all sizes. They keep stinky produce scarps out of your kitchen trash and provide a great addition for your culture soil, whether you have flower, vegetables and fruits or even just for windows boxes. So for this compost maker you must a need an excellent compost bin which will work fine for your home culture.

Now more than ever buyers have a large selection of composters that they can purchase to create their own compost for their lawn, plants, vegetables and so more. This composting process has been around for a long period of time and also a space saving composters are high in demand. These composters in the market contains are perfect for your culture, garden or patio and will help you create rich and dark compost.

After knowing everything good about composters now its tough job to find a composter from the market, cause this is not an easy challenge. There are so many different types of composter available like tumblers, to worm farms and straightforward bin for your backyard.

Composting is great for the environment and anything we can do for stopping waste going to landfill sites is excellent. So for composting, finding the right composters is really important to make it easy and fuss free to recycle your garden or kitchen as well. Gardeners know well that the key to beautiful, bountiful beds is to nourish them with compost. This rich super soil adding with the high compost can defend plants against disease and drought; help supply them with essential nutrients, balance soil ph. and more.

So, when you are looking for a low-maintenance composter for your home, afford a composter that is big enou8gh for most household and often available at a substantial discount from local works department. It is easy to assemble without tools, the top opens large enough to stir and aerate the compost, it keeps rodents out of your compost to be, it also holds together well over time, and it is made of at least 50% post-consumer recycled polyethylene. The open bottom allows your compost assisting worms to snuggle into your pile and you can attach the earth machine to the ground with included screws or tent stakes to keep compost consuming raccoons from knocking it over. Overall these composters are cheaper and more ecologically friendly than other composters.

At last finding the right composters will depend on several different factors, but once you have narrowed down the choice list, you can make a decision that will work with your lifestyle, your waste production amount and even your patience level as well.

The list of Best Compost Bins 2020:

  • In this below list you will find some excellent composters that will fit well in your many different needs. They are easy to use and all of them are the perfect size for almost any home. Finding the best one is not an easy job. But narrowed down the list will made your choice of buying product, which suits your lifestyle so closely.
  1. Best Small Space Tumbler: Envirocycle’s The Most Beautiful Composter in the World.
  2. Yimby Tumbler Composter.
  3. Best Starter Bin: Algreen Products Soil Saver.
  4. Good Ideas Wizard Dual Tumbler (80 Gallon Version).

Best Small Space Tumbler: Envirocycle’s The Most Beautiful Composter In The World.

This Envirocycle is now the best compost bin in the world. The look and design of this compost bin is elegantly amazing. This composter has so many attractive and super functional designs. Instead of being built on frame, this composter sits on the ground with a base that is equipped with rollers to make tumbling smooth and easy. The capacity of this single drum composter is 35 gallons, making it on the smaller side and perfect for balconies, porches or small yards. If someone wants a larger capacity they can purchase multiple composters and have them each in various stages of decomposition. This way you can go and make you always have compost ready to go in your garden as needed.

Features and performance:

This Envirocycle composter comes with a five year warranty and is made in the USA out of food safe, BPA and rust free, UV and antioxidant protected materials. The HDPE material used to make this composters is all recycled materials, and it goes through an 11 stage filtration process to ensure the finest quality, safest and purest material. This composter makes both solid compost and as well as compost tea, which can be harvested directly from the base.


  1. Attractive and sleek design.
  2. Make both compost and compost tea.
  3. No assembly required.


  1. Only has one bin.
  2. Comparatively smaller than other.
  3. Price is high.

Yimby Tumbler Composter.

The Yimby Tumbler Composter is a friendly product for your kitchen and yard, which can turn the waste into rich compost. This Yemby Tumbler Composter features two chambers one that fills and the other that cures. It is so simple to use. All the thing you just need to do is load the composter, close the door and use the head holds that are built in. by this unit you will have finished compost in just a few weeks. This amazing unit will make the difference when you are working with it to produce high compost for your plants. This is an adjustable plumber composter which will enhance the fill out of your work.

Features and performance

There are so many amazing features of this Yimby Tumbler composter. This composter is including with a 37 gallon capacity, being made from recycled, UV black plastic that absorbs heat and is rodent proof as well. The adjustable air vents allow proper air flow and the reversible door flips over, so users can easily keep track of where each batch is in the composting process. There are also built in hand holds that make turning the barrel so easy. The construction of the Yimby Composter has a strong frame made of steel along with the recycled plastic that make this composter durable and ready to last for years. The large openings make loading and unloading very easy. You will just have a total of 5 cubic feet of ready to use compost to add to your flowers, plants and vegetables gardens.


  1. Extra deep fins to break up clumps and aeration holes to provide oxygen.
  2. Durable construction capability.


  1. Aeration holes mean some debris may fall out and attract the pets.
  2. Poor warranty coverage.

Best Starter Bin: Algreen Products Soil Saver.

This simple, amazing, bold quality composting bin is a marvelous product for your need. The most valuable thing is it can keep the pets out while letting air in for your dark compost humus to cook. This Algreen Products Soil Saver tumbler compost bin is equipped for both food and yard waste. This composter has also thicker walls which are weather resistant and will be able to process composting in any climate all throughout the year consistently. Trapping heat can mean faster compost, so even through it adds weight thick walls are a great feature you want to look for when going compost bin shopping by you. The assembly is much easy and it also comes with nylon screws, so you don’t need to worry at all about the rust. The warranty and simplicity of this bin with its dual sliding doors all contribute to why it is now at the top of the list of the best compost maker tumbler bins.

Features and performance

The Algreen Products Soil Saver has come up with some mind-blowing feature in the market. With a little piece of time it has earn a lot of popularity among buyers. Most of the buyers prefer it because of its size which is quite like 27 x 27 x 32 inches by length, width and height. It is weight of around 30 lb. The material which is used to make for this composter plumber is 100% environment friendly materials. It takes so too short for making the compost ready. The waste you are gathering for the rich compost that this unit will provide is a high purity of great compost. It will make the plants so firstly grow out of soil and solid nutrients for the resources. This unit will keep pets are way too far from the garbage to fell everywhere. The safety module is so perfectly designed for this problem to sort out. The compost time is nearly taken 6 to 8 weeks as long. It will provide a longest period of warranty coverage which is also a mind blowing feature of this tumbler composter. It has 25 years above warranty multiplication for the buyer.


  1. Large capacity.
  2. Heavy duty frame and wheels.
  3. Easy to move from one space to another.


  1. Wheels are made of plastic and not super rugged.
  2. Price is comparatively high.

Good Ideas Wizard Dual Tumbler (80 Gallon Version).

This tumbler composter is also one of the top picked products from the market. The capability of its composting system is marvelous. This unit is kind of similar in both the Good Ideas’ single and dueling tumbler. But the action between them is vastly unlike form one another. This unit is more worthy and flexible while using it with rough garbage. This compost tumbler has two 8 inch opening, which make the tumbler easy to fill and the base will collect up to 5 gallons of compost tea that leaks out as the compost process which is an efficient top class feature of this unit. The black color over it helps to absorb the heat and the design is also an extremely weatherproof. As an extra bonus you will get after buying this unit is that it will also come preassembled and with a one year of warranty coverage. While this is a much heavier composter, the processing time is also much faster since the insulation can keep the temperature at as high as 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The steel stand makes for easy reach and usage while keeping away all pets. In this unit there might be a higher cost, there will be a bigger payout with this tumbler which is why it is top of the list for the double chamber modules.

Features and performance

The Good Ideas Wizard Dual Tumbler is piece of excellence compost tumbler for you. The capability it offers is amazingly perfect. The size is so narrow to make the mobility smart. The size is proportionately 25 x 2.5 x 31 by length, width and height as well. The weight is also remarkably low. It has 28 pounds of weight capability. The material which is used to make this unit is 100% environment friendly and also can be recycled, with that it is also BPA free plastic conversion. The compost tea collecting module is also a great feature to hold up with. 


  1. Well insulated.
  2. Made of 100% recycled material.
  3. Large top opening for easy access.


  1. May attract pets that can dig.
  2. Take six to eight weeks to process.

Compost Bin Buyer’s Guide:

If you keep all the aforementioned notes you can easily choose a composter from the market easily. But in the term of these products features they are provided there are some conditions that you must follow to purchase one by definition.

The Terms and Conditions behind Compost Bins:

Composters Styles: These composter bins come in three different styles. They are tumblers, bins and portable bins. Each of every style has the same end goal in mind, which is to effectively and efficiently turn food or garbage into black gold. You can easily make compost fertilizer without taking step further just keep them into the compost bin as well.

Tumblers: It is a good choice for anyone undoubtedly with a small yard that cannot dedicate a large area to composting. They are above ground containers that can be turned or tumbled periodically to ensure even decomposition. They usually have two separate collection bins so that when one becomes full, by other you can seal it for anaerobic decomposition while filling the other. Anaerobic decomposition means that no air touches the compost while it is processing, which can speed up the process rapidly.  

Bins: This type of composters can either be aerobic, with air holes or vents to allow air circulation, or anaerobic only. They are mostly use for their large container. Bin composters are generally large in size and meant to stay put in one place.

Portable Composters: These composters are great for renters or for anyone who wants to be able to move their compost pile around the yard from year to year. They also tend to be less expensive, easy to set up and less visually obstructive that permanent bins.

At edge of knowing these formulas slightly turn around with some other composting thing that will give you a great benefit for culturing plants as well.

Composting Toilet: A composting toilet is a type of dry toilet or micro flush toilet system that uses a predominantly aerobic process to treat human excreta by composting or managed aerobic decomposition. These toilets generally use little to no water and may be used an as alternative to flush toilets that are coupled with septic system. The sewage treatment plant is also available in this composting system. They have found use in situations where no suitable water supply or sewer system and sewage treatment plant is available.  They are used in rural holiday homes. The human excreta is usually mixed with sawdust, coconut coir or peat moss to facilitate aerobatic process, liquid absorption, and odor mitigation.

How to Compost: Composting is natural breakdown of organic matter to produce a crumbly nutrient rich soil. The resulting compost can be added to other soil types as a fertilizer, forming an excellent growing medium for plants. By managing this natural process in your own garden, you can dispose of waste and produce an agent that will improve the look and yield  of any plants and the natural process of composting generates heat, storing compost in a container enables the heat to be retained more easily. It also allows for the efficient breakdown of material. It is best to keep a compost heap covered to retain this heat and to prevent rain from the making the compost too wet.

Some other Comparisons:

Good Ideas EZCJR-BLK 7-Cubic-Foot Compost Wizard Jr> Deluxe Pyramid Composter>Tierra Garden Large Thermo King> Best Dual Chamber Steel Tumbler Joraform Compost Tumbler.

From all the aforementioned products these compost tumbler bins are also useful and user friendly. All of them have large opening module, which makes it easy to fill with organic yard waste and food waste from the kitchen. The composter goes well with many different types of décor including steel, bamboo and ceramic compost pails. The user will find these tumblers very easy to turn. Most of the tumbler will give you great compost within 3 to 4 week. Another thing that these composters have is with the liquid that are collected in the base of their module. This liquid compost concentrate can be diluted with 90% water and then can be sprayed on the lawn, plants, flowers, vegetables and more.

Some FAQs aboutthe Best Compost Bins:

What is the advantage compost bins?

Is it ok to buy low storage compost bin?

Why does someone need to buy an easy and advanced bin?

Final Words:

So for this now to have the composting tumbler for getting High Black Gold composting fertilizer for your plants, you must have to buy a good featured compost bin from the market that also suits your pocket as well.

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7 Best Kitchen Aid Mixers 2020 Buyer’s guied

Cooking is fun, if you can turn all the busy things off form your daily hassle and decided to spend some quality time with food, than you must have to look for some good recipes. Starting from the baking you can earn top level accuracy in cooking. Best Kitchen Aid Mixers For that reason you need well kitchen accessories to cope up with you.

In fact we are talking about the cooking fundamentals, so here we present the best kitchen product brandKitchenAid. This brand has provided amazing kitchen accessories at its best. In addition with purchasing a stand mixer grinder of KitchenAid brand you probably will have the best taste of these units. It is pretty obvious that you would not like to or never wish of struggling with kneading dough or mixing other stubborn cooking elements. Well for these reason the KitchenAid is a much satisfy cooking stuff, which will be you perfect companion in the kitchen. From kneading bread to crushing potatoes in preparation for making the meal, these KitchenAid mixers will co-operate you to tackle various food preparations operations quickly and nicely.

A plenty amount of kitchen working folks prefer pre-mixed foods to save the time in either preparation. For this vital reason this KitchenAid brand comes to rescue. In case you are solving simple better problem or need to crush any ingredient of cooking for the meal KitchenAid will do it for you in time.

A KitchenAid stand mixer can easily be one of the most exciting purchases for you, even if it is make for your kitchen specially. If you generally bake a lot, than this KitchenAid stand mixer is such an investment piece on your way of cooking. Besides these reasons many people really want to make sure that they have the space, money and special need for such a machine before taking the plunge. Before knowing the KitchenAid products, deciding to make the purchase can feel like a big decision in and of itself. Although the real decision of you come,especially when picking the one that will be definitely right for your need of choice.

If someone choose wisely and buy the non-branded best stand mixer that you can afford, this small appliance can last you decades, ensuring that you really do get your money worth usage. Not to mentioning that it will add so much to what you can easily do at home.

Some top rated models have attachments that you can purchase ranging from sausage stuffers to pasta makers. So in case of making the choice you must need to know about the top class kitchen objects. Choosing the best brand as like KitchenAid you can undoubtedly satisfy with your investment. On the market today you will find a broad variety of KitchenAid mixers. There are those designs which can spontaneously mix as low little quarts of cooking ingredients, while other can help you mix up to more than 8 quarts.

Otherwise you will also have to choose between the basic KitchenAid mixers that are specially designed to aid simple mixing operations in the kitchen and the ultra-powerful KitchenAid mixers which are diligently developed for heavy duty mixing performance. The KitchenAid stand mixer grinder is a very efficient kitchen tool that can stand in one small corner of your kitchen desk, sink and can be conveniently kept there instead of tedious storage after every use.

The more optional things of this KitchenAid brand are the style of looks. These mixers even come in different colors and furnishing finishes to broaden the look of your kitchen interior. Choosing from the elegant finishes like copper pearl, dark pewter, metallic chrome, nickel pearl, silver and pearl metallic options.

The KitchenAid brand is all over so much famous not only for its performance but also the design and classy looks, which will enhance the beauty of any cooking operations. Starting from the low duty to the topper one these stand mixer of KitchenAid brand will perform excellently well, so that you became a fantastic cook.

In addition all of the KitchenAid brand stand mixers bear the proud KitchenAid name accessories.

The list of Best Kitchen Aid Mixers 2020 :

  • Ensuring you all the good quality, in this post you will definitely get the best KitchenAid stand mixer no doubt. After analyzing and also interact the most top of the stand mixer of this brand, we managed to select the best kitchen mixers available on the market.

  • KitchenAid Pro 450 Series4-1/2 –Quart Stand Mixer.
  • KitchenAid Artisan Designer Series 5-Quart Mixer.
  • KitchenAid KSM150PSSM Artisan Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer.
  • KitchenAid KSM 155 5-Quart Artisan Design Series.
  • KitchenAid KV25GOXER Professional Stand Mixer.
  • KitchenAid Professional 600 6-Quart Bowl Lift Stand Mixer.

KitchenAid Pro 450 Series4-1/2- Quart Stand Mixer.

This KitchenAid stand mixer is a compact, small and an ideal choice of stand mixer for various purposes in the kitchen desks. This KitchenAid has always been setting the markets standards for perfect stand mixer that are safe, compact, reliable and long life technology which to be used anywhere and in anyway at all. This stand mixer is an amazing manufactured by KitchenAid brands. This small stand mixer is powerful enough to mix any tough ingredient as fast as easily. If anyone is planning to make pizza, bread dough or whipping cream, you would obviously find this unit an explicit one.

Features and performance:

This stand mixer of KitchenAid brand is so perfect for any mixing job. The power ability of this motor contains 300 watt. The power quality is direct from the drive transmission powered. It has 10 levels of variable speed variations. The body is made of 4.5 stainless steel quart with an attached mixing bowl. There are also included 3 components which are dough look, wire whip and a flat beater. The color availability is of black and red in the market of this stand mixer. This machine stands at around 16.5 inches up from the ground level. The weight capability is 30 pounds. This powerful stand mixer featuring a robust 300 watt powered motor that will perform all of the whipping and mixing task perfectly. The direct drive transmission aped and is made of high quality, durable and long life stainless steel. This unit does not have any tilt head.


  1. Great powerful.
  2. Quart bowl accessibility.
  3. High speed of spinning.


  1. High price.
  2. Tilt head technology.

KitchenAid Artisan Designer Series 5-Quart Mixer.

This KitchenAid stand mixer model has set the trend of manufacturing high quality consumer and kitchen appliances for the buyers. This stand mixers are so stylish, besides that it is also functional, bringing goodness of both the world. This stand mixer fits perfectly the category of style and function. This stand mixer has great characteristics which made this product a worthwhile product to be purchased.

Features and performance

This KitchenAid model is so stylish among the entire product this brand has manufactured. The mixing glass bowl of this unit is so uniquely design, which cannot be found in other mixers, featuring a see through strong and solid glass material to enjoy with. This 5-quart glass bowl allows for easy look of the recipe while it is being mixed. The tilt head function is featured for easy access to the bowl, beaters and for the ingredients also. The planetary action of this mixer helps it to spin so perfectly inside the bowl. The glossy metallic body of this mixer is constructed with rust resistant for long time. It weighs about 29 pounds. This KitchenAid comes with a reliable backed warranty. This mixer contains more than 12 optional components that can be bought and shipped comfortably. The 10 level of speed variation in this mixer had a variety of food mixing tasks.


  1. Stylish model.
  2. Many available features.


  1. Heavy weight.
  2. Price is comparatively high.

KitchenAid KSM150PSSM Artisan Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer.

This KitchenAid KSM150PSSM stand mixer is also a great manufactured model of this KitchenAid brand. This stand mixer is optimized with 15 optional attachments. Although it comes with a flat beater, dough hooks six-wire whip and also a single piece pouring shield. This machine makes the difference by its fifty-nine point planetary mixing action. This quality defers that it has fifty-nine points that the beater touches the side of the bowl in one rotation. The mixing quality of this unit is so amazing and effective. This tilt head unit is also easy to work with and it has a powerful generating motor.

Features and performance

The maximum level speed variation offer greater level of flexibility and controlling system over various types of tasks. By this mixer you can easily whip cream, knead dough or cream butter and so many things effectively. This high quality KitchenAid Artisan design stand mixer can work on all type of surfaces. The glass bowl features measurement in milliliters on its side making easy for the user to measure the quantity of various ingredients before mixing up. The high powerful support of this mixer has rubbers on its bottom that can hold up strong grip even on slippery surfaces. The effective output work of 325-watt of this stand mixer with 10 speed and also has 67 planetary mixing action. This solid build body with all metal bases looks great. It has 5-quart stainless-steel bowl with 2 piece of pouring shield in it. This unique style stand mixer styled with tilt head capability which allows to clear access to the beater and bowl. The multiple attachment hub, flat beater, dough hook and wire whip are also included in this stand mixer so nicely. It has a good warranty coverage.


