Best Taurus Cooking machine on the Market

A friend recently asked me for advice on which Taurus Cooking Machine to choose . He did it considering – he told me – that he does not have much time and wants an affordable product that can last several years without having to complicate his life. That was when I thought about the Taurus brand because I have several appliances in it that, to this day, work like the first day.

Best Taurus Cooking Machine

1. Taururs MyCook – A compact wonder

The Taurus Mycook is a kitchen machine with several functions: chop, crush, scratch, knead and of course cook. It has a capacity of two liters, which makes it perfect for a pajero or for a single person. Its design is compact, so it will not take up too much space in our kitchen regardless of how it is . It comes with a built-in precision balance , which together with its kneading function make it a perfect device for making pastry preparations. So, if what you want is a kitchen machine that you can use on a day-to-day basis and also use some more elaborate preparations , this device should undoubtedly be one of the first options to consider.
Taurus - Mycook Cooking Robot Heating Induction Max.  120ºc.  Pulveriza, Grate, