5 Best Teka Microwave Market

Recently a friend asked me what to consider when looking at a microwave on the Internet . When it comes to knowing which microwave to buy , we must take into account several criteria. First, we must take into account what kind of use we want to give it. This will be important since not all people intend to give the same use to your device. Many of them simply look for a microwave that can heat and defrost food. On the contrary, other people want a model that can also offer them an oven function and other specific functions for cooking with it. So, in this article I want to present you  with affordable alternatives for all possible uses as well as for all budgets.

Which Teka microwave to choose?

1. Teka MWE 225 G – A functional and practical microwave

The  Teka MWE 225 G is a simple device to operate and very functional. We could say that it is the right device for people who do not want to complicate their lives too much and are looking for a device with great benefits at a low price. Thus, for an affordable price, this microwave model has a grill of up to 1000W and 700W of power in its heating and defrosting mode . A power to consider when considering other market options. It has five power levels that allow us to adjust its function around our needs: frozen or heated. Incorporates a mixed panel s and driven by wheel and buttons . That means that it is easy to handle for the elderly and easy to understand for those who want to live life without complications. It has a blocking function for children, which is always appreciated. All its functions are fully electronic, which in the long term means that it will have greater durability since in many cases these components, in addition to being more efficient, have greater durability. If I had to put some but the Teka MWE 225 G is that it has the interior painted. That means that when cleaning it has the same facility that any other model could offer us. Today there is a wide range of microwaves with ceramic interiors that certainly make things much easier. Conclusion: If you are thinking about which microwave to buy and it is hard for you to decide because many of them offer a very high price for functions that you neither understand nor plan to use, without a doubt the Teka MWE 225 G is your model. It can offer you affordable features that you will use yes or yes. It has a good grill capacity, with up to 1000W of power that guarantees you to cook with it. At the same time, it has an affordable price and, without a doubt, you can take advantage of it.


  • Affordable price quality / price ratio
  • Good power, both in grill and in normal function
  • Compact design, does not take up too much space
  • Easy to handle


  • The interior is painted, not ceramic

2. Teka MWE 230 G – Simplicity and technology

Teka offers us different models with different designs and equal functionality. In my opinion it does so to be able to adjust its offer to the different needs of some consumers as well as to the kitchen for which they want a utensil . When it comes to knowing what microwaves to buy for many users, it is indeed a problem that they aesthetically fit them in a kitchen where they may have spent hundreds of euros to condition it. It has up to 700W for normal functions (heated and defrosted) and with 1000W in the grill function. It must be said however that the Teka MWE 230 G has an improvement over its namesake 250 G and has to do with its capacity: this, the Teka MWE G 230 has a capacity of 23 liters that nothing is noticeable in its appearance external since it has a compact design that will not take up too much space and will allow us to cook larger pieces in it. Regarding its handling, it is also simple and we could say that it is a mixed model to the extent that it has both roulette and buttons to program it. It is not difficult to handle, even for older people as it has a very intuitive design. Again, if I had to put a negative point it would be that the interior is painted instead of being ceramic. That makes things much easier when cleaning. Otherwise I consider it a good alternative quality / price ratio. Conclusion: My conclusion is that if you are looking for a microwave that offers you functionality without complicating your life is a good model. For the rest, the guarantee that Teka offers us along with its excellent price should make you not think twice.


  • It is simple to use
  • Good capacity, both in the grill (1000W) and in the normal defrosting and heating functions
  • Child lock
  • More capacity than most microwaves (23 liters)


  • It has the interior painted instead of having it ceramic

3. Teka MW 2225 G – Comfortable and cheap

The Teka MW 225 G has only the classic roulettes of traditional microwaves instead of the buttons to program it. In short, we can say that it is the most classic Teka design in this regard . In fact, it has 700W of power for the heating and defrosting functions as well as 1000W for your grill . Until now all the Teka models we have talked about had a grill: this is by no means a quality that we can expect as well as in all the microwaves we look at. The Teka MW 225 G has a capacity of 20 liters which is in fact more than enough to even cook it. It is true that this indication is for people who want to cook in a microwave, which today can be done thanks to the specific functions that come in some models as well as some pots that are there to do it. Therefore I consider it a very complete device that can help those of you who have ventured into that new world that is the kitchen with micro, both by grill capacity and space. I must say again that the negative point that I find to this microwave is that it has a painted interior instead of ceramic and that this would make it undoubtedly much easier to carry out its cleaning. Conclusion: I conclude that this microwave is perfect for those of you who love a classic design. Likewise, it is perfect for people who not only want to give the appliance a daily use but also consider cooking with it, for which it is perfect with appliances suitable for cooking.


  • Very simple to use
  • Good power capacity, both in normal and grill function
  • It occupies little space and has an attractive design


  • Painted and non-ceramic interior

4. Teka MWE 230 G  – More power for little more

The Teka MWE 230 G is a device with great guarantees . Specifically, it can offer us more power than the other models in the 225 G range. In its grill function it reaches 1250W and in the normal function up to 800W . That makes it a great companion for both daily use and for more specific uses such as cooking with specialized utensils. Its panel incorporates roulette and also keys to program it. It must be said that in spite of everything it is very intuitive, so it will not be a problem to handle it even for older people. Naturally, it has a locking system for children and its capacity reaches up to 23 liters. It has a power button that you can press with your foot without problems which makes its use very comfortable and a deposit of nothing more and nothing less than four liters of water so you can iron everything you want without interruptions. I am sorry to be repetitive, but for me the question of the painted interior is fundamental: in this case it is not a ceramic interior although it is stainless, which is welcome. In spite of everything one has its preferences. Conclusion: It seems to me that the Teka MWR 230 G is a device that allows us to do better and more functions for practically the same price. For those of you who are thinking what microwave to buy and looking for an alternative that can last a long time without a doubt this may be the perfect choice.


  • More power than most models spread in five modes
  • Stainless interior
  • Compact appearance and good capacity
  • Intuitive design


  • The interior is not ceramic

5. Teka Mw 200G  – Versatile and useful

I consider that the Teka Mw200G is a bet of Teka for simplicity and for those of us who often do not want to complicate our lives and, incidentally, not spend too much money for a basic day-to-day function. It is a microwave with 20 liters capacity and mechanical design, which means that it is handled with two wheels, which makes it very easy to handle for any type of user. It has a compact design so in no case will it occupy much in our kitchen. The color is the standard, white, which certainly combines with most kitchens that are the same color. I consider that it is therefore a very affordable option that allows us to have everything that is required of a microwave today. The negative point I can find for this microwave model is that it is not available in more colors. Being a standard design, perhaps a black and even metallic version would have been good. Conclusion: It seems to me that this microwave model is suitable for those who are looking for a classic device, with the usual functions but taken beyond, simple to use and also affordable. In short, it is a good investment for all those reasons together that to top it off can offer us all the guarantees of a brand like Teka.


  • Very simple to use
  • Good power capacity
  • Very affordable in terms of price


  • Not available in more colors

Teka microwave

As you could see, the Teka brand has alternatives for all needs and for all budgets . Despite this, it must be said that their prices are far from crazy compared to other brands that offer you less for more. It has good materials dedicated to all its designs, which in the long run constitutes a guarantee that we will have made a good investment.