  1. Maximum speed variations.
  2. Warranty coverage.


  1. Price is pretty high.
  2. Issues in quality factors.

KitchenAid KSM155GBRI 5-Qt. Artisan Design Series.

This KitchenAid stand mixer is also an outstanding machine that continues to receive great review from the buyers and also cooking enthusiasm across the world. This sturdy glass mixing bowl sets it apart from the hundreds of stand mixer by different manufacturing features. It features about 10-speed setting which will let you prepare a broad range of recipes. The cleaning culinary center made this mixer an effective one while cleaning. Some other features of this mixer are countertop appliance kneads mixes and whips various ingredients with so much ease to provide the best quality of job done. The power hub of this KitchenAid stand mixer defines set to fit many different optional attachments to any food grinder. The sufficient mixing surface for large volume of ingredients made this machine so handicraft. .

Features and performance

This KitchenAid KSM155GBRI stand mixer has multipurpose attachment hub, over 15 optional attachments and so many things to consider. The 5-Quart glass bowl of this machine has a measurement scale markings. It has 10 speed of setting module. This is a tilt head stand mixer. It also includes burnished metal flat beater, burnished metal dough hook and wire whip. The multipurpose attachment hub is also a good feature to work with ease. Warranty coverage is also there for you.


  1. Variable speed settings.
  2. Good warranty coverage.


  1. Less effective work done.
  2. Not very flexible.

KitchenAid Professional 600 6-Quart Bowl Lift Stand Mixer.

This stand mixer is an ideal product for heavy usage. It is especially for commercial use, like professional chefs and cooks working at restaurant. The craftsmanship used in this product is much reflected in the manufacturing access. It is made with high quality of metal with having a capability to hold 6 quart of dough or any other ingredients.

Features and performance

This stand mixer is just an amazing blow for the user. The high quality metal made body with 14 cups of all-purpose flour can be easily mixed with this bowl because of the 575 watt powered motor. It has 10 speed of working level process variations. The 575watt powerful motor mixes everything conveniently. It has automatic shutdown option, which can save electricity. The ultra-electronic speed sensor is a remarkable feature in this machine. The height of this machine from the surface is 16.5 inches. The attachments included 4 parts like pouring shield, wire whip, flat beater and spiral dough hook. Another good feature is that the 1 year of warranty coverage. For all of these features it may be come across a great one for you mixing job like whipping creams, mixing ingredients and making dough for the yummiest food you would ever make. It has also some edition of various features that were not present in its earlier model of 4 and 5 series Quart. But the most notable feature is the auto shut down capacity. This former shuts off the device when mixing is completed whereas the latter automatically adjusts speed of spinning according to the contents of the mixer.


  1. Auto shut down capability.
  2. High quality working capabilities.


  1. Heavy weight.
  2. Not suitable for home use.

KitchenAid KV25GOXER Professional Stand Mixer.

This stand mixer is featured with some excellent quality of working capabilities. The 450 watt motor in this KitchenAid mixer provides it with 30% more power as compared to the previous KitchenAid 5-Quart stand mixers. This stand mixer is made of durable die-cast metal that will ensure you that it lasts long. This stand mixer is available in different color, sheds and styles which are rapidly becoming a famous product. It has all the capacities what it takes to handle any ingredients. There are three essential attachments including a spiral dough hook, a stainless steel wire whip and a flat beater. The fixed bowl feature of this stand mixer provides an exclusive mixing action facilities great mixing of ingredients. It also includes in its making is a speed sensor which maintains the mixing speed so perfectly and stands on a constant level even while you mix ultra-thick ingredients like butter. This mixer has a mixing bowl which has a handle and two pins of secure and stable attachment to the lifting mechanism.

Features and performance

This stand mixer provides some great feature that will think you should purchase it. The pouring shield eases the process of adding contents into the mixer and mixing in a proper way. It has soft start functions that start slowly and reaches the optimum level of speed so that the mixture does not get supplied over at all. These processes are actually done automatically. Because of these detachable, this product is very easy to clean and maintain. The high quality of polished stainless steel, this goes good for many decades if care is taken about. It also comes in various colors depending on buyers choices. The direct drive transmission, all steel gears and all-metal construction are the best features of this machine. The multipurpose attachment hubs and hinged hub cover made the difference between other mixers with this mixer. The 5-Quart polished stainless steel wide-mouth bowl with handle 450 watt motor makes the job done more effective. This mixer includes knead spiral dough hook, flat beater and stainless steel wire whip. The 10-speed motor of 450-watt made this machine a perfect device for. Although the unique mixing action, beater spins clockwise as the shaft spins counter and clockwise features are also included in this unit.


  1. Amazing quality of mixing.
  2. Effective built-in motor.


  1. Heavy weight.
  2. Price is high.

KitchenAid Mixer Buyer’s Guide:

For the right person, a good branded mixer can be a total game changer in the kitchen. So for this after buying good mixer you also need to know the stuffs that how mixer can works on its best.

A quality stand mixer from the KitchenAid brand will make your baking operations a lot easier. If your baking operations can’t co-operate with your mixer, also your daily baking options have been struggling with your low-grade stand mixer, an aging hand-me-down from a relative, or a hand mixer, you might want to consider upgrading your mixer nevertheless as early as possible. A well-made stand mixer can turn out bun of rustic bread, moist cake layers and dozens upon dozens of cookies. A stand mixer also frees up time in the kitchen because you can turn it on and step away to prepare for the next step of your cooking recipe.

Before judging you as a cook you must need to know how to judge the mixer you are working with. It depends on you totally how you can perform with your mixer in kitchen.

The Terms and Conditions behindKitchenAid Mixers:

There are lots of things to consider when you are judging the stand mixer by its manufacturing process. KitchenAid stand mixers have been a staple in the domestic and commercial kitchens for all over the world for a long time. These mixers come in different shapes and sizes with different manufacturing features.  The basic structure of a stand mixer contains a mixing bowl, a motor, and a metal stand of some sort. Do not get confused with an immersion blender or a hand ingredients mixer. All these blenders are handheld units. A blender of any kinds can blends ingredients into liquids, while a mixer evenly mixes the elements.

Alike with the hand mixer, these stand mixers performs similar functions as a hand mixer. This thing only differs in design. The top advantage of the stand mixer is that it frees up your hands to tackle another culinary adventure while the mixer operates. Over to a stand mixer, the complaint from fatigue and inconvenience of the hand mixer has led many consumers. Eventually in commercial baking scenarios where there are large volumes of baking goods are performed to produce foods this blender works excellently. Considering the large motor size, the stand mixer is the workhorse of the kitchen. The sheer weight of the unit consumes the stand from ‘walking’ whenever it mixes, making it with an anchor on the table.

Mixing it Up: The stand mixers are equipped with a motor;  it can produces the gears vary from six to twelve speeds. There are more options you have which will customize your cooking skill, alike it comes with many bells and whistles, some of which will be greatly beneficial, while the others might have no effect for you at all. The biggest advantage of these KitchenAid stand mixers lies on the motor size. Probably all of the mixers will display the size of the motor in wattage. Moreover the torque size is also very important to have. For home works a motor of 200-400W is appropriate. The higher the wattage will be the strong the stand mixer will be. Most of models will suffice the thick bread dough would dough benefit from 300W motor of above.

Processors: The basic attachments cover the majority of functions your mixer will do. Things like beating, whisking, and a dough hook for kneading. Adjustment to these basics is convenient, but not essential at all. KitchenAid models of stand mixers are unique in that their attachments can be connected to the head of the mixer for a myriad of other functions. A given food processor can be attached, but this might eliminate your essentials to buy a stand-alone processor. This quality will cost you more money instead of saving them. The KitchenAid attachments are also cross generational and this means a new attractants which will work on a KitchenAid mixer as well. In the processing module a splash guard should be considered, especially if you want to do baking works a lot. This thing will prevent flour, eggs and other intractable ingredients from splashing up and out on the mixing bowl. The bowl must be locked with the stand mixer to prevent slippage. Some of the KitchenAid mixer models include an additional bowl in another size, which can speed up the baking time so rapidly. From the KitchenAid stand mixer models a planetary motion mixer will ensure that all parts of the bowl are reached while a vertical mixer is limiting in that only one single area of the bowl can be mixed properly.

Power: Anyone would love to buy the highest power accessibility KitchenAid stand mixer unit. If you are working with lots of heavy or dry dough you will need a strong performer to perform with. There is, however a catch the appliance industry generally likes to obscure their power ratings through the use of ‘watts’ measurement. But, watts really tell you nothing about the power available here, ether the motor itself or at the mixed head. The build quality, designs or efficiencies of the motor does not take into count at all. Without being so techie, a high quality fixed speed induction motor driving a high quality set of gears can use this 400 watts also much more effectively and for a longer period than a cheap high speed motor of the market. Including a fair measurement of power would be a horsepower rating at continuous use, but this measurement is much harder to obtain. So it is highly unlikely that it will ever be merged by home consumer brands. When there is lack of industrial testing equipment, our factor for rating each model where the available power was evaluated somewhat by the seat of our pants.

Planetary Action: This is an amazing feature, which means that the beaters rotate on their axis similarly to the way the earth rotates. Similarly like a planetary system, the whole mixer head then rotates the opposite way, akin to the way the earth rotates around the sun. This thing will ensure that the sides of the bowl are scraped by the beater rather than having to do it by hand. And so like this the ingredients can fully mixed.

All Metal Gearing: In the KitchenAid stand mixers which models are a bit nosier than the other models with quieter nylon gears models with metal gears tend to last much longer. This thing obviously detects the clear difference in quality between brands in their manufacturing process. Some lower priced models plotted this kind of features normally. On the other hand some better models offer brass or steel gears with tighter tolerances. All though the metal gear equipped examples are normally kitted out with electronic sensors, which can shut off the machine prior to the motor damaging itself in the event of an overload task. It must be pointed out that KitchenAid uses ONE Kevlar-reinforced nylon gear in their lower- price tilt head designs that is engineered as a fail-safe in the event of motor overload, and quickly breaks up into pieces in the event of getting jammed. The KitchenAid stand mixers upper-and modules use the electronic overload sensors, and all metal gears.

Weight:The KitchenAid brand produces some light weight of mixers in the market for the consumers. A heavy stand mixer has much less of tendency to walk around your countertops, while mixing heavy bread dough. You will roughly prefer a mixer that weights at least 20 pounds, though heavy is generally better for work. Some heavy stand mixers of this brand contain lots of costly copper wire and lasted so long. But in cheaper price machines, the manufacturers have outsourced their motor supply to china and include smaller less efficient and much cheaper units. This manufacturing process have beefed up the weight though other means.

Performance: The single most important function of a stand mixer is how effective it is at doing what it claims for. Bread cabbage should come though easily without causing the machine to wobble or the strain of the motor. The best performance of any stand mixer depends on its mixing texture, that how nicely it get mixed. These best stand mixers blend cake well and cookie dough effortlessly and thoroughly. Some of the KitchenAid models have paddles with rubber scarper blades to help get in every last speck of flour from the sides and bottom of the bowl. If you wish to whisk several eggs at a same time to make white meringue or top give your chiffon cake some lift, you want a mixer that is going to add the most volume possible. We tested each of attachments for its effectiveness using basic recipes for chocolate chip cookie, whipped egg whites and bread dough. Some top rated best stand mixers proved able to tackle all the three tests with no issue in creating the most voluminous egg whites, thoroughly mixed cookie dough and shiny, elastic bread dough. If someone chooses the center style rotation mixer, you will get a different kind of versatility than a planetary-style mixer. Probably many of the center mixers detach from their bases, which should transforms it into a hand mixer. It gets so helpful when you want to mix cream mashed potatoes in a pot or a serving bowl separate from your mixer. But on the other hand kneading dough by hand is an exercise in patience and forearm strength. If you are feeling lack of both, stand mixers were made for you. This KitchenAid stand mixer will make you sure get one that can handle the dough and overload protection is an excellent feature that will prevents your motor from overdoing it and possibly burning out when you mix up bread dough that is just a bit too much for it to take. If your machine which has enough power to push thick and heavy ingredient around, you likely won’t see that overload protection to kick in. Moreover the wattage of an appliance seems to be the most important number to look out. But the time when it comes to the stand mixers, you should have known what the torque is. It is a kind of measurement of twisting force is calling the torque. It is a much important factor, especially when you are kneading a thick batch of bread dough or cookie dough and you want the most torque as possible.

Convenience: The KitchenAid stand mixer have all the power of a strong motor in a narrow bowl can sometimes means you will wear half of the flour which you add to the bowl when mixing a batch of cookies. In addition most of the best stand mixers though have a slow start when you turn the knob or move the lever to the first settings, you should stay clean and the flour stays in the bowl. Some of the higher and electric mixers include features such as a timer that will count down or up so you know how long you ingredients have been mixing. It became so helpful if you are supposed to knead dough for some times or excluding the testing a new recipe and need to know how long the mixing process took. Some of these stand mixers include extras such as splash guard or pouring shield, which will help you to direct ingredients to the center of the bowl, instead of splattering sugar, flour or other mix-ins onto the attachment or base. It will also safe you from any flour explosion in the bowl if you happen to turn the speed up too quickly. A given handle on the bowl is a convenient addition that helps you to lock and unlock the bowl easily and transfer ingredient in the bowl with one hand. Some of these stand mixers include a locking tilt head that flips up when you are not using it. Every kinds of mixer have some parts that are dishwasher safe ends, whether it’s the bowl of attachments.

The three types of electric mixers:

Stand Mixer with Tilt Head:This stand mixer is the quality of most common domestics stand mixer. This stand mixer can tilt up so greatly that the user can attach or remove the mixing attachment and bowl. 

Hand Mixer:This stand mixer machine is common among all the products. It is handheld and doesn’t include a bowl. It comes with only two basic beaters or have several different attachments designed for specific purpose like whipping cram and kneading bread dough. This type of mixer is good for the occasional baker, when some wants to ship cream and make the odd batch of cookies.

Stand Mixer with Bowl-Lift:This is called a likely the professional mixers. Most KitchenAid professional have similar kinds of designs. You snap the bowl into place on a curved arm and lift it towards the mixing attachments using a level.

Some other Comparisons:

KitchenAid KSM155GBPB>KitchenAid AKM8990OB>KitchenAid KSM6573CER>KitchenAid KSM105GBCMC>KitchenAid KP26M1XER.

All of these KitchenAid reconditioned products is a significant piece for kitchen appliance. These mixers are packed with powerful motors, which are able to perform in various kinds of tasks of whipping cream, creaming butter and kneading dough so easily. The performance of these mixers is so nicely merged. In addition the comfort and ease of access, these come with a tilt head access. Those users habitual of using tilt head stand mixer would find it much easy and useful to work with. These stand mixers aren’t that heavy like other mixers and also comes with high quality of rubber for maximum grip and hold on the kitchen shelves to prevent slipping. Factory reconditioned items are not a reliable as brand new ones, yet they can be used reliably at a reasonable cost.

Some FAQs aboutthe Best KitchenAid Mixers:

What is the biggest advantage of this stand mixer for mixing job?

Is it ok to effort cheap price machines?

Why does someone need to buy KitchenAid brand product?

Final Words:

The KitchenAid brand is serving though a long time and customers are so satisfied by its product. All of the aforementioned products are so nicely categorized. You can now choose easily before you buy. The suitable design for your home or workplace will definitely serve you the best you can think. Even though the factory reconditioned KitchenAid series stand mixers are as good as a new one with many customers finding it a useful and highly reliable for their safe choice.


5 Best Coffee Press machine 2020

Investigating new ways to get the best coffee at home by Coffee french Press machine For the most exquisite coffee consumers there is no virgueria that resists them Traditional coffee makers usually bring a low quality plastic presser or tamper, and that is why it is recommended to use a different one if you want to make good espresso coffee: and what will then be a good presser? We tell you here.

We present the 5 best coffee presses on the market and tell you what you should keep in mind when choosing the right model.

Do not play it and buy the best coffee presser at the first. If you follow our advice you will not regret it. 

What coffee press to buy? The 5 best quality coffee press machines

1. Motta 8170

professional, elegant and functional coffee presser . Get the best coffee Press for your coffee maker every morning. The same model exists in several sizes (up to 57 mm) to fit your coffee maker perfectly. 

If you are looking for a treat to give that special touch to your coffees , this tamper will be ideal for you.

Find on Amazon the best deals on coffee presses:

2. Luxpresso Business Coffe

more classic but always timeless coffee presser model . Made of bright aluminum, it will be very light and easy to handle when pressing. This is only offered in the measure of 51 mm filters.

If you have always wanted a retro-style coffee tamper but with the effectiveness of the modern ones , we recommend this Luxpresso, you will not be disappointed.

Amazon always has the best prices and home delivery service:

3. Motta 110

If you are looking for the quality of a Motta press, but you don’t find the right size for your 58 mm filters, here is the solution . The brand is a guarantee of quality and assures you that you will buy a product for life. 

Ideal for larger coffee filters, so that nothing stops you when making espresso with more flavor thanks to its great pressing.

4. Amazy Cafe Tamper

Also indicated for 58 mm filters. Its base is unscrewed for easy cleaning, also you can add another base of different size if necessary. 

It is a great coffee tamper to give that traditional air to coffee making. Perfect for the most demanding coffee growers , as this tamper will give you a coffee at its most authentic flavor and aroma point.

5. Yosoo press kit

We present a kit for those who want to have everything when it comes to getting the best pressed coffee. The kit includes the stainless steel press itself , a reusable capsule of the same material and a spoon to measure the exact amount of coffee.

Not only will this all in one complete package of coffee press, but it also will benefit to the environment using the capsule including, reducing plastic consumption . What could be better?

What should you keep in mind before buying coffee presser?

1. Base diameter

It is important that you choose your coffee press according to the diameter of the filter holder of your coffee maker. There are presses for all sizes, so it won’t be difficult for you to find yours. We recommend you to look especially at this aspect before launching to buy a new coffee press, so you will get the most out of your new acquisition. 

2. Materials

The most important thing is to make sure that the contact base with the coffee is made of metal, does not transfer flavor to the mixture and is a very durable material. Some pressers have the wooden handle, which is better suited to the hand, but in turn does not give the stability of a press made of a single metal piece. In the variety is the taste, choose the one that is most comfortable according to your preferences.

3. Weight

As far as comfort of use is concerned, the weight of the presser will be a fundamental factor to take into account. Since we must exert a slight pressure with the hand on the coffee, a light presser will make us the simplest task than a heavier one, since in this case the effort of enduring the press itself is joined while pressing.

4. Handle design

It is especially important if we are looking for a coffee press of the best quality. The more ergonomic its design, the easier to hold and press it will be. If we keep the pressure stable on the grain, we will get the best coffee in terms of aroma and intensity. 

What is a coffee presser?

It is one of the most frequent baristas accessories. Essentially, a coffee compactor is a weight, which is usually made of aluminum or any other light metal with a handle. The weight ends in a circular shape, with a variable diameter that can be chosen depending on the size of our filter holder. Many times, the handle of the Coffee Press machine is made of wood, which represents an instrument of much higher quality and aesthetics, although in practice its function is the same.

A coffee presser is used to compress the ground coffee inside the porfatiltro before starting to extract it. Although it is a very simple device, the key is in the correct use when pressing the coffee.

How to use a coffee compactor?

The objective of the apparatus for pressing coffee is to make the passage of water through the ground grains homogeneous to achieve a uniform extraction, which makes it a decisive stage for the preparation of a good coffee. Although each barista has his own technique to use the coffee press machine, the process is always the same:

  1. Grind the coffee beans with the particularities you need for the drink you are going to prepare.
  2. Place the coffee in the form of a mountain inside the filter and distribute it by helping you with your hand or with a spatula. Be sure to remove any coffee residue from the filter edges.
  3. Put your index finger and thumb on the edges of the presser base and with the other fingers and the palm of your hand grab the handle of the coffee compactor. Place it on the filter, checking that both fingers enter at the same time and that the presser is level. Press hard with the palm of your hand to eliminate the air pockets that may have been between the coffee and thus prevent water from passing through some areas more easily than others.
  4. Remove the device for pressing coffee from the inside of the filter gently and very carefully, in the end you will see that the ground coffee ground is flat and compact. Never try to hit the sides of the filter to avoid cracks forming in the circle that would be very difficult to reseal with another press.
  5. Insert the filter into the coffee maker and turn it on, when the hot water comes into contact with the coffee will be distributed evenly, thus obtaining an appropriate extraction of all the properties and flavor of the coffee bean.

One of the biggest controversies regarding coffee compacting is knowing how much pressure should be applied on ground coffee. Although it is usually necessary to exert a force of 20kg, it is very difficult to measure the pressure that is being applied. In addition, other aspects such as grinding or grammage of coffee beans also influence. Experts recommend only applying enough force to remove indoor air. When you notice that the ground coffee lost sponginess and opposes resistance, it is time to stop.

Advantages of using a Coffee Press machine

The use of coffee pressing machine is essential, as it allows the ground coffee to be distributed evenly within the filter, eliminating the air between the product. In this way, we make the coffee more compact and, therefore, cause the water to require more time to penetrate the solid ground coffee tablet and slightly increase the extraction time of our espresso.

Pressing the coffee gently, but firmly, we get a cup with more body and more creaminess, otherwise, the water would get through the coffee bar more easily and we would have a very watery espresso, without force and, especially bitter. For these reasons, the use of the coffee compactor becomes indispensable in any coffee or home business, since it allows to obtain an espresso cup with the ideal body and softness.

  • This technique guarantees a more pleasant and enriched coffee if it is prepared correctly, with the exception of espresso.
  • The resting time is shorter than with drip methods. The pressure application is minimal. The water is hotter because the coffee-water ratio is higher.
  • The ground coffee is immersed in the water just before the boiling point, without boiling, which preserves the aroma, the intense and charming taste of the coffee, without any presence of bitter taste.
  • The delicate aroma of coffee oils is not affected as with a paper filter.
  • This technique is fast and also portable.
  • Thanks to its ergonomic handle, the device is much more effective when it comes to pressing coffee, since it allows applying all the necessary force on it without complications or spills.

How to choose the best device for pressing coffee?

You might think that choosing a coffee compactor can be difficult among the many models and variants that currently exist in the market. But in reality it is much simpler and simpler than you think, you just have to understand and take into account the following factors:

  • Size: In the market we can find coffee presses of different sizes, and this is because the manufacturers of cafes or filter holders, their diameters usually vary. On the one hand, we have the one of 58mm being the most standardized, but we can also get coffee compactors that range from 49mm 53mm 57mm and more. So before buying any coffee presser, the first thing you should know is how big your pan is.
  • Ergonomics: To use this type of tools it is essential to have a good grip and control that allow us to keep the coffee in complete order. Many of the coffee pressing devices have quite ergonomic designs that allow a fairly secure grip, so this will help you maintain control of the pressure you exert and also help you level the strength.
  • Type of base: There are two types of bases in coffee compactors, planes and convex. But which one is better? As some baristas say that coffee presses with convex bases are the best, since they achieve a better distribution of coffee grinding, better resistance to water flow and therefore better extraction. In any case, it is best to try and decide which one works best for you.
  • Style of the handle: The style of the handle is a very particular choice to the point that some manufacturers already allow to customize this piece as a representation of the identity of the professional barista. You can choose coffee pressers that allow you to change the handle and also adjust the height. There are those that can also be stamped with the name of the barista or the business. The choice will depend on the taste of each person and how best the barista’s hand fits on this piece of coffee compactor. There are those who opt for a large handle with a thick stem, while others prefer a thinner handle.
  • Comfort: Another point to consider is how comfortable is the handle or grip of the device to press coffee, this is very important since the correct position of the palm of the hand, will allow us to be able to exert the necessary pressure, as well as the angle adequate arm. In the end it is not the coffee press that will guarantee you a good espresso but the technique of thinking coffee. That is why it is important that you feel comfortable when using it.
  • Cleaning: Most Coffee Press machine are very easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning, since their materials allow you to place it in the dishwasher to keep it ready and clean for your next use.
  • Price: Indeed, coffee compactors are not excessively expensive tools, at least not as much as a coffee maker, however, there are professional coffee press models that exceed the budget of a normal user. But, if you just want to make sure to homogenize the surface of your espresso ground in the filter, with little effort, then it will be convenient for you to buy a cheaper coffee Press machine.

Where to buy a coffee presser?

Do you want to know on what platforms they will offer you a greater variety of coffee compactors? Well, you will not have to be looking for it, then we present the most recommended and safe online stores to buy your coffee press machine.

  • Coffee presses in Amazon: This portal offers you the greatest variety of products that you will be able to get in the Spanish market. In fact, you will even be able to buy coffee compactors that are not sold here and sent to you from other countries. It also has numerous models at quite affordable prices. 
  • Coffee pressers in Carrefour: In this shop you can find a wide variety of machines for press coffee. It has models of all ranges and the amount of options in all of them is quite high, so you will also be right if you decide to buy here.
  • Coffee presses in El Corte Inglés: It has a wide variety of coffee compactors so you will have plenty of options to choose from. The bad thing is that there are more models of high ranges than low ones, something you should keep in mind. 
  • Coffee presses in Media Markt: This platform also offers you a fairly large catalog of coffee presses. What makes it a good place to make your purchase, although it does not have some models that we consider very attractive.

5 Best Saeco Coffee machine 2020

A couple of months ago I opened a supermarket near my house that, apart from food, also usually offers other interesting items, including small appliances. Each week the exposure varies and new products of different classes arrive.

Precisely this week I received the information leaflet left in the mailboxes announcing new products on display and, among them, there were several coffee makers . They were all of the Saeco brand and, as Christmas is close and you always have to make a commitment gift, I have decided to take a look at the best Saeco coffee machines on the market , to see if I get inspired. This is what I found.

Best Saeco coffee machine in the Market

1. Saeco Pomia Focus HD8423 / 22 – Coffee with all the comforts of home

The Saeco Pomia Focus is part of the range of espresso coffee makers of the brand, but adding some interesting features. To start, we will be able to use this machine with two different types of coffee: one, the pre- ground and, another, with the ESE type pods in case we prefer them or want to save a few seconds of time.

A remarkable aspect of this model are its filters. These incorporate a technology that makes the coffee much creamier result , helped by the 15 bar pressure with which account. Thus, it is able to preserve all the aroma and intensity of the product.

The operation of this coffee maker is very simple, since it has only a couple of controls.

After putting the coffee or the single dose, we only have to choose between if we want one or two cups and wait briefly for the drink to be prepared.

The built-in vaporizer also stands out . It is what connoisseurs call pannarello , capable of removing a large amount of milk foam . Thanks to this, we can prepare delicious cappuccinos or lattes with little effort.

The negative point that I have found to this coffee maker is that the vaporizer has a very limited movement. This means that we can only use small milkmaids, since the larger ones do not fit well.


This Saeco is a simple machine, but it prepares a high quality espresso. The filter designed to make the coffee more creamy and the pressure bars it has, make each drink a delicious experience. 


  • Allows you to use ground coffee or single dose ESE
  • It turns on very fast, so in a very short time we have coffee on the table
  • The pannarello vaporizer that manages to remove a large amount of milk foam


  • We will not be able to use large containers to heat milk
  • It vibrates a little, which sometimes causes a drop to fall out of the cup

2. Saeco Pomia Class HD8425 / 11 – A tough coffee maker 

This model is very similar to the one previously mentioned. The Saeco Poemia Class retains all the characteristics of the Poemia Focus, highlighting within the differences the use of stainless steel in some finishes and components, which makes it more resistant.

One of these components that ceases to be plastic is the vaporizer. As it happened in the previous one, this one of the pannarello type , prepared to extract the maximum possible of foam to the milk . The difference, as we said, is that it is built with stainless steel , which eliminates the fragility of the plastic.

On the other hand, it preserves the type of pressurized filters, called Great Cream , which are designed to make the resulting coffee very creamy and aromatic.

This Saeco also allows the use of ESE pods if we prefer it to pre-ground coffee , which is the most common in this range of coffee makers.

In any case, the drink will be prepared quickly and easily, being able to choose between us to prepare a cup or two.

Finally, the coffee maker includes a surface on the top that heats the cups to have them ready for use. This function can be delicious in the cold winter afternoons.

As the most unfavorable point of this model, we can point out that it will not allow us to use large cups. The distance to the tray is short, so we will have to settle for that amount or pour the coffee into a larger container.


The main advantage of this model compared to the previous one that we have analyzed is its stainless steel finish, which makes it more resistant. For the rest, he shares the quality of his coffee and, above all, the creaminess he manages to give the drink.


  • The pannarello for foaming milk is stainless steel
  • We can choose between making a cup or two of coffee
  • It is very simple to use, as well as very fast


  • The liter of capacity of your deposit may fall short sometimes
  • We will only be able to use espresso cups, that is, small in size

3. Saeco Incanto HD8917 / 01  – A coffee machine for the best coffee

Contrary to the other coffee machines that we have mentioned before, it is already fully in the category of automatic machines of the brand, one of its strengths. The S aeco HD8917 / 01, known as Incanto,   incorporates numerous functions that we will choose with the press of a button.

To start, we must highlight the grinder built with ceramics that incorporates this model.

The ceramic prevents overheating and that the blades end up being damaged. In addition, we can configure your grinding up to five different thicknesses . In case we prefer, it also admits coffee powder.

After grinding the coffee we can only choose what type of drink we prefer. And here come the many options offered by this Saeco.

We can select the intensity of the drink and then choose between six different recipes . Among these, we find espresso , Lungo , macchiato or cappuccino .

The latter is completed with the use of the included jug for milk , which allows it to be stored in the refrigerator. Thanks to this, the Cappuccino function , serves coffee automatically presenting it with a good layer of foam.

The only problem we can point out about this coffee maker is its size. Those who have very small kitchens will have to juggle to place it. Of course, these dimensions are due to their benefits.


If you are looking for an automatic coffee machine that offers many options at the push of a button, it can come in handy. Being able to make six different types of coffee, several of them with milk, is something that lovers of this drink will appreciate.


  • The ceramic grinder that prevents overheating
  • All types of coffee you prepare automatically
  • The water filter that slows problems with lime


  • It is more bulky than other coffee makers because of the size of their deposits
  • Spend a lot of water for its purge system in each use

4. Saeco Pico Baristo HD8927 / 01 – Coffee purest

The Saeco Pico Baristo is another of the automatic coffee machines marketed by this company and, seeing the functions that we can choose, the truth is that it is presented as one of the most powerful in the range. 

The control panel of this machine is very similar to the model presented above. Thus, it includes a digital screen and, around, the buttons to prepare the most common recipes .

Each button includes the name of the type of coffee, which makes handling very simple. Among these modalities are espresso , Lungo , Crema coffee and milk drinks such as macchiato and cap p uccino .

If we need more options, we can use the intensity selector or the menu for special drinks. All those that include milk benefit from the included jug . When coupled, the machine automatically performs all the necessary treatment and serves it in our cup.

Finally, although it includes other interesting features, the built-in water filter stands out . It not only removes impurities, allowing a purer taste, but also prevents us from having to descale the machine until we have 5000 cups consumed.

Perhaps the most negative point of this machine is, paradoxically, the amount of functionalities it presents. Not because of its usefulness, but because we will need to use it several times to be able to find the appropriate settings to prepare the coffee to our liking.


With the amount of programmable modalities that this coffee machine incorporates, there will be no unsatisfactory palate. But, among all, highlights the possibility of developing excellent cappuccinos in a simple and professional way. The visits will be amazed.


  • Its water filter system that ensures superior machine maintenance
  • All the options available to customize our coffee
  • We can memorize our favorite recipe to prepare it quickly


  • Spend a lot of water for self-cleaning in each use
  • It is large, so you have to find a suitable space

5. Saeco HD8769 Moltio – A beast in your kitchen 

The Saeco Moltio is the next step in the evolution of automatic coffee machines, with so many options and possibilities that no one will be disappointed with their use, not even coffee sybarites.

Precisely, they will enjoy the Grain Commutator function . Thanks to this system we can configure the machine depending on the type of coffee we use . We find options for the Arabica , the Ro b usta and for the mixtures we want to make.

On the other hand, we also find the possibility to choose between numerous coffee recipes. From its control panel, just by pressing a button, we will obtain an espresso , a Lungo coffee , a macchiato , a latte and, thus, up to seven different modalities . Obviously, it also allows you to select the intensity we want for our drink. And finally, we will be able to memorize the choices we make to access them more easily.

Stresses, among other features, the automation of all cleaning processes . From usual, to descaling. The machine will guide our steps to perform it without problems. And, in addition, the machine itself will notify us when it is necessary to do it.

As with other previous models, the main disadvantage of this coffee maker in its size. It is necessary to make room in the kitchen and, for its 11 kilos of weight, it is not a device to move it often.


If you want one of the best coffee makers in the market today, this is undoubtedly one of the ones you have to contemplate. For foodies, the grinder system for treating different types of coffee beans, including mixtures, is a real joy.


  • The innumerable options that it presents when it comes to preparing coffee
  • The system for switching beans and making mixtures is perfect for connoisseurs
  • All cleaning, including descaling, is automated


  • It occupies enough space in the kitchen
  • The water tank is large, but its use to purge the machine at each use forces us to refill it often

How Saeco coffee makers work

Founded in Italy, home of the best coffee, in 1981, Saeco has established itself as one of the most important firms in the sector. It stands out especially in the segment of automatic machines, with multiple functions within our reach with the press of a few buttons. In fact, already in 1985 it commercializes its first automatic espresso for the home.

In 2009 Saeco was bought by Phillips and, since then, it has not stopped selling more and more advanced coffee machines with its own characteristics that make it one of the most powerful brands on the market. Thus, stand out the machines called super-automatic, equipped with ceramic grinders that give a great quality to the final product. Likewise, the details have been carefully taken care of, incorporating various treatments for milk, as well as pre-configured programs for cappuccinos and other similar drinks.

Of course, it also sells a line of manual coffee makers, some of them with the option of using single doses. These machines allow the user to choose all the parameters of their coffee and, in addition, they usually include vaporizers for milk and, thus, make the whole process complete.

Advantages of Saeco coffee machines

  • Simply, the quality of the coffee you prepare
  • The great variety of models it offers
  • Their coffee makers are characterized by their robustness and reliability

Reviews on krups coffee maker 2020

Last week I was invited to a commercial presentation of those they do in a hotel waiting for you to buy something later. The truth is that I was not too interested in the product they presented, but my friends went and I decided to sign up and at least stay at the coffee they offered.

It was precisely during that moment when I saw something that caught your attention. The coffee maker with which they prepared the drinks was of a model I did not know and, really, I liked the result a lot. Not that I want to change mine right now, but I do like to be up to date just in case. 

So I looked at the brand, Krups, and started researching and, by the way, I looked at other   similar coffee machines . This is what I found about the best Krups coffee makers on the market, in case someone is doing well.

What is the best krups coffee maker 

1. Krups EA815070  – A supercafetera in your kitchen

The Krups EA815070 is part of the series of superautomatic coffee brand. These automatisms allow us to choose between all the options offered by the machine in a simple way, practically just by pressing a button.

On its large LCD screen we can see the different choices we make. The buttons that surround it allow you to select between three different coffee intensities , if we want to make a cup or two or save our two favorite recipes ,

Similarly, the milk frother can also be used automatically, with a program designed to remove all the foam and prepare a good cappuccino .

These functions are joined by the integrated grinder , which offers three different grinding modalities and has a tank that holds 250 grams of coffee .

As if that were not enough, it includes the Thermoblock function , which heats the device in just a few seconds so that the operation is faster, and in terms of cleaning, it is not only automated, but also has a practical drawer for the grounds of the coffee.

The negative point that I could find this coffee maker is its size. It is larger than other models, so we must take it into account when thinking about where to put it.


It is, without a doubt, a coffee maker capable of fulfilling all the expectations you have when you buy it. It has many options to customize the coffee to our liking. In addition, automatic cleaning and descaling programs make maintenance very convenient. 


  • The deposit of coffee beans with capacity for half a kilo
  • Your professional milk vaporizer
  • Its maintenance is very simple thanks to its automatic systems


  • It is larger than other automatic coffee machines
  • It makes some noise and vibrates a bit when used

2.  Krups Espresseria EA82FB10 QF – The real coffee

Like the previous one, the Krups Espresseria QF EA82FB10  is within the super-automatic range of the brand. Really, seeing the possibilities offered and the ease of use, all these automatisms are appreciated.

Thanks to its controls we will be able to choose three characteristics of our coffee. The first, the intensity and the aroma we want . The second, the type of coffee we want: espresso, lungo, extra Lungo, etc … And, third, the temperature at which we want the drink, since this coffee maker offers us three possibilities.

It also includes a button for the machine to prepare a cappuccino , aided by the built-in vaporizer capable of extracting all possible foam to the milk.

The coffee maker has what the brand has called the Quattro Force system . Thanks to this, perfect the four steps necessary to create a great coffee: grind, press, percolate and drain. 

And all in a few minutes . Between the grinder with Active Speed ​​function so that it grinds faster and the heating system in seconds, the coffee maker takes surprisingly little time to present our coffee.

It is complicated to look for negative points to this model. Perhaps, to ask for something else, the deposit of coffee beans and water could be larger. The capacity is 275 grams and 1.7 liters respectively.


If you want a super-automatic machine with numerous features that are very easy to use, this model may be perfect for you. The control panel is very simple and we can customize the coffee to our liking in just a couple of steps. The speed of the grinder is also something to highlight.


  • We can choose intensity, quantity and temperature in a simple way
  • The Active Speed ​​grinder for when we are in a hurry
  • The steam nozzle for great results with milk


  • Coffee and water deposits could be larger
  • The very purists will miss some manual option

3.  Krups KP1605 – A great little coffee

The first thing that catches the attention of this model is its beautiful design and its small size . It is a device that will not give us any problem when putting it in our kitchen. But, in addition, the Krups KP 1605 , also known as Dolce Gusto Genio 2 , offers other great advantages.

This coffee maker works with the Dolce Gusto capsules made by Nescafé. Precisely, the great variety of types of coffee offered by this brand is one of the great advantages of this model.

And, if we want to try something else, we can also buy tea capsules  or even some  cold drinks . For us to get to know them, this coffee maker includes a pack of six different unit doses.

On the other hand, this model allows you to easily select the amount of coffee we want. Its Play & Select function will stop automatically when you reach the selected amount.

It also highlights its water tank because, despite the total size of the coffee maker, it has a capacity of one liter . Along with this feature, it is also worth naming your automatic shutdown system , which will disconnect the machine after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The negative point that we can find for this coffee maker is that, although it is not noisy, it vibrates a little when it starts. In any case it is not a movement that destabilizes the cup.


Lovers of Dolce Gusto capsules will find that this model is perfect for them. Apart from its automatisms, it allows you to select the amount of coffee we want. In addition, its size allows it to sneak into any corner of the kitchen.


  • The Play & Select function to choose the amount of coffee we want
  • The wide variety of Dolce Gusto capsules, even cold drinks. 
  • It is really easy to use


  • It vibrates something when preparing coffee
  • The color of the cable slightly breaks the design of the machine

4. Nespresso Pixie Krups Beige – A Nespresso just pressing a button 

This coffee maker model, like the previous one, uses the capsule system to make our coffee. However, instead of the Dolce Gusto, the Nespresso Pixie Beige Krups  uses those marketed by the Nespresso brand , which offers a wide variety of aromas and flavors .

As with all Nespresso machines, the use of this coffee maker is extremely simple . Actually, it’s just about introducing the capsule into the corresponding department and pressing the button to select the desired option. In just half a minute the machine will have our drink ready.

The buttons located at the top will allow us to choose how we want coffee. Thus, it presents the espresso option and the lungo option for us to decide. 

If, on the contrary, we want to prepare a coffee with milk or similar, this model includes a practical milk heater , which will save us having to heat it in the fire or in the microwave.

Other interesting features of this model is the deposit of used capsules that includes and in which we can deposit up to 14 to make recycling easier.

The least favorable aspect shown by this model is the capacity of your water tank. The 0.7 liters it can hold will give us only for about 4 cups.


If you are looking for a coffee maker with an attractive design and that is very simple to use, this model adapts perfectly to your claims. In addition, the included milk heater will make it much easier to prepare the drinks that carry this dairy.


  • The milk heater included 
  • We can select two different quantities of coffee
  • The container for used capsules that facilitates recycling


  • The water tank falls somewhat short 
  • It makes a little noise, but within normal parameters

5. Nespresso Pixie Titanic YY1201 Krups  – The best of its range

The Nespresso Pixie Titanic Krups is part of the same series of coffee makers as the one presented above. In this way, it shares many of its characteristics and, of course, the fact that it works with Nespresso capsules . In fact, to be able to try some of its modalities, it includes a welcome pack with 16 different ones.

It also highlights the great power it presents: there are 1 9 bars of pressure that take advantage of all the aroma and intensity of coffee, offering a creamy drink with all the flavor .

As with the previous one, we will be able to easily choose between preparing an espresso or a lungo . We just have to press the corresponding button and, quickly, we will be savoring the drink.

What is different is the possibility of making a macchiato , since its grid is prepared for it.

On the other hand, we will not find any problem with the size of the cups. Your drip tray can be removed and thus use larger cups or glasses.

The negative point that we can find this coffee maker is the same as the previous model. The 0.7 liter capacity of the water tank falls a little short, having to be recharged frequently.


If yours are the coffee machines that use the Nespresso capsule system and, in addition, you like devices with an attractive design, this may be yours. The ease of use and the speed with which coffee is able to serve us also help make it a great option.


  • The grid prepared to make macchiatos
  • You can select between Espresso and Lungo easily
  • Its innovative and attractive design


  • The capacity of your water tank. It seems scarce for the range of the machine
  • Some think it is a bit noisy, but it goes by tastes

How Krups coffee machines work

The history of this company starts in the middle of the 19th century, when the German Robert Krups takes advantage of his knowledge as a worker in a forge to create and market his products. In principle, he specialized in coffee scales, but in just a few years they diversified production and began to cover a wide range of appliances.

Their relationship with coffee begins in 1956, when they release their first mill for this drink. Already in the 80s, Krups began to manufacture coffee machines, especially espresso. His success caused them to expand the models and in 1991 he took out the first Nespresso machine.

Today we can find all kinds of coffee makers of this firm. Thus, they have positioned themselves among the best sellers in the super-automatic sector, in which the whole process is carried out in a simple and automated way. Likewise, it continues to market espresso machines. Last but not least in terms of sales, its capsule coffee makers, both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto, place it among the most popular in today’s market.

Advantages of Krups coffee machines

  • We find super automatic models, manual or capsule espressos
  • Among the capsules we can choose between Nespresso and Dolce Gusto
  • The great quality of the products it manufactures

5 Best Nespresso Coffee Machine 2020

The other day, while I was drinking coffee with friends in a cafeteria, one of them brought up the issue of coffee makers at home , because I was thinking of buying one. It seems that, except her, the rest had already some and all began to sell the benefits of the different models: drip, Italian, single dose …. in short, all existing.

With so many opinions, my poor friend was not clear at all: no brand, no kind of machine, no mode of operation. So I offered to do a little research that would make things clearer. She agreed asking me to start looking at the best Nespresso coffeemachine on the market , which George Clooney throws a lot. 

What Nespresso coffee machine to choose? 

1. Nespresso Krups XN3005 Pixie – A great little coffee

The Nespresso Krups Pixie XN3005 is presented as the perfect model for those looking for a small and compact machine to put in their kitchen. It is only 11 centimeters wide , so nobody can use the size of your countertop as an excuse. 

On the other hand, this is not the only detail that makes this model one to be taken into account by coffee lovers. It also highlights its two “One Touch” buttons , which, as its name indicates, allow you to select the amount of drink you want by pressing it. One will serve us a short espresso , while the second will prepare a Lungo with more quantity .

The 19 pressure bars presented by this coffee maker make the resulting coffee very creamy and intense . And all, in a very short time thanks to the Thermoblock system that achieves the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds. Ideal for those who go in a hurry in the morning.

Also interesting is the light warning that the machine emits to warn us that the water tank is empty and that, therefore, we have to fill it.

Finally, we must highlight its automatic shutdown system , which turns off the machine if we do not use it for 9 minutes. Perfect for the clueless and to save energy.

The most unfavorable point presented by this coffee maker is that it is quite noisy. This, although in the afternoon little is noticed among the ambient noise, in the early morning in the middle of the silence it can be much more annoying.


For all those looking for a coffee maker with the quality of the Nespresso system and with different functionalities, but have problems with space in the kitchen, this model is a great option. Its only 11 centimeters wide allow it to be placed in almost any corner we choose, without getting in the way. It even includes a deposit to store the capsules.


  • Its attractive design and small size.
  • The Thermoblock system makes it ready in seconds to make coffee
  • Flow Stop technology that automates the size of our drink


  • It is a bit noisy compared to others in its range
  • The 0.7 liters of capacity of your water tank fall somewhat short

2 . Nespresso Krups XN2501 U  – A smart machine

According to the company, the Nespresso Krups U XN2501 is the most automated coffee maker of the brand . In the absence of being able to confirm it 100%, it can be said that this machine includes a series of automatic configurations that make it very interesting.

Among these functions, the most striking is the ability to memorize our favorite coffee and act accordingly. That is, the coffee maker remembers what kind of configuration we have chosen in our last uses and, if we do not order otherwise, it will start to prepare it as soon as we introduce the capsule and close the compartment.

If we prefer another type of coffee at that time or it is for another person, this coffee maker presents the Flow Stop system to choose the amount and intensity of the coffee. In this way, in a simple way, you can choose between a ristretto, an espresso or  a Lungo coffee with the push of a button.

Like other models in the same range, the Krups U incorporates a technology that turns it off when it is inactive for 9 minutes. It also has the Thermoblock system , which heats the machine in just 25 seconds.

The negative point that we can find for this coffee maker is that the water tank only has a capacity of 0.7 liters. This means that we will have to recharge every little time, since it does not fit for many cups.


We can affirm that the publicity that affirms that it is the one that includes more automatic functionalities among the Nespresso is totally true. It is a machine capable of detecting our favorite type of coffee and serving it without having to do anything. It is also very comfortable to eject the used capsule itself. 


  • Your ability to memorize our favorite type of coffee
  • The Thermoblock system that makes it heat up very quickly
  • The side magnets that allow us to place the water tank wherever we want


  • The water tank falls a little short
  • Although it does not become very annoying, if it makes some noise when using it

3. Nespresso DeLonghi U EN110B – A fully automatic machine

The Nespresso DeLonghi U EN110B is the previously presented version of the coffee maker manufactured by DeLonghi rather than by Krups. Therefore, the benefits it presents are very similar, with very small variations practically unimportant.

For this reason, it is necessary to emphasize again the great automation that this model presents. As we mentioned before, what stands out most is that the machine is able to memorize our latest uses and reproduce our favorite coffee. Just insert the capsule and close the compartment.

They are also the same controls that will allow us to choose between three different types of coffee: we find the option of making ourselves a ristretto, an espresso or, if we want something more in quantity, a Lungo.

Remember that these models do not include milk treatment, so we will have to do that separately.

Also note that the water tank can be placed in the part of the machine we want. This is possible because the sides are magnetized, so if we want to put the tank on one side for reasons of space, we can do it without problems.

It should be noted that we can use cups of various sizes, since the drip tray is easily removable and can be placed at three different heights.

As happened to the other Nespresso U, this model falters in its water tank. Its capacity of 0.7 liters is going to force us to fill it every little time, especially if we choose to make coffee Lungo.


If you are looking for a Nespresso coffee machine that has managed to automate a good part of its functions, this may be yours. He has also managed to simplify the way he uses it to the fullest: making your usual coffee won’t even force you to press a button.


  • The capsule container with capacity for 14 of them
  • Your automated systems to choose the type of coffee we want
  • It allows us to use cups of various sizes


  • The water tank does not allow us to make too many coffees without recharging
  • The noise you make when you start it

4. Nespresso Pixie DeLonghi EN1255 – A single espresso pressing a button 

We find again the version of another coffee maker also made by Krups. In this case, the Nespresso DeLonghi Pixie EN125S is very similar to the Krups Pixie. Like this one, the one built by DeLonghi is only 11 centimeters wide , so it is very easy to place it anywhere.

It also shares the  two “One Touch” buttons . Remember that with these controls we can choose between two different coffee lengths just by pressing them. With the first we get a creamy and thick espresso and with the second, a Lungo with more drink. 

It also shares the 19 bar pressure pump , which places it in the upper range in this aspect and makes the drink very creamy . By the way, by purchasing this model, we will also receive a welcome set with 16 different capsules , so that we can try the different modalities.

The DeLonghi will let us know by a few lights that the water tank is empty and, in addition, it will turn itself off if we do not use it for 9 minutes.

The negative point that I could find this coffee maker is that it is quite noisy, which is especially noticeable if we make coffee early in the morning. Luckily it is so fast making coffee that lasts a short time.


The DeLonghi Pixie is a great coffee maker if you are looking for a simple, compact-sized machine that offers all the quality of Nespresso. It stands out, above all, for the speed with which it works and that will allow you to enjoy your drink in a short minute. 


  • Your transparent capsule container to control what we have left
  • The rapid heating system to have coffee right away
  • It is really easy to use


  • It’s a bit noisy, but it makes coffee so fast that we barely noticed
  • Your water tank falls short of capacity

5.  Nespresso Citiz & Milk Cream DeLonghi EN266  – Best cappuccino

Just look at the design of this coffee maker to realize that it is very different from other models that we have commented. Apart from its aesthetics, for which it was awarded in 2009 with the Reddot Design Award , its form is due to the introduction of a milk tank .

One of the most interesting details presented by this model is precisely that it allows a certain treatment in milk . Highlights, above all, a frother called aeroccino . With it, we can remove all the foam from the milk, beating manually until we reach the amount we want. This makes this coffee maker perfect for cappuccino lovers . 

And, to make this option even more comfortable, we can use two different cup sizes because the tray is removable. Thus, small coffee makers are ideal for espresso and large ones for cappuccinos.

On the other hand, the machine also allows you to choose between two sizes of coffee just by pressing the corresponding button. Thus, we have the possibility of taking an espresso or a Lungo quickly and easily, since you have to join the rapid heating technology that makes it ready to work in just 25 seconds.

Like the previous models, the negative point that we can find for this coffee maker is the size of its water tank. Although it reaches the liter, being able to make cappuccinos sometimes falls a little short.


This model of Nespresso coffee maker presents an interesting extra about similar ones. Thus, apart from the usual quality of these products, it incorporates the possibility of preparing delicious cappuccinos, which will delight lovers of this drink.


  • The aeroccino to prepare cappuccinos
  • It is very simple to use and in a very short time we get our drink
  • The system to control the quantity and intensity of coffee


  • Water tank capacity is a bit short
  • It occupies a little more space than other models of the same range

How Nespresso coffee machines work

Nespresso coffee machines have been made with a good bite of the market in this type of products. It is undoubtedly the one that has achieved the most visibility in recent years and the quality it presents has made it the most popular. It should be noted that Nespresso, belonging to Nestlé manufactures its coffee makers with a company such as DeLonghi or Krups, so sometimes we find very similar models with different names.

Nespresso uses its own system of capsules, made of aluminum and with a plastic that separates this material from ground coffee. Being sealed tightly, the coffee does not lose qualities, neither of aroma, nor of freshness. The brand markets a wide variety of capsule types, so that each one can find the one that may interest you most. In recent times there have also appeared some other companies that have developed capsules compatible with these coffee makers.

The general operation of these devices, leaving aside more advanced functionalities, is very simple. Just put the capsule in the coffee maker and a small needle will pierce its lid. After filling the corresponding tank with water, it begins to heat up and ends up crossing the area where the coffee is located. The hot water, then, begins to soak the product and in a few seconds, we get our drink.

Besides, in recent times they have added advances in coffee machines that have incorporated, for example, milk treatments that make it easy to make cappuccinos or coffee with milk. Progress has also been made in automating many functions, which makes its use even easier.

Advantages of Nespresso coffee machines

  • We will find a wide variety of types of coffees
  • They are very simple to use, preparing coffee quickly
  • We will not have problems finding the capsules

5 Best capsule coffee machine 2020

A few days ago I received a desperate call from my mother. It turns out that his old automatic coffee machine had stopped working and he had been looking for a new one to replace it.

He had gotten it into his head that q UERIA a capsule but was not able to decide between all the models on the market.

What I was looking for was one that was very easy to handle and, in addition, did not present problems when buying coffee. So I promised to advise you on which machine to buy. Here you have what I have found about the best capsule coffee machines on the market, in case someone is doing well.

Best Capsule Coffee Machine on the Market

1 . Nespresso Krups XN1001 Inissia – A great little coffee

The 12 centimeters wide of the  Nespresso Krups Inissia make it one of the lightest and most comfortable coffee machines to place on the market. Of course, that small size does not detract anything from the way it works. Not even the water tank suffers too much, since it has a capacity for 0.7 liters.

Similarly, continuing with the design, we can buy this coffee maker in several different colors . It also includes a removable drip tray , which will allow us to use cups of different sizes, not counting what makes cleaning easier.

This model has 19 bars of pressure , which gives it a very high power to make our drink. And, in addition, it does it very quickly. It’s only 25 seconds that it takes for this machine to warm up and start working thanks to Thermoblock technology .

On the other hand, the simplicity of its use stands out. If we want to use it without complicating ourselves at all, it includes two buttons with which, automatically, we can choose how much coffee we want.

This system, called Flow Stop , offers us that just by pressing the button for Espresso or Lungo we can customize our drink.

On the other hand, the machine includes an automatic shutdown system to save on electricity. Thus, after 9 minutes without being used, the coffee maker will turn itself off, which also saves us that no accidental mishap can happen.

The most unfavorable point we can point out about this model is that the place where the capsules are placed is quite narrow. This makes putting them something difficult, as well as removing them.


If you are looking for a small, beautiful coffee maker with all the quality offered by the Nespresso system, this may be yours. In a few seconds the machine will offer you a good coffee to start the day or to enjoy the desktop. 


  • Its size allows you to place it in any corner
  • The preparation of the drink is very fast
  • The multiple capsule options offered by Nespresso


  • The capsules are somewhat difficult to place
  • The water tank is a bit small if we are many at home

2 . DeLonghi Nespresso Inissia IN 80.B  – Number 1 in sales

This model follows the line of what we have presented previously. TheDeLonghi Nespresso Inissia It weighs only 2.5 kilograms and its size allows us to place it in any corner of the kitchen without occupying half of the countertop.

The capsules used are Nespresso , so we will have at our disposal an extensive range of types of coffee . In fact, it includes a small welcome set so we can try some of its varieties.

What is different from the previous model is that the capsule introduction system has been provided, to make the whole process even easier.

On the other hand, it includes Flow Stop technology to customize our coffee. Thanks to it, with the press of a button, the machine will serve us an Espresso (shorter, about 40 ml.) Or a Lungo (longer, about 110 ml.).

It is also equipped with the Thermoblock system for faster operation. In just 25 seconds , the machine will be hot and ready to run.

As for other details that complete its qualities, it should be noted the 0.8 liters of capacity of your water tank. It also includes a mechanism to expel used capsules and a place to store up to 10 of them until later recycling.

The negative point that I could find this capsule coffee machine is that it is a bit noisy. If it is used in the afternoon it hardly shows, but in the silence of the morning it is annoying.


If you need a quick coffee just before leaving for work, this may be the model you are looking for. It is very quick to prepare the drink and, when discarding and storing the used capsules by yourself, you don’t have to worry about doing it at the moment. 


  • Its speed of operation
  • Its small size. Fits anywhere
  • The FlowStop system


  • The coffee maker is a bit noisy
  • The water tank is somewhat small. A little more capacity would have come in handy

3. Krups KP1201 – One of the stars of the kitchen 

This coffee maker in one of the stars of the brand for Dolce Gusto Nescafé capsules. The Krups KP1201 offers a pleasant design that even received the Product Design Award in 2014. Its size also makes it a very comfortable model to place in any kitchen.

As we mentioned before, the type of capsules used by this coffee maker is Dolce Gusto. The wide variety of drinks it offers will allow us to choose between cappuccinos, latte coffee, espressos or even cold drinks, since this machine offers this option.

Together with our machine, we will receive a pack with 6 different types so that we can test the different possibilities.

On the other hand, this model includes a system so that we can create our coffee according to our tastes. This technology, Play & Select, makes it as simple as placing the capsule and selecting the dosage we want for our drink. Once it reaches the amount we have programmed, the coffee maker will stop by itself, without having to be aware. 

The water tank has the capacity to store 0.8 liters, which gives us several coffees. It also highlights the automatic shutdown system, which makes after a few minutes inactive, the machine disconnects itself. Finally, comment that the materials used to build this electric coffee maker, makes cleaning very simple. 

The least favorite aspect of this coffee maker is that the cable to plug it in is red. It may be something silly, but it totally clashes with the rest of the set


It is a small coffee maker, so we will be able to put it in any corner without it getting in the way. It takes very little time to prepare the coffee and if you use the automated systems, you will be able to customize the drink to your liking and carefree on a day-to-day basis. 


  • Its Play & Select function to customize your coffee
  • It is automatic, so do not be aware of cutting the beverage outlet
  • Your beautiful design


  • The water tank stays small if you are several in the house
  • The red wire that breaks the harmony of the whole

4 . Bosch Tassimo1252 – A technology different

This coffee maker model, compared to the previous ones, is characterized by the use of a different type of capsules that, in addition, incorporate a technology that helps us prepare coffee more easily.

Thus, the Bosch Tassimo 1252 uses Tassimo brand products that range from, obviously, all kinds of coffees , to chocolates or tea . In total, up to 40 different kinds of drinks .

The main difference is that they have included the Intellibrew system , an interesting innovation compared to other devices. In this way, to make any beverage, we must make the coffee maker read the barcode of the corresponding capsule.

Once this is done, the machine  automatically adjusts all parameters : pressure, amount of water, time and temperature.

Another advantage with the Bosch account is the great speed with which it works, ideal for those who go in a hurry. Once the T Disc (name of the type of capsules used) is inserted, the machine heats up in seconds and we just have to press a button to get our drink.

Nor should we stop highlighting its design. The small dimensions that it presents make it possible to place it in any space available in the kitchen. On the other hand, the water tank, with a capacity of 0.7 liters , is removable, which greatly facilitates its filling.

The negative point we can point out about this model is its water tank. The 0.7 liter capacity falls short if there are several who drink coffee at home.


The fact that the machine reads the barcode of the capsules and, from there, prepares the drink makes it very easy to handle. We will not have to worry about the amount of water needed, or the pressure, just wait to taste our coffee.


  • The Intellibrew system to automate coffee preparation
  • It is very fast preparing the drink
  • Very comfortable to clean


  • Water tank capacity is somewhat short
  • It is a bit noisy, especially in the first uses

5 . DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Mini Me EDG 305BG  – big on features

One of the great advantages of capsule coffee machines is usually their size, which saves us problems when placing it anywhere. This is clearly visible in the DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Mini Me. And not only stands out for its small size, but it won the prestigious award for the best Red Dot and iF Design in 2015.

This model works with Dolce Gusto capsules, which offer us up to 30 types of drinks. Of course, coffee, but we can also take home several types of tea, chocolates or cocoa drinks. And not only hot drinks, its system that allows you to use cold water gives us the option of preparing Nestea of ​​various flavors.

To make its use easier this model incorporates Play & Select technology. This allows us to adjust the beverage to our liking in a single step and let it automatically take care of serving it without having to be aware of stopping the flow of liquid.

And since it admits all kinds of cup sizes, we will have no problem preparing large quantities if we wish.

This model also has an automatic shutdown system, so that we do not lose heart and leave it on. Thus, after 5 minutes of inactivity, it proceeds to shut down alone, saving us problems and money.

The negative point we can find in this model is the capacity of your water tank. The 0.8 liters fall a little short if you have to prepare several coffees in each use.


Like others of this same line, it is perfect for those who seek to combine design with coffee quality. Being semi-automatic and being able to regulate the amount of water for each type of capsule, it makes it very easy to handle.


  • The Play & Select system makes its use much easier
  • The wide variety of types of drink you can prepare
  • Heats up in just 20 seconds


  • A little more capacity in the water tank would have been fine 
  • It has no place to leave the discarded capsules 

The best De’Longhi capsule coffee machine:  Essenza Mini EN85.R

The Essenza Mini from De’Longhies is a 1370 W single – dose coffee maker that uses Nespresso capsules . It is very compact (32.5 x 11 x 20.5 cm) but can produce up to 19 bars of pressure so that your coffee retains its original aroma. It combines simple use and professional quality to create the optimal coffee cup.

It offers two programmable cup sizes (espresso and lungo) and has a rapid heating system to reach the ideal temperature in less than 30 seconds. It incorporates an ECO mode to consume less energy after 3 minutes of inactivity and automatic shutdown function after 9 minutes without use.

L better coffee capsule  Nespresso  Krups Essenza XN1101 Mini

It brings us Krups coffee Nespresso design ultracompact ideal for home or office because of its size of 33 x 8.4 x 20.4 cm. It offers you 2 coffee sizes : short or long coffee. It is very easy to use : It has two control buttons to provide perfect results because it can produce 19 pressure bars to preserve the Nespresso smell and texture.

Activate its low power consumption function after 3 minutes without use and auto power off after 9 minutes of inactivity. It has a container with capacity for 9 used capsules . Heat in just 25 seconds .

The best dolce gusto capsule coffee maker :  De’Longhi Piccolo EDG200.B

The Piccolo de De’Longhi is a small manual Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsule coffee maker ideal for home and office for its comfortable dimensions and intuitive and precise functionality . It will allow you to enjoy a true creamy espresso because it can generate up to 15 bars of pressure .

In addition, Nescafé has a wide variety of coffees, chocolates, teas and cold drinks. Its Thermoblock system allows very rapid heating. It has a mechanical lever to regulate the water temperature . It incorporates a safety system that prevents water from leaving its removable tank (0.6 liters) without the capsule holder.

L better Tassimo coffee capsule :  Bosch TAS1006 Tassimo Happy

If you like to vary, this single-dose coffee maker can easily make more than 40 different drinks thanks to its one-button InteliBrew system . With it you can enjoy espressos, cappuccinos, chocolate drinks, teas, macchiatos lattes and much more. It is fully automatic and its innovative heating technology reduces the time you wait for your cup. It has 1400 W of power and a removable water tank of 0.7 liters .

Its 5 LED panel indicates the status of the equipment: Standby, automatic mode, manual mode, fill the water tank, descaling necessary. It is cleaned automatically . It has a self-shutdown system after each preparation cycle.

How capsule coffee machines work

Undoubtedly, capsule coffee makers have achieved in a few years an important place in the market. Now they are among the best sellers and we can find numerous types and varieties of coffee in this format in each supermarket.

This class of machines does not use the typical loose ground coffee, but this is packed in sealed capsules. Once placed in the coffee maker, the hot water flows through them with the pressure that each device has. Thus, in a very short time, we obtain the desired drink. And not only coffee, one of the characteristics of these models is that brands have sold other products with the same system, such as tea or chocolate.

Its ease of use, that the coffee sealed in the capsules does not lose freshness and that multiple varieties can be chosen are part of the reasons for its success. Among the types of existing capsules are Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or Tassimo. Even in recent years, compatible white markings have appeared.

What are coffee capsules?

Without a doubt, it is one of the best options in the kitchen, because it is a very useful appliance to prepare coffee of very good quality quickly and easily. The flavor it leaves in coffee is quite intense, since the capsules they incorporate come in all kinds of coffee, especially for each particular taste.

What aspects should be taken into account before buying a coffee capsule machine?

Before choosing between models, it is necessary to consider certain aspects and specific characteristics of these utensils, in order to buy the best:

The use

It is known that a coffee maker is for making coffee, that is very obvious, but, some are limited only to it, there are others in which different combinations can be made, such as infusions and chocolates.

Manual or automatic?

Each of them offers different benefits, for example, manual coffee makers, are cheaper in terms of price. In addition, the water outlet can be stopped at the precise moment by pressing the button and, this is one of the great advantages of this type of machine, which can regulate the amount of coffee you want to make. With respect to the automatic ones, it is not necessary to worry about going over the quantity, being able to prepare in it different measures and add more quantity of water with the press of a button.

Water tank

These devices include a water tank that will indicate the specific amount of coffee or other beverage to make, without having to refill the tank. Most advisable, is to choose a model that has a capacity much greater than 0.6L, although, in the same way, the amount of people who live in the house and drink coffee should be taken into account.

Capsule deposit or extraction

A large part of the models of these machines incorporate capsule tanks in which a few can be integrated and thus the machine can process them. It is also important to analyze the way in which the capsule is introduced and extracted. Usually, it is done through a lever system that allows the opening of a mechanism to then be able to place the capsule. Some models are simpler than others.

The pressure

It is already known that these devices work by putting a certain pressure on the capsules, in order to be able to subtract the whole essence of coffee. The more pressure the machine makes, the greater the volume of the coffee, with more flavor, more body and the foam will be much thicker. The pressure in these coffee makers is measured in bars, so it can be deduced that the most recommended are those that have 10-12 bars.


Most of the models that are seen in the market, are of small sizes, which makes them transportable, however, there are others that are much larger, but this means that they are also very innovative. You just have to analyze well which is the one that best suits the needs of the user in question.

How to make coffee with a single dose coffee maker?

Drinking coffee is one of the best pleasures in life and, doing it in one of these coffee makers will make it with that flavor and texture that only a machine of excellent quality achieves:

1. Place the water tank on the back of the machine and then the cup lifter.
2. Raise the lever and insert the capsule in the correct position.
3. Close the lever again.
4. Place the cup just where the coffee outlet is.
5. Press the button and the extraction time is expected.
6. In that course, coffee will start to come out.
7. When filling the cup the button is pressed again to stop the coffee outlet, the cup is removed and ready.

Recommendations for making coffee with a capsule coffee maker

It is said that a coffee is perfect when its flavor is of quality and for this to be so, these aspects must be taken into account:

• Use mineral or filtered water.
• Choose the capsule that best suits personal needs.
• Make coffee at the right time it will be consumed and not too soon, because it can lose its flavor and aroma.

What are the components of a one-dose coffee maker?

So that a capsule coffee maker can fulfill its functions well, it is not enough to know how to use it, it is also necessary to know what its components are, because, in that way, you can determine what to do in case of any failure:

• The water tank: which generally has a capacity of between 0.6 liters and 1.5 liters.
•  A pump:  which is responsible for the water circulating through the internal ducts of the machine. Basically, the pump collects all the water from the tank and sends it to the boiler and from there it passes outside.
• The boiler: this is the water heating system, that is, it heats it so that the coffee can get hot.
•  The pressure pump: it is mostly about 15 or 19 bars and is responsible for the hot water flowing through the coffee that is in the capsule.
• The injector:through it the water comes out with a very high pressure. The injector is responsible for drilling the capsule so that the water passes through it to the interior and can then exit through the lower end but turned into coffee.

Types of capsules and coffees

These devices have the ability to make all kinds of coffee, either alone, with milk, cut, among others. But, as its technology improves, the production of capsules of all types is increasingly incorporated into the market.

This has made the offer of these coffee growers grow, as it is a very complete machine, capable of making any type of coffee with excellent quality in its flavor.

How to properly clean a capsule coffee maker?

In order to keep the machine in good condition and improve its performance, it is best to make a correct cleaning of the capsule coffee machine, in this way its useful life can be extended:

1. Remove the capsule:  in the case of automatic ones, the same machine will discard them, but if it is manual, the user will have to do it.
2. Mix the cleaner:  there are users who take the option of making homemade mixtures to do this cleaning, but, in reality this is not highly recommended, it is best to use a water softener mixed with water and introducing it into the coffee pot.
3. The descaling mode:  generally, these appliances include an automatic cleaning function, just by pressing an automatic descaling button and you’re done.
4. Wait for the liquid to circulate: The machine itself will begin to perform its work on its own and will begin to circulate the liquid inside it, so that it can be washed very quickly.
5. Empty: it is time to drain the rest of the liquid inside the device, emptying the entire container, then proceed to wash it with plenty of water and dry it.

How much money should I spend on a coffee capsule machine?

Each model has different functions, all based on the brands that have manufactured them, therefore, they are of different prices, which determine the quality in all of them:

• Cheapest single-dose coffee machines the models included in this price range fulfill their functions very well.
• Coffee maker of a better quality dose the machines that are located in this category, are undoubtedly of excellent quality and, although their prices can be a bit high, this will influence positively in its performance.

Where to buy the best capsule coffee maker?

Currently, a variety of online stores have been developed, which are specialized for the sale and purchase of household items, in each of them, users will have the option to choose among the best:

• Buy coffee capsule machine on Amazon: in this prestigious page, you can find different models and designs of the most recognized brands worldwide, with prices accessible to users.
• Buy single-dose coffee maker in Alcampo: in this store they do not have a large number of models of these machines, however, users have the option to choose from all.
• Buy a one-dose coffee maker in MediaMarkt:  on this platform, users can choose from the large quantities of models available in their catalog with good prices.

Conclusion about capsule coffee makers

In summary, with this new device, you can make coffee with a high quality, both in taste and aroma, and in texture. But, for this to be the case, it is best that the user in question take into account the factors already mentioned above.

Likewise, so that the coffee does not lose its essence and flavor, there will be many aspects that should be considered, such as the use of adequate water for its preparation and that, in addition, can be done instantly so that its flavor can be enjoyed to the fullest


5 Best Italian Coffee Makers 2020

Today I am going to talk to you about a great type of coffee machine , it is about Italian coffee makers, and recently I was in Sicily for two weeks visiting my friend Giuseppe and he discovered a new world after teaching me the Italian coffee made With these coffee makers.

It is simply spectacular and as I want to buy one right here I bring you my personal selection.

What is the Best Italian Coffee Makers?

1. DeLonghi Coffee EMKM6 Alicia Plus  – A traditional coffee without putting it to fire

The DeLonghi Alicia Plus has the unmistakable aroma of Italian coffee lifetime. In its design, we only see differences when we observe that the upper part is transparent , which will allow us a better control of the moment when the coffee comes out. 

On the other hand, this model does have a big difference compared to traditional models. Instead of having to put it to heat in the kitchen, we can plug it where we please , since it is an electrical device . In addition, with the advantage that the base (which is the one that connects) is totally independent .

We can also highlight that, once the drink is prepared, the machine shuts down by itself , ideal for the clueless and so that the coffee does not burn.

Because it is a separate item, we can serve coffee directly from the coffee maker. The base of it is kept cold , as is the handle, so we are not in danger of burning anything when deposited.

Mind you, then keep the drink warm for about 30 minutes . Once we remove the coffee maker, the base will shut down alone, saving us that step.

This model is ready to offer us three cups of coffee , but we can double this amount if, instead of the normal filter we use the special adapter included. With this, we can make 6 espressos in each use.

The negative point that can be put on this coffee maker is that it takes time to make coffee. Although this is normal in this type of machine, the 10 minutes that the process lasts can be many depending on the situation.


If you are a lover of Italian coffee makers and prefer them over more automatic ones, this model may be yours. Not having to put it to heat when already having its electrical base, is an advantage to take into account.


  • Its electrical base that prevents us from putting it to heat
  • Its cold base to place it anywhere without risk of burns
  • Very simple to use


  • It takes 10 minutes to warm up
  • It only has capacity for 6 cups

2. Cloer 5928 – The Italian electric coffee maker  

The conical shape of the Cloer 5928 breaks a bit with the traditional aesthetics that traditional Italian coffee makers have always had. Apart from aesthetics, this will help us to clean it more easily, since there are no edges or complicated areas to access.

It is usually separated from the more traditional devices because it does not need to be put on the stove to heat it. This model includes an electric base, so we just have to plug it in and wait a few minutes for the coffee to be ready. This base can also be separated from the rest of the coffee maker, making it easier to serve the drink.

Another feature that we should highlight about this coffee machine is that we are not going to have to be aware of turning it off or not.

The Cloer 5928 switches off automatically once the coffee is prepared, even if we don’t take the jug. This prevents accidents and also that the coffee overheats and spoils.

In principle the coffee maker is prepared to make 3 cups of coffee, but it includes a special device that doubles this capacity. In this way, it allows us to obtain 6 cups of espresso with a single use.

Its use is very simple, like all of this segment. We just have to put the water in the tank and coffee in your filter. Then, we turn on the coffee maker (plugged in clear) and in about 3 minutes we will enjoy our drink. It is a matter of separating the jar, take it by its handle (which insulates from the heat) and serve them.

The negative point is its capacity. This model will not give for three cups, so we will have to put it several times if we are more at that time.


Its electric base makes it more comfortable and safe than traditional Italian coffee makers. The fact that it goes off alone once it has prepared the coffees, gives it a safety bonus that is much appreciated, making it clueless.


  • Your independent electrical base
  • It turns off once the process is finished
  • Very comfortable to use


  • The capacity is somewhat short
  • The plastic used to make the base is a bit fragile.

3. Bra Bella  – A classic with a design award

This model is closer in operation to more traditional Italian coffee machines than those discussed above. This is because it is not an electric machine. The Bella Bra works like that of a lifetime, putting it in the corresponding fire or stove and waiting for the water to heat up. Of course, luckily this coffee can be used in all types of kitchens , including induction .

What does vary is its design . In this model the brand has opted for curved and smooth lines , without edges or with a very elegant appearance . To such an extent this aspect is taken care of, that the Bra Bella was a finalist in 2005 in a prestigious Industrial Design contest.

And it is not only a matter of aesthetics: it is built with the highest quality stainless steel , so that we have a durable and robust device.

In terms of coating, the only element that presents differences with the rest is its handle. This, although it presents exactly the same aspect of the rest of the machine, isolates perfectly from the heat , so that we do not burn when you take it. The pressure valve is, on the other hand, the discordant color note, since it has a golden hue, so that it is well distinguished.

The use is the same as in all Italian coffee makers. We put the water on the one hand, We put the coffee, of the kind we prefer, in the filter, we screw and put it to heat. In a few minutes we will have the drink on the table.

This model has the capacity to prepare about 10 cups of coffee in each use, since it has a deposit with enough capacity . 

The main drawback that can be attributed to this coffee maker is that some of its parts are difficult to clean. These areas are too narrow and it is difficult to reach them.


If yours are classic coffees made with an Italian coffee maker, but you are looking for something with an attractive design, this may be yours. It really has a great quality in its finishes and you will enjoy taking it directly to the table for your guests to serve.


  • Your design and finishes
  • It can be used in induction cookers
  • Its mouthpiece prevents cumbersome dripping


  • It arrives with difficulty at the 10 cups it offers if you put the coffee somewhat longer
  • Some parts are complicated to clean

4. Lacor Express Hyperluxe – Elegant design for our coffee 

Among all the models we are analyzing, the Lacor Express Hiperluxe is possibly the one that presents the most simplicity in its use. Of course, we should not confuse this simplicity with that the quality of the coffee you make is lower. 

This machine has a design with a lower part wider than the upper. Like the previous model, it has also chosen to leave behind the characteristic edges that used to present the most traditional Italian coffee makers, which can facilitate its exterior cleaning .

The material used is high quality stainless steel. This means that the Lacor Express Hiperluxe can be used both in gas, ceramic hob or induction cookers , which is an advantage over many of its segment that do not allow this last option.In addition, it has chosen not to glaze the interior, making the more resistant product.

Another point to note is that this model presents a wide variety of presentations . Thus, the user will be able to choose between coffee machines with capacity for two cups , for four , for six or, finally, for ten . That is, we find models for all types of houses . 

As for its mode of use, we must use it in the same way as the other Italian coffee makers : water in its corresponding tank, ground coffee in the filter and heat until steam does its job and we get our favorite beverage .

The negative point we can find to this coffee maker is that it is very difficult to find replacement rubber gaskets. Although the rest of the coffee maker is very robust, we must take maximum care of that component.


If you are looking for a coffee maker that can last for years, this is among your options. It is completely stainless steel, including its interior, which is not enameled. Very easy to use


  • It is very robust and can last a long time
  • It is suitable for use in induction cookers
  • Its design is very elegant, away from traditional Italian coffee makers


  • If you like loaded coffee, it does not reach the 10 cups announced
  • Some parts are complicated to find

5. Bialetti Easy Timer Caffettiera  – Prepare your coffee at any time 

The Bialetti Caffetiera Easy Timer presents a very striking novelty compared to the other Italian coffee makers that we have presented here. It is precisely the functionality that names the model. This has a device that will allow us to program when we want to start preparing our coffee . That is, if we are eating we can leave it ready to start preparing the drink at a certain time and, thus, not having to wait for anything .

On the other hand, it is what the Italians call ” electric mokka “. That is, we do not have to put it on the stove to heat it, but it comes equipped with an electric base on which we will put the coffee maker once prepared.

In about 5 minutes , the drink will be ready for us to enjoy.

It is also very interesting the function that keeps our coffee hot for about 20 minutes and we do not have to reheat it to enjoy it at the right temperature. 

As for its design, we can see that the brand has chosen to make a nod to traditional machines . Although the electrical base, where the timer and its controls are located, is rounded, the coffee maker itself has a shape very similar to those of a lifetime , which many nostalgic people will like.

In terms of capacity, we will find two different options . In this way, we can acquire one that offers 3 espressos  in each use or another that doubles this capacity up to 6 cups.

The most negative aspect that I find in this coffee maker is that its capacity falls somewhat short. Perhaps because in Spain coffee is usually taken longer, but it is scarce for what it announces.


Perfect for those looking for new features while maintaining the flavor and aroma of Italian coffee makers. Being able to program for when you want me to prepare the coffee, gives great comfort. There will no longer be a wait after the meal for coffee to be served.


  • Your programmable timer
  • Being electric you don’t need to put it on fire
  • It goes off alone when it has just prepared the drink


  • Its capacity falls somewhat short
  • It cannot be washed in the dishwasher

How Italian coffee machines work

Italian coffee makers have been the most used in our homes for years. Invented almost a century ago, they take their name from the nationality of their designer, Alfonso Bialetti. They are also known as moka coffee makers and vary so much in size that they range from those for a single cup, to those with the capacity to prepare 18.

Despite the popularization of other types of coffee makers, the Italian continue to be widely accepted. The resulting coffee retains all its aroma and, as soon as one finds the amount of ground coffee and the pressing one likes, the taste is great.

Its operation is very simple. The bottom is filled with water and the coffee is placed in a filter designed for it. Just heat it and wait for the resulting steam to push the water into the upper tank, impregnated with coffee from the filter. It only remains to serve and enjoy it.

Advantages of Italian type coffee machines

  • The resulting coffee is strong and full-bodied
  • Supports all types of ground coffee, including mixtures that we like
  • They are very simple to use

Top brands of Italian coffee makers

If you are one of those who prefer to continue preparing coffee in a traditional way, without automatisms, or capsules, yours are Italian coffee makers. Despite being the simplest, the taste and aroma of the drink is hardly improved. Moka coffee makers, another name by which they are known, have to be heated on the stove, so one of the important aspects when choosing one is to check if they are suitable for ceramic hobs or induction. In addition, it is always preferable to buy a model of some brand that you trust so as not to have later problems. There are many companies that sell this product, so here I leave a couple of reviews to help you in your choice. 

Bialetti Italian coffee makers

Its there is a brand that is a reference in the segment of Italian coffee makers, that is Bialetti. In fact, the moka was patented in 1933 by Luigi de Ponti for Alfonso Bialetti. With many years of experience and founded, of course, in the transalpine country, it offers a good catalog with other household products, but it is its coffee machines that have given it more prestige. Most notable is the patented method to extract all the flavor to the drink, satisfying all palates. In addition, we will be able to find all kinds of models, with different sizes and designs, from the most classic, to the most modern. This allows you to cover the entire spectrum of tastes.

BRA Italian coffee makers

More than 50 years of history contemplate this Spanish company specialized in products for the kitchen. From its pressure cookers to its pans, this brand has maintained a deserved prestige thanks to the quality and reliability of its designs. In the field of coffee machines of Italian type it is remarkable that, apart from marketing those of aluminum, they also offer them made of stainless steel. This makes them suitable for use in induction cookers, something that always causes problems for fans of this type of equipment. Likewise, the rounded design of some of its models, which take it away from the classic coffee maker to which we are accustomed, is striking.

Purchase guide for Italian coffee machines

Parts of an Italian coffee maker

  • Heater – A kind of container located at the bottom. It is covered and is where we pour the water.
  • Filter – On the heater. It is the place where coffee is placed. 
  • Collector – The top of the coffee maker. The coffee, already prepared, is deposited there, prepared for us to enjoy.

Is it better steel or aluminum?

It is not easy to answer this question. Some users claim that aluminum (the most traditional) leaves a little metallic aftertaste and that it is easier for coffee to stick. On the other hand, steel is faster and is suitable for induction. Actually, when testing the result, I have not found appreciable differences, so I would leave it to everyone’s taste. 

Steps to make coffee in an Italian coffee maker

Preparing a coffee with these machines is really simple. It only takes a little patience until the water has warmed. 

  1.  Pour the water into the heater (some prefer to heat it a little apart). It must not exceed the safety valve. 
  2. The coffee is placed in the filter. It is not recommended to press or fill it too much
  3. The top is screwed
  4. Place the coffee maker on the stove, over low heat to prevent the coffee from burning
  5. When you start to hear the water rise, turn off the heat and leave a few minutes for the process to complete
  6. Serve the coffee and enjoy it

What is an Italian coffee maker?

It is a traditional machine that prepares coffee using steam. It achieves a flavor that can hardly be overcome by other similar devices. Italian coffee machines are usually very cheap and easy to use. These differ because they are composed of two bodies or parts: a lower one, where the water is poured, and a higher one, in which the coffee is deposited as it is prepared. Both bodies are handled separately, but at the time of heating the coffee maker these two must be screwed, so that the utensil becomes a single piece, closed and hermetically sealed.

Thanks to their small size and ability to make good quality coffee, full bodied and intense, these are very popular. Another advantage of these machines is that you can choose the brand of coffee you want and make several cups at the same time, depending on the size of the coffee maker you choose, there are from 1 cup to 12, so they fit the needs from any home

What is the best Italian espresso machine on the market?

One of the best sounds that can be heard in a pleasant home is that of this type of coffee maker when coffee preparation is finished. A sound that we all recognize and that is still present in every home.

From the year 1933, when this type of machine was invented, many competencies have emerged such as: American drip coffee makers, espresso and capsule. However, this mechanism has been maintained over time because of its simplicity and economic reasons.

Types of Italian coffee machines

Currently, there are different types of Italian coffee makers, which have specific characteristics that make them very attractive. These are: induction, stainless steel and electric. However, it is essential that you understand that the operation of all Italian coffee machines is the same, regardless of the model you have. That is why, next, we show you the types of Italian coffee makers that we can find in the market, considering elements such as the material or the type of cuisine in which we can use them:


If you have an induction hob in your kitchen, you already know that you cannot use all types of Italian coffee makers, nor can you use many pots and cooking pans that are not manufactured to work with this type of kitchen. But do not worry, in the market there are many models of Italian coffee makers suitable for induction.

Stainless steel

The main advantage of this type of stainless steel coffee makers is that it is a super strong and durable material, so your coffee maker will last you perfect for much longer, so if you buy one of these it will be an excellent investment. In addition, most stainless steel coffee makers are indicated for washing in the dishwasher so many people find it very comfortable.


This type of coffee maker is an excellent option if you want to enjoy a good freshly brewed coffee in the traditional way, with all the benefits of an Italian coffee maker, economical, fast and easy to use; but in a much more comfortable way, because you will no longer have to put the coffee maker on the fire, you will simply have to press a button and that’s it.

The only difference from electric coffee makers is that they have a base that connects to the electric current and where the coffee maker rests. In addition, there are some models that include a timer which allows us to leave everything ready and program when we want to have our coffee ready.

How to clean Italian espresso machines?

One of the great benefits of this type of coffee maker is how easy it is to keep them clean and in good condition. You won’t have to do much to get it. Below, we summarize it in these simple steps:

  • Boot the ground coffee already used: After the coffee is finished and the machine is not hot, unscrew the two pieces and take out the filter with coffee. Discard the ground coffee already used in the organic waste garbage.
  • Clean all three parts of the coffee maker: Generally, this type of machine has three parts: The lower tank, the central filter and the upper container of the brewed coffee; These three pieces are metallic, so you can wash them using soap and water quietly. It won’t take you a minute to do it.
  • Let the machine parts dry: After you have washed all three pieces, you will have to allow them to dry completely to avoid remaining water and moisture residues that can damage them.
  • Couple the three pieces again: To prevent dust from getting into the coffee maker or any other type of residue, after it is completely dry, reattach the pieces again so that it is tightly closed until its next use.

How much money should I spend on an Italian coffee maker?

Before buying an Italian coffee maker, first you have to observe the prices that these machines usually have, these are classified into two groups, all this in order to have a clear idea of ​​how much these coffee machines are worth: 

  • Cheaper Italian coffee makers For this cost you will be able to purchase any of the smaller models, which allow you to prepare between 2 and 6 coffees. 
  • Italian coffee makers of better quality In this price range you will be able to choose Italian coffee makers to make more quantities of cups at the same time, with very durable manufacturing materials or with more original designs. You can also buy an Italian electric coffee maker, which does not require placing them on fire as it includes a heating base.

How to choose the best Italian coffee maker?

When choosing one of these Italian coffee machines you should consider what features can make the big differences in their use, if you buy one or the other. Next, we leave you the most important aspects:

  • The amount of cups you prepare: This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying an Italian coffee maker. You can get those that can prepare from 1 cup to 15 cups of coffee. It is best that you buy the machine that makes you the quantities that you will need in a single preparation.
  • The manufacturing material: These coffee makers can be made of stainless steel or aluminum. The aluminum ones are the most traditional, although you can also get more unique models made of stainless steel.
  • The safety valve: It is essential that you observe if you have a safety valve. It is the most usual, however, there are models in the market that fail is this issue.
  • The appearance of the coffee maker: Italian coffee makers are often sold a lot in different types of colors, as well as there are some special models with more attractive design that may interest you.
  • Its handle and handle: It is essential that the handle and the handle of the lid are made of a thermo-insulating material so that in this way you can not burn.

What Italian coffee maker to buy? Aspects you should keep in mind

If you are going to buy an Italian coffee maker, you must take into account several factors that will then suit you when using it: size, type of cuisine, brand, characteristics, design, among others. Take note of these aspects when looking for and buy the best Italian coffee maker for you.

Choose size

The most important thing when it comes to knowing which Italian coffee maker to buy is to consider what size is most appropriate for you. The coffee maker you are going to buy must adapt to you and your needs. Do not choose a very small coffee maker if you have several people at home. You also don’t buy a 6-cup coffee maker if you only have one or two coffees a day. There are models of Italian coffee maker of 1 cup, 2 cups, 3 cups, and up to 15 cups generally. So you will surely find your right size.

What kind of cuisine do you have?

Another precise factor that you should consider is the type of cuisine you have. That is, if it is gas, electric or induction; Since all coffee machines are not suitable for all types of kitchens, so look closely at this little detail. Essentially, the type of cuisine and size are the two main aspects that you have to consider yes or yes when purchasing your Italian coffee maker. If you don’t take them into account, you could buy a coffee maker that you can’t use later.

Italian coffee maker brands 

Likewise, you should pay attention that your coffee maker is of a recognized brand and that it offers you a guarantee. There are brands of Italian coffee makers that are excellent for their quality and design, and the prices are quite competitive.

A design that you like

Indeed, the design is also essential, since you will see your coffee maker daily in your kitchen. If it’s flashy, decorative, beautiful and makes you feel good, much better, that’s the coffee maker for you. There are them with the characteristic grace of traditional Italian coffee makers, also minimalist and modern if that is your style. They even exist with cheerful and colorful designs, ideal for all tastes.


It is important that you verify if the chosen model complies with all the regulations regarding safety. The Italian coffee maker has a certain risk, because if the pressure rises and does not get out, it can cause an accident. It is best that when you use it, make sure the coffee maker is closed properly.


One of the main advantages of Italian coffee makers is that they are the cheapest in today’s market. There are cheap Italian coffee machines, which provide very good services for day to day. On the other hand, there are more sophisticated models that can be around These offer higher quality, more finished designs and better features. Without a doubt, we recommend this type of coffee maker.


After you have seen the model that you are going to buy, do not forget to consider the different opinions related to it that other people have done, in order to know some hidden details, and check if it is worth it, or if you should choose a better option.

Where to buy an Italian espresso machine?

Surely you want to know the platforms and online stores where you can buy your Italian coffee maker safely and reliably. Therefore, below, we show you the most recommended ones that offer you the best Italian coffee machines:

  • Amazon: In this store you will get practically all the models of Italian coffee makers that exist worldwide. Even some special designs, which only offer in the Italian market. In addition, many models are available with their price reduced.
  • Carrefour: It has endless models for sale, a repertoire of super extensive coffee machines that includes all ranges and the vast majority of existing brands. It is a perfect place to make your purchase, with all kinds of designs to choose from.
  • El Corte Inglés: It only has four Italian coffee maker models and three other electric models. It has a very small catalog, so we advise you to find another place to buy yours.
  • Media Markt: It only has few models of Italian coffee makers and they are all machines with very similar prices and similar services. So we advise you to visit another place to buy your coffee maker.

The Best Microwave Oven 2020 – Buying Guide

Today I would like to talk about the best microwave ovens that exist in the market in my opinion .

I do it after having to search through several models as a result of my old device breaking. The truth is that I was consulting between several brands until deciding what is the best microwave to buy and what is the best microwave brand

I want to help with this article all the people who want to know which is the best microwave oven. In advance I want to warn that among all these options any of them is suitable . 

Which Is The Best Microwave Oven 

1. Microwave Cecotec Silver – Functional and complete 

The Cecotec Silver microwave is undoubtedly one of the great options to consider when knowing what microwaves to buy . It is for several reasons that I could basically summarize in its completeness.

It has several cooking modes and a power not negligible of 700W . That makes it possible to fulfill several functions, among which is the defrosting, the function to brown and of course the grill, the most destable of it.

It has ample space to heat, so we can cook very comfortably on a microwave grill. The grill function reaches 900W, the normal function up to 700W with five different power modes.

So, if you are looking for a complete, aesthetic device, with a good capacity to load it and that at the same time is affordable, the Cecotec Silver is undoubtedly a good option to consider when thinking about which microwave to buy.

Its timer reaches thirty minutes and also has a way to notify when the time we set is met. It is therefore ideal for use with all kinds of dishes for microwave cooking.

Its controls are of the classics, so it is easy to program . In particular they are roulette mode so anyone can use it. The truth is that in recent years it seemed that to use a microwave you had to study a career. The Cecotec Silver is easy to use but can not, really.

Its design is careful and the materials are of quality . It does not rest directly on the table, which is appreciated because although it seems that it does not make it more structurally manageable.

The only negative point I could put on this microwave is that I would have liked it to bring some more accessories. The truth is that a grill or a lid would make it a perfect purchase. It is also true that almost none include it for the price this has.


I consider this microwave a good option because it is one of the most complete models at a lower price. We can find other better known brands that for the same price either offer us less power or do not offer us a microwave with grill. I consider this important point since a microwave should not be in the 21st century a pot nothing more than to heat. For a daily use it is perfect because it is very easy to handle, without complications, with the classic roulette of a lifetime that we have always understood. And the price or comment, because it is spectacular. 


  • It has grill
  • Up to 900W of grill power and 700W in heating or defrosting mode
  • Five different powers for heating, three for the grill
  • Easy to clean
  • Good capacity (up to 20 liters)
  • It has good materials and is extremely simple to use


  • I would give it a 10 if it came with accessories

2. Orbegozo MI 2015 – Simple and very busy  

You could say that the Orbegozo MI 2015 is the classic microwave that meets the functions expected of it. In fact, it has a function of defrosting and heating. At the same time, these modes are divided into several powers.

It has a capacity of up to 20 liters , which is more than enough to heat all kinds of pots and cook with those that are indicated for it in the microwave. In general it is a great option when deciding which microwave to buy if you do not want to complicate the existence and want guarantees.

The truth is that the Orbegozo brand offers a wide variety of household utensils that range from braziers to microwaves through blenders. I don’t know a single person who has ever spoken badly about this brand.

In terms of quality of designs and especially in terms of durability, everything they do is wonderful. I can tell you that several of the devices I have at home (including a brazier) are still working as well as 20 years ago.

It is a microwave therefore it can guarantee us a lot of efficiency with 700W of power, both for defrosting and for cooking . It has a 30 minute timer, more than enough to cook in a suitable pot for example a chicken.

Its design means that it can have a lot of capacity inside it despite being a compact model . That will not occupy too much on our countertop and can accompany us for several decades without giving us a single problem: sure.

I particularly like its design: it is attractive and uncomplicated, it also has wheels for handling so it is a perfect gift for the elderly or for the typical son who has just become independent. Value for money I consider it a bargain, really.

The negative point that I find in the microwave Orbegozo MI 2015 is that it does not have a grill. It is not properly a microwave oven but a dry microwave. That, although it does not mean that we cannot cook in it, does mean that in many cases we will need specific devices to do so. However, it also does not have to be an inconvenience since most people have never cooked in microwaves and do not plan to do so either. 


As I said, the best thing about this microwave model and the main factor that can help us include it as a candidate for the best quality / price microwave is to belong to a brand of such quality as Orbegozo. Almost certainly that will mean that we will have a microwave for almost a lifetime. Indeed, the quality of all its models is impeccable and very durable. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple microwave to use, that does not complicate your life and lives up to what a microwave has to do (which is usually basically heat and defrost) without a doubt the Orbegozo MI 2015 is A great microwave option for you. 


  • Up to 20 liters capacity
  • Attractive and compact design, it hardly takes up space
  • Good power with up to 700W to heat and defrost
  • Specific defrost mode
  • Great quality of its materials and great durability, a lot of guarantee just for being Orbegozo
  • Easy to use, recommended for adults, children and clumsy


  • It has no grill function

3. Daewoo KOG-837R – Sum of technology 

Here comes a microwave device for those demanding who read me . If what you are looking for is what is usually said a “pro” microwave you have found it without a doubt with the Daewoo KOG 837RS .

It is a device only a tad more expensive than the previous two, however, it more than compensates for that thanks to everything it can offer us in return. For starters, it has more power since it reaches 800W in the heating function . 

Secondly, it has more capacity since it has up to 23 liters of capacity which is very loose and more than enough to be able to cook with the appropriate utensils for microwaves.

If what you are thinking is what microwave to buy and you want one that accompanies your kitchen with metallic materials and good taste, the  Daewoo KOG 837RS is a great option and certainly one of those that you should mainly consider.

It has five levels of power, so it is indicated for several functions that range from defrosting to browning for meat and vegetables. It also has a unique function: defrosting by weight and time. 

That means that it is able to adjust its power to the needs of each particular dish . This is very useful since too many times a large piece is cooked on the outside and frozen inside with other microwaves. 

All its cover is stainless steel , which accompanies very well any kind of aesthetics for the kitchen. Despite its avant-garde design it is simple to handle. It has five keys for different modes and for pause and start and a wheel that allows us to vary power and time on a digital screen that has in front.

In short, it seems to me that it is a fairly good microwave model considering the price it has . For the quality of its materials, for the greater capacity of its interior, for design and for its greater power it seems to me that it has a more than reasonable price compared to other models that give less for more. 

Without a doubt, the  Daewoo KOG 837RS is a great purchase option for those looking for a practical and complete microwave thanks to technology.

It has a lock for children, it has a grill and naturally with a timer. 

In my view, the only “but” that I could put on this device is that, although its metal design makes it suitable for virtually any kitchen, the truth is that when cleaning it will require metal products. In addition, objectively it must be said that there are always more finger marks on the metal than on plastic or colored metal such as white. For the rest, I consider that this device deserves the highest score.


As I said before, if you’re looking for a microwave guarantee in exchange for an affordable price, the Daewoo KOG 837RS can be a great option for you. For the price it has is rare to see a microwave with grill, with grill and, in general, with so many functions and such an attractive design. I especially like the issue of the blockade of children because the truth is that they are always touching everything. 


  • It has grill
  • A lot of power, reaching 800W in the heated
  • High quality design
  • Child lock system
  • He has a barbecue to cook with her
  • It is easy to use despite its multiple functions


  • In my view, metal gets dirty very quickly from finger marks

4. Orbegozo MI 2017 – Easier impossible 

As I say in the title, the Orbegozo MI 2017 is “easier impossible”. It has a system of classic use, which includes wheels to adjust temperature and time; no more no less.

I believe that this microwave is another one of those that can be used as pearls for those who are looking for a functional device at a low price that will provide them with the service expected from a microwave day by day. 

It has a power of up to 700W, which is more than enough to heat and even brown in the case of meats and vegetables. It must also be said that its power has up to six adjustable levels that allow you to perform any task. That is all that is required of a microwave, which is capable of defrosting and also heating.

The simplicity of its use makes it especially suitable for older people . It is therefore a good gift to leave the happy saucepan every time you want to heat something: in the long run it saves money and resources thanks to the fact that it spends little electricity.

It has a capacity of 20 liters which is what usually have this type of microwave taking into account its power and performance. At the same time its timer is 30 minutes so with this microwave we can cook with utensils suitable for it.

It certainly seems like a great purchase because it offers all the performance that can be expected in a microwave in exchange for a fairly affordable price. At the same time, if you are thinking about which microwave to buy, the Orbegozo MI 2017 is undoubtedly a good option both for its design and for the quality of its materials that should be sufficient to guarantee long durability. 

The only but that could put this Orbegozo MI 2017 is that it does not have a grill function. Despite being suitable for both power and the ability of your timer to perform the cooking function, it is necessary to use utensils adapted to this type of kitchen. However, for the price it has, I consider it quite complete and in fact compensates for that lack with design, functionality and simplicity when using it. 


I think this microwave is a good option if you don’t know what microwave to buy and you don’t have big pretensions or want big complications. Indeed, with this device you can fulfill the basic functions of a microwave (heated and defrosted) in a simple and efficient way. At the same time it has a more than affordable price, so it is an investment that will accompany you for several years in exchange for a modest initial outlay.


  • Very simple to use
  • Spacious inside (up to 20 liters)
  • Good power capacity power / price ratio (up to 700W)
  • It has defrosting and heating function
  • Built-in timer


  • It has no grill

5. Samsung ME83X – Optimal design and technology 

The Samsung ME83X is a very complete device : surely the most complete of those we have seen so far because it is the one that incorporates the most technology. Indeed, its exterior appearance already makes it clear that we are facing one of the microwave superdesigns. 

If you are still thinking about which microwave to buy and you are thinking about it very much precisely because you want to give it all the possible use and you are looking for a very complete device , the  Samsung ME83X may be a good option for you. 

First of all, its finish is spectacular. It has an opaque screen that, when the microwave is switched on, allows you to see what is inside . However, the rest of the time not only goes unnoticed but is also very elegant.

Despite the compactness of its design, it has a fairly large capacity compared to other similar models: it reaches 23 liters . That means that inside it there will be enough space to cook even large pieces that require a lot of time. 

Its power is organized around six power levels and reaches a total of 800W . With this we are guaranteed that we can use it in different uses; from defrosting food to cooking or browning for meat and vegetables.

Regarding the defrosting function, it must be said that it is adapted according to the weight . That guarantees us that all defrosting will be done correctly preventing the outside part from being cooked and the inside part completely frozen.

It should also be noted that the entire surface of this microwave is ceramic . When choosing the best microwave, we must certainly look at how easy it is to clean . In this case, because it is the entire ceramic surface, the dirt cannot accumulate and it is only necessary to pass a damp cloth to clean it without difficulties.

By the way, with this we avoid the proliferation of bacteria and the need to use products to eliminate them that eventually deteriorate the devices.

On its handling, it is something newer than the previous roulette models . It has several keys that are designed to make its use easier although at the beginning it can cost to understand exactly how it works.

If it is you or yourself who is planning to do cooking functions in two afternoons, you will have learned how it works and probably the rest of the members of the house like them and just need the simple way. 

The only negative point I can find is that it is a microwave whose control keys can be a bit messy for some people. It is likely that in the first use we do not even know how it works. In the long run this is not an inconvenience, but it may not be a suitable device for all kinds of customers (for example, older people).


I consider the Samsung ME83X to be a top device on this list. It is for the quality of its design, the elegance of its appearance and its great versatility. It offers a lot, and that is why it has a higher price than the other models. However, its advantages make our life easier, especially that of easy-cleaning ceramic material that offers us not to waste much time in cleaning and at the same time optimal maintenance without proliferation of bacteria. 


  • Very attractive design 
  • Ceramic material perfect for easy cleaning
  • Up to 800W of power
  • Child lock


  • A bit difficult to use for older people

6. Teka MWE 225 G  – Best value for money 

I’ve always thought that some brands far from focusing so much on design focus more on functionality. That is why subsequently every customer has their favorite brands. We could say that Teka is the brand that offers more in exchange for saving on design. 

The truth is that we see the  Teka MWR 225 G and we think it’s a lifelong microwave. However, it is much more: its power is distributed in five power levels that reach 700W for heating and 1000W for the grill.

This means more power (for the grill) than most microwaves that do not even include this function . And all this also for less price than most of them. Its use despite being distributed in an electronic panel and not being the classic wheel panel is simple.

This is because it is very intuitive and has all the keys organized according to the type of food and the operation we want to perform . That is why it seems like a very important option to consider if you are thinking about which microwave to buy.

It also incorporates the automatic defrosting system based on size and weight, a function that even today few microwaves have and that we do not usually find in other microwaves at this price.

For all these reasons I consider that the Teka MWE 225 G is a great option that offers a lot in exchange for a small budget . I would definitely give it a ten.

If I had to put a but this microwave is that I would have liked to have ceramic interior surface instead of painted to be able to clean it better, however, you can not have everything in this life.


If you are looking for something cheap, good and complete, without a doubt the Teka MWE 225 G is a great option for you. For a more than reasonable and affordable price you can have a microwave with several functions that range from defrosting to the grill through heating with greater power capacity than other models. By the way, it has a defrosting function by weight and size which will save you many headaches. In short, Teka proposes with this microwave model one that at the cost of saving on design is able to offer more in performance.


  • Great quality / price ratio
  • It has grill
  • Great power of both cooking and grill (700W and 1000W respectively)
  • It has defrosting function depending on size and weight


  • Painted and non-ceramic interior

The best microwave with oven:  LG MH7265DPS 

This LG model has Smart Inverter technology that allows defrosting, heating and cooking more quickly and evenly. Maintains the taste and nutrients of your food. Its adjustable power gives you the possibility to prepare a variety of dishes. Cook 1.6 times faster than other microwaves, saving up to 17% of electricity and avoiding overheating.

It offers you a large interior space of 32 liters although its design is compact. Ideal for small kitchens . It comes with hexagonal inner rotating ring . It incorporates ECO function to save up to 40% of energy when it is in Stand By. Easy to clean.

The best integrable microwave:  Teka MWE 225 FI

 Teka has designed this microwave to be part of your kitchen design because it is integrable. It is made of stainless steel anti fingerprint . Through its electronic panel you can choose between its 5 power levels to adapt it to different functions and foods.

Its interior has a capacity of 20 liters and has a glass window door to monitor cooking. It has a turntable 24.5 cm in diameter and timer from 0 to 95 minutes. It has automatic defrosting functions by time and weight; Automatic grill and safety lock for children . 1000W of power .

The best small microwave:  Orbegozo MI 2015

Orbegozo brings us an efficient microwave without grill with 700W of power and 20 liters of internal capacity . It offers 6 operating settings so you can prepare different dishes and defrosting program . It has a timer from 1 to 30 minutes . It incorporates internal lighting and sound warning at the end of the cooking time.

It is simple, rugged, compact and easily cleaned . It adapts to any type of kitchen. It doesn’t need installation , you just need to plug it in and use it. It has intuitive manual rotary controls to give you comfort when choosing the program and the ideal time for each type of food.

The best Microwave Balay:  3WGX2018

Tabletop microwave ideal for your kitchen, office or anywhere you need it. It is made of robust stainless steel to guarantee hygiene, long life and easy cleaning . It has a turntable of 24.5 cm in diameter and mechanical controls resistant, practical and intuitive.

Its enameled interior has a capacity of 17 liters where you can cook, heat and defrost your food. Enjoy 800 W of power and 1000 W in its simultaneous Grill , allow your dishes to get a golden appearance while you heat them. It is compact , its dimensions are 29 x 46.2 x 32 cm.

The best Teka microwave:  MWE 225 G

Teka offers this microwave of 1050 W of power with 5 levels of intensity and simultaneous grill so you can cook, heat and defrost your food efficiently. It is made of sturdy stainless steel   and has 8 direct access menus for versatility and comfort.

Its easy-to-understand and manipulate electronic control panel allows you to regulate its power and choose the operating time with a timer from 0 to 95 minutes and a function of +30 seconds . It has a turntable of 25.5 cm in diameter. It also offers automatic defrosting by time and weight. Manual.

The best Bosch microwave:  HMT72G650

This beautiful and modern design integrable microwave is manufactured in stainless steel and enjoys an internal capacity of 17 liters ; with a power of 800 W , combined grill of 1,000 W and 5 intensity levels . It includes integration framework .

It has interior lighting and turntable 24.5 cm in diameter. You can choose the cooking time with its 60-minute programmer according to the type of dish you wish to prepare. Its dimensions are 280 x 45.3 x 32 cm . It has a mechanical control panel that is easy to understand and handle. It includes installation manual.

The best Whirlpool microwave:  MWF 421 SL Countertop

We are already accustomed to the excellent quality of Whirlpool products. Now we present this microwave oven 800 W of power and 1000 W in its folding grill . It has an internal capacity of 25 liters and is very easy to clean . It has JetStart function which allows you to reach the maximum temperature for 30 seconds to reheat foods with a high water content (soups, creams, hot drinks, etc.).

It also offers programs for steaming . In its electronic control panel you can choose the time , the cooking mode and the type of defrosting for each type of food.

The best Samsung microwave:  ME83X / XEC

If you are looking for a microwave with excellent value for money , we recommend this model. It has 800 W of power and an internal space of 23 liters . It offers you 6 levels of power and an interior covered with high resistance ceramic enamel so you can prepare the dishes you want and then you can easily clean it .

Does not absorb moisture, odors or flavors to maintain the original taste of your food. It has a LED screen and touch buttons intuitive understanding and easy operation. Includes ring and turntable. Its dimensions are 33 x 32.4 x 21.1 cm . Works with 230 V .

The best Orbegozo microwave:  MI 2020

The MI 2020 of Orbegozo is a microwave with vintage design and 20 liters of capacity in its interior space. It offers you 6 intensity options and a timer of up to 30 minutes for you to manage its 700 W of power . It has a defrost program and an acoustic signal when cooking is finished.

In addition, it has rotary mechanical controls that are easy to understand and handle. Chrome handle . Its dimensions are 44.5 x 25.6 x 34 cm and it is light (12 kg) so you can take it where you need it. It also comes with a 24.5 cm diameter turntable to ensure uniform cooking.

The best LG microwave:  MH7265DPS

This microwave has 1200 W of power , 1000 W in its grill function   and 1500 W if you combine both features (Micro + Grill) It has a large interior space of 32 liters capacity and Smart Inverter system for cooking, heating and defrosting evenly in less time.

Its adjustable power offers you multiple ways to cook, automatic menus and Crispy plate so you can grill and fry using less fat. Cook 1.6 times faster saving up to 17% of electricity. Its Eco ON function allows to reduce up to 40% energy when in Standby.

The best Cecotec microwave:  Proclean 3010

Cecotec, always thinking about your needs, has released this microwave with an internal space of 20 liters of capacity and Ready2Clean coating that repels dirt and is easier to clean.

It has 3DWave technology that wraps food with waves for more efficient cooking. It has 700 W of power and 6 intensity levels . Its defrosting function that adapts to all kinds of food. It has manual rotary controls that are very easy to understand and manage. It also offers a timer function of up to 30 minutes with acoustic warning to notify the end of the cooking cycle.

Buying guide for the best microwaves

When choosing the best microwave you should look at several aspects that I will detail below . Having these criteria in mind and looking for advice among other buyers you can find your ideal option.

Heating power

The power to heat basically serves to give us an idea of ​​how fast our microwave can act. At the same time it is important to take it into account to know whether or not you can perform different operations such as putting vegetables in it . In many cases we will need lower powers for what things although the truth is that many people put it to the top for anything which is totally inadvisable. A microwave should have a minimum of 600W of maximum power.


The smaller the capacity of your microwave, the less work you can do with it. If you only want it to heat a cup and a plate from time to time it is possible that you should consider using a saucepan directly. The ideal capacity ranges from 18 liters to 23 liters. With it we can defrost pieces that, otherwise we would have to use the oven, which is also not suitable for it. Therefore, consider not only the necessary capacity for day-to-day life but also the most exceptional uses such as defrosting.

Modes included for heating

As we have said, most microwaves include defrosting and heating functions. However, others include the grill function that would allow baking to some extent. It must be said that if we have the right utensils, we can take full advantage of our microwave. We must take care that our microwave has at least defrosting and heating function. If it includes a grill, we can naturally perform other very interesting extra functions.

How does a microwave work?

A microwave as surprising as it may seem is actually a movement machine . More specifically, atomic movement. Indeed, the heat of things depends on the movement of their atoms. The faster these move, the hotter an object will be. What a microwave does is emit waves that are absorbed by substances such as water or sugar.

That way, what it does is put them in motion and thereby cause the heating of all the surrounding particles. That is why we say that in a way the microwave is an agitator of atoms that manages to make our food warm up as if by magic. Depending on the wavelength, its power will be greater or lesser.

Who invented the microwave?

Like many inventions in the history of mankind that were created through “chance”, this was no exception. One day at his workplace, in 1945 the American engineer named Percy Spencer was working on another project to improve a radar; That’s when he realized that the chocolate bar in his pocket began to melt.
Being surrounded by magnetrons (apparatus that transforms electrical energy into electromagnetic energy in the form of a micro wave), it was noticed that this exerted influence on the chocolate bar by heating it thanks to the low intensity electromagnetic micro waves. After several successful trials with other foods, two years later the microwave oven went on the market and nowadays it can even be cooked in them.

What are microwaves made of?

It is completely covered with metal, also has aluminum parts, glass and cables. Practically, microwave ovens are manufactured by closed circuits of conductive materials (steel, alloys, etc.), making it an appliance impervious to radiation.

Microwave parts

Although it seems very complicated, its operation is really very simple and that means that it is of few parts or components that make up the microwave oven. Basically its parts are:
• The magnetron: Without it there is no microwave oven, this lamp is essential since it is the one that emits the small waves (micro waves) of high frequency that is used to heat meals; It is basically a diode type electronic tube (which circulates the current in one direction only).
• The anode: It is a hollow iron cylinder (positive pole) with internal cavities (resonant).
• The filament: It is the heater that serves as a cathode (negative pole) in the tube (magnetron).
• The antenna:It is the one that transmits the energy of the micro wave.
• The soundboard: Thanks to it, these small waves “bounce” around the same axis, returning to the same place forming a standing wave impacting the food in question. Without this soundboard (magnet), the waves would fire on all sides and would not exert the final effect obtained by heating the food in these electrical devices. And because of this, you know why you can’t use the microwave with the door open!

Microwave types

The most common are the turntable microwave ovens (until I have one) and those mentioned in our comparison with its multiple functions (with / without grill, with buttons, wheels or knobs and digital), but in this section we will mention other types of existing microwaves in the market and of which you certainly did not know that they existed and that they can adapt to your budget or needs.
The price differences that you can have in general not only for the type of microwave any of these, are the capacities in liters they have (between 17 and 40 liters), amount of buttons and / or the power with which they work (up to 11) and in addition to the brand.

Desktop microwave

They are the simplest and most popular, they are simply placed on top of the kitchen counter or countertop.

Built-in or integrated microwave

They are those that are placed at a certain height in the kitchen furniture, recessed.

From these two main categories the following are derived:

Microwave without turntable

It is a microwave oven with a ceramic and smooth surface for easy cleaning, under which is a rotating antenna that distributes the waves throughout the food. It has an automatic heating that only selecting the weight of the food will adapt to the appropriate temperature and time.

Microwave with odor extractor

This type of microwave oven has this combination of high performance that has child insurance and multiple functions. They come with their turntable, grill function, more interior light and some predetermined functions.

Microwave with bell

It adapts to tall furniture preventing us from occupying another place in another piece of furniture or on top of marble or built-in, without sacrificing quality by lighting your stove. It is a two by one.

Convection microwave

Its operation is based on the expulsion of hot air by a fan that drives it throughout the microwave oven cavity, being able to prepare roasted vegetables, pizzas, meats, cakes and much more.
The food is cooked faster and at a lower temperature, brings a rack as an accessory for you to cook and brown your meals perfectly; They can work with metal utensils, some models bring grill and more functionalities.

Steam microwave

It has a high efficiency boiler that generates steam that passes directly to the top of the interior of the microwave oven allowing food to cook without oils, being your food healthy and low in fat, maintaining juiciness and a lot of flavor.

Microwave with crisp function

Allow to fry in our microwave oven with little oil. It is recommended to use a special Teflon crisp dish capable of reaching temperatures up to 210 degrees Celsius.

Multifunction microwave

It is the most modern microwave oven of all. Formed by an oven and the microwave itself, together. The ovens are high-end or very high-end, with different cooking and steam cooking programs.

Industrial microwave

These microwave ovens are given according to their intensity of use (light, medium, intense, rough and fast cooking), they come from 5 to 11 power levels, they can be manufactured with different materials according to the use that will be given, up to 100 programmable memories, double magnetron and double heater.

How to clean the microwave?

It is really very easy and in the market there are special products to clean these appliances (zero abrasives), since the splashes that remain in the microwave after heating the food are seen and tend to grab a bad smell and can reduce the efficiency of the appliance. Make sure the microwave is disconnected while cleaning it, here we show you other cleaning options.

Steps to clean the microwave with vinegar

1. Fill a glass or microwave bowl with half water and add a tablespoon of white vinegar.
2. Put it in the microwave and heat it for 5 minutes (it may be less time in a power can oven), waiting for it to heat the water until the steam rises to the microwave walls and releases the embedded dirt.
3. Remove the bowl and clean the inside of the microwave with a clean cloth or paper towel until nothing is embedded.
4. Wash the turntable (if any) with your sponge the same when you scrub your food dishes, dry it with a dishcloth or let it dry naturally.

Steps to clean the microwave with lemon

1. Cut a lemon in half by placing the halves upside down on the microwave dish with a tablespoon of water for a minute or until the lemon is hot and inside the microwave is full of steam.
2. Clean the inside of the microwave oven with paper towels and continue with item 4 of “cleaning the microwave with vinegar”.

Steps to clean the microwave with soap wash dishes

1. Fill a microwave bowl with warm water and add the liquid soap with the amount that suits you.
2. Put the bowl in the microwave for a minute or until it starts to steam.
3. Remove the bowl and with a pretty damp sponge, clean the inside of the microwave oven.
4. The steam will loosen everything embedded so you can clean it better and if you want, you can add baking soda to the bowl with soap and water to do the air freshener job.

Steps to clean the microwave with glass clean liquid

1. Mix the glass cleaning liquid in a bowl (duplicate) with hot water. You can clean the microwave oven inside as well as outside.
2. Clean the inside with a sponge smeared with liquid you will clean the inside of the microwave.
3.Clean the turntable and oven vents.
4. Difficult stains can be left soaking with glass cleaning liquid for 5 minutes before scrubbing.
5. Clean everything with a clean cloth (with water if it smells like glass cleaner, repeating the procedure until it stops smelling) and let the microwave dry.
Regardless of how you clean your microwave oven, do not forget to leave it open to ventilate and do not wait until it is very dirty to clean it (avoid the so-called “hot spots: hardened remains”), keeping it always shiny.

When a microwave rusts inside

This happens when micro waves are lost due to misuse. If the microwave oven is left for such a long time, the metal under the oxide can be exposed creating sparks or arcing damaging the microwave. What you should do is paint it with special microwave paint that can be brushed or spray, as you prefer and follow the recommendations of the seller.

Are there left-handed microwaves?

For left-handers as such there is no or at least with that denomination so far, but microwave ovens are obtained in the market with an inverted door and this can make life easier for a left-handed person in the kitchen; they just have to look a little because they are quite difficult to get.

Microwave containers

In the market there is a wide variety of options when choosing which containers or accessories to use inside microwave ovens, here are some recommendations:

Glass or ceramic containers

The most used, but we recommend that you verify that they bring the label when you buy it, indicating that it can be placed inside your microwave oven because in the case of glass containers, not any glass can withstand the heat inside the microwave and you can cause an accident .

Cardboard or paper containers

You can use it with confidence, as long as they don’t have ink or paint that can melt. Prevent the paper from being brown, because you could generate a fire.

Golden microwave tray

It is another accessory of the microwave oven, made of a special material whose property is to absorb a large amount of energy causing its temperature to rise with which we will get natural gold. It has a special paint that attracts microwaves, so it can reach an approximate temperature of 350 ° C. It is the only accessory that enters the microwave empty, does not cause smoke or smell, can not be used in all microwaves, ask the supplier.

Why does the microwave not turn on / work?

The microwave oven can have some failures and these have as consequences that our microwave begins to present problems. Among the reasons why it may not turn on or function properly are the following:
• It turns on, but does not accept orders or commands. This can be caused by a short circuit in the microcontroller or there may be water (liquids left after washing without care) in the membranes.
• Turn on and accept the order, but do nothing. This happens because the digital board inside is dirty, full of grease or oil, also that it was cleaned with a wire sponge (serious error).
•  Does not heat.This happens because the magnetron stopped working, it must be replaced and holy remedy.
• Some keys do not accept commands. The membrane that covers the keyboard is broken and affects the internal functioning of the electronic board, it can be changed or painted with conductive paint, but it does not always give good results.
• It works, but not hot and smells like burnt The expert must check all the microwave parts from the inside very well, for that he uses special equipment to test them. Depending on the diagnostic results, they may repair it or they will have to buy a new microwave oven.
Remember to look for a microwave oven repair technician if you don’t know how to do it or simply, let an expert do it.

Differences between the microwave oven and the electric oven

Both work based on electric current, but their operation is different.
The microwave oven works by means of electromagnetic waves, which cause food molecules to stir by cooking or heating them.
The electric oven works through the heating of one or more resistances and the preparation of the meals is more natural, keeping them softer / juicy inside and the crunchy outside.

More about microwaves

Due to possible health problems that can cause (according to some people) as damage that your microwave oven can suffer, here are some considerations that you should take into account when you are going to use a microwave.

Microwave & radiation 

The interior of the microwave is completely covered with metal in order to reflect the radiation in the metal and thus not let the electrons escape. This particular microwave condition makes it more efficient and is a way to protect users from waves.
So far, the consensus is that microwave oven exposure is minimal, according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States.

Precautions in pregnancy?

This incognito is normal and very common, but it is safe to use it because microwave oven manufacturers are required to comply with strict safety standards to ensure that emission levels are well below the limit of what is considered a risk to health.
Similarly, if in doubt, do not stand in front of the microwave when using it if you think it could harm the fetus. Microwaves emit non-ionizing radiation, such as those generated by televisions, computers, photocopiers, mobile phones, that is, most of the electrical devices, therefore, do not harm if it is not overexposed although this issue is still under study.

The microwave and the plastic 

If the plastic container contains Bisphenol (containers marked with numbers 7) which, in large quantities, may be harmful to health. Use only those marked with numbers 2, 4 and 5. But we recommend using silicone ones better, than without much easier to clean and better to achieve your purposes without risk to your health.

The microwave and aluminum

When receiving the microwaves, aluminum can end up melting the oven and even causing your home’s electrical system to end up seriously affected. Do not use it!

The microwave and the metal 

Metal is a conductor of electricity and you can end up causing a misfortune. Do not use anything that has metallic material such as pots, pans, cutlery and the like, always keep them away from your microwave oven. It can affect the entire microwave mechanism and break it.

Microwave and expanded polystyrene containers

Follow the advice given in “the microwave and plastic”.


5 Best Buy Lg Microwave Over The Range

Recently a friend asked me for advice to replace her old microwave with a new one that had several functions and could provide a good service beyond heating a glass or a plate.

As many of you will know, for many users it is important when deciding which lg microwave to buy that has many functions to be able to carry out own elaborations of the kitchen manuals that lately are becoming fashionable to cook in the microwave.

This lg microwave comparison aims to help you by showing you what I consider to be LG’s most interesting alternatives .

Best Buy Lg Microwave Over The Range

1. LG MH6322D – simple and versatile 

If you want a lg microwave that can fulfill several functions and will receive daily use by the whole family at an affordable price , this is probably your alternative.

It is a microwave with a highly efficient design that in fact makes it very easy to use.

It has 23 liters of capacity and several power modes that reach up to 800W . It has a grill that reaches up to 1000W of power.

Despite its good internal capacity with up to 23 liters (which is more than most microwaves), it offers a very compact design that will hardly take up space in our kitchen.

The simplicity of its use makes it perfect for older people, who on many occasions will not be cleared with the keys. 

The price that it has is very affordable compared to other offers that we can find in the market, so I consider that within the LG catalog it is an interesting alternative.

The negative point that could be put to this microwave model is that it does not have more alternatives in different colors. The truth is that considering the simplicity of its design it would have been a good idea to organize a more varied production. On the other hand, white combines well with most kitchens, so I don’t think it’s a big problem.


I definitely consider this model to be perfect for those of you who want a simple to use microwave that does not take up too much space in your kitchen. Its design makes it very complete and versatile so I think LG has tried to make a model that can adapt to all needs. So to speak it is the universal microwave model that LG proposes to us.


  • Very simple to use
  • High functionality, with grill and microwave
  • Large capacity with up to 23 liters


  • Only available blank

2. LG MH6883BAK – A great wonder  

This microwave is wonderful from many points of view . In the first place, it has much more capacity than most microwaves in the market, reaching up to 28 liters of capacity. It has a grill function, which accompanied by such amplitude certainly makes it perfect for cooking with it exactly as if it were an oven.

Indeed, I consider it the best option for those of you who are looking for functions beyond heating a dish or a glass . 

It has several power modes. In microwave it reaches up to 900W and in grill up to 1000W. It has an ECO On mode that allows heating substantially saving energy which makes it even more efficient.

Regarding its price, throughout all the comparisons I have made between different brands I can say that this model presents much more than others that are in fact more expensive. Having a stainless steel design can be said to combine well with virtually any kitchen . It is operated using keys that are very intuitive and guarantee that anyone can use it : that is why it is also a good gift for older people. As I said, despite having a large internal capacity does not take up much space in our kitchen thanks to the good engineering work developed by LG. 

If I had to put a negative point to this model is that it has no ceramic interior that would make things much easier when cleaning it. Despite having a good size and being very easy to access any part of it, this material would have been good to the extent that many people want it precisely large to be able to use it as an oven.


As I said, if what you are looking for is a microwave that can offer you functions beyond mere heating, I consider this to be a good choice for you. It has an ideal capacity for cooking and a compact design although it offers us an amplitude of up to 28 liters, much more than most microwaves that exist in the market and at a very affordable price. It is certainly a great option that you should consider and you will be surprised. The ease of use makes it also suitable for older people who often do not clear up for example with touch screen panels. 


  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable compared to other similar models
  • More capacity than most microwaves (28 liters)
  • Grill function


  • It has no ceramic interior

3. Iron Vertical Rowenta Master Valet – A beast home service 

The LG MH6342DS is also a good alternative to the extent that it is a very balanced device in terms of functions and price . Indeed, it has up to  23 liters of capacity (more than most microwaves that only offer us 20 liters and for more price) and also a good power that in the case of the microwave function (heated and defrosted) reaches up to 800W . As with the previous model, it has the ECO On function that allows much more efficient use and substantial energy savings. On the other hand, it has a grill composed of quartz that makes it more efficient .

Naturally, if what you are looking for is a microwave that can offer you more functions as my friend asked me and that also served to cook (with the right utensils to cook in the microwave) without a doubt this can be a great option at the time of deciding which microwave to buy. The price as I said is more than affordable considering other market alternatives that give less for more. I think its design is attractive and the color it has can go well with virtually any type of cuisine. That is why I suggest you take it into account both to buy it and to give it to someone (regardless of whether they are older people) since it is very easy to use. It also has an easy clean interior that makes it very easy to clean.

The only but that could put this model is that it is not available in more colors. I consider it a very complete model although in terms of design we could say that it is “standard” so surely LG could have offered more color alternatives for him. Despite this, life is the expression of functionality.


In short, I consider that this microwave model is an interesting alternative for those who are looking for a simple device that will not complicate their lives too much. It has all the functions that we should ask today for a microwave and it has them generously: for example, 23 liter capacity, 800W power for the microwave function and it also has a built-in grill. On the other hand, it also has the Eco On function that allows it to be more efficient than most models on the market and, incidentally, a built-in system that makes cleaning easier. The truth is that for the price you can not ask for more. 


  • Very simple to use
  • Good price
  • Large capacity with up to 23 liters
  • Incorporates grill
  • Easy Clean function
  • Eco On function to save energy


  • Not available in more colors

LG microwave

In general it should be said that LG offers excellent designs and quality for all its models, not only in microwaves but in the entire range of appliances to which it is dedicated . That is why I consider it to be one of the main alternatives to consider when choosing which microwave to buy. Without a doubt, you can offer us a wide catalog that can adapt to our needs for use, design and space. 


Best Buy Bosch Microwave 2020

A friend recently asked me for advice on what microwave to buy. When making a bosch microwave comparison we must look at several aspects. I consider that the main one is the functionality. I chose two models that I think are worth it for the functions that he wants, which are in addition to the classic heating and defrosting of baking thanks to his grill. Recently it has joined the fashion of microwave cooking.

It consists of a balance between how practical a bosch microwave is and the power it possesses. This aspect is especially important for people who want to cook with it whenever they have the necessary utensils: the truth is that some microwaves make it easier than others in this regard. Here are the ones that I selected for the Bosch brand, I hope it helps you.

Best Buy Bosch Microwave 2020 

1. Bosch HMT75M451 – Compact and with many functions  

I consider that the Bosch HMT75M451 is a microwave loaded with functions and, nevertheless, easy to handle . Its appearance is unbeatable: it has a compact design that will not occupy much in our countertop or kitchen. In general, it must be said that Bosch is committed to compact designs that, thanks to this, can be adapted to the design of each kitchen.

Its appearance is very aesthetic and presents an aspect that is fundamentally designed to save the maximum space in our kitchen in large part because it will be embedded. 

This bosch microwave model also has a memory function. That makes us forget about what it contains for some time. Personally I consider it ideal for my friend since it allows him to make the recipes of his cookbook for microwaves without having to keep an eye on him all the time.

The truth is that Bosch has incorporated a series of devices that are absent in most brands. Despite this, they have a very intuitive design that will not be a problem to master in a short time . Likewise, it allows to obtain good results in the short term so it is not a machine that you do not end up taking advantage of.
Having a white color, the truth is that it will hit in most kitchens. Regarding its power (which is what most interests many users) it must be said that it has five power levels distributed between 90W, 180W, 360W, 600W and 800W . The latter is especially interesting not only for the rapid heating function but also for the function of browning meat, fish and vegetables.

Thanks to its keys (which are otherwise very intuitive ) we can program its modes to achieve a cooking mode that, in many recipes, is expressly indicated for each preparation. In addition, it has an autopilot that allows us to adjust the times without breaking our heads depending on the weight and size of the food in question. Without a doubt it is a great alternative, very balanced between functions and quality / price ratio . That’s why I say that if you are looking for a microwave device that can perform functions similar to those of an oven and give you many more possibilities than a conventional microwave can offer, the Bosch HMT75M451 is your device, both for the quality and for the price it has in exchange for so much functionality.

The only negative point I can put is that I would have liked to have more capacity. It is normal to find microwaves that have between 20 and 23 liters of capacity, the Bosch HMT75M451 only has 17 liters. For the rest it is a good option when deciding which microwave to buy considering that its design makes it suitable for any kind of cooking.


If what you are looking for is a microwave device that allows you to make elaborations such as those that come in some manuals for cooking with this type of appliances, surely the Bosch HMT75M451 will make it easy for you. In addition, it has a very intuitive use that goes great for more daily uses. It is a great option if what you want is to make a long-term investment with a microwave that can serve you for many years: that is why it is ideal to install it for example taking advantage of a home renovation or the new construction of a house.


  • Automatic function to properly cook products
  • 5 power modes for perfect results
  • It occupies little space
  • Very intuitive design with many functions


  • It has less capacity than other microwaves (17 liters)

2. Bosch HMT 72 G 650 – A compact oven  

The definition I give to the Bosch HMT 72 G 650  is rather that of a compact oven. In fact, because it has a built-in grill as well as a grill, it allows us to make preparations that are more typical of ovens.

So, I consider that it is another good option for my friend who is entering that world.

It also has memory that in fact aims to make things even easier for us. It is easy to clean due to the compact design of its interior and the stainless steel that covers it.

In general, it seems to me that Bosch offers models that are suitable for installation when a work has been done since the nature of its microwaves cries out to occupy its own space in our kitchen giving it a greater degree of elegance.

This is especially interesting for those of you who do not have much space and do not want to give up that touch that baking gives some preparations. It must be said that like all Bosch microwave appliances, the Bosch HMT 72 G 650 has several power modes.

There are five levels that reach 800W in the heating and defrosting functions and up to 1000 in the grill function. Like its predecessor, the cin c or power levels are distributed in 90W, 180W, 360W, 600W and 800W reaching 1000W in the grill function. The fact that you have the grill included certainly makes things a lot easier and helps make the results optimal. It is a device eminently designed to be embedded in our kitchen , so it does not become incompatible with virtually any design because of the elegant appearance, in addition.

Again, the only but I can put the Bosch HMT 72 G 650 is the size of its internal box: 17 liters again, where some microwaves can offer us between 20 and 23 liters of capacity. Even so it is understood that it can fulfill any of the functions that we assign to it and that in fact it is for that reason that it carries some functions such as memory or auto cooking depending on size and weight: it is because it is eminently designed to give us daily use while allowing more sophisticated elaborations.


If what you are thinking is what microwave to buy considering that you do not have much space and that, at the same time, you would not like to give up functions of an oven, the Bosch HMT 72 G 650 is your device. Its compact design designed to be embedded in our kitchen makes it a unique device that by Bosch’s warranty will last several years. That is why I consider it a great opportunity to install it, the realization of a reform as well as that of a new work: they undoubtedly constitute golden opportunities to have a microwave of guarantees if what you are thinking is what microwave to buy.


  • Very intuitive use
  • Bring built-in grill
  • Very powerful grill


  • Less capacity than other models (17 liters)

Bosch microwave

In general, both in the world of household appliances and in the world of DIY Bosch offers an unusual quality . One of the main guarantees that it can offer us consists precisely in the durability of its models together with a design that far exceeds that of other models in the market. 
Therefore, I consider that either of the two devices is a good choice , especially if you plan to use them beyond the heating and defrosting functions. In fact, both devices can serve this purpose very well thanks to the number of functions they have, their five power modes, their grill and even their grill . They are two easy to clean models that will also be sensational in any kind of kitchen of virtually any material or any color.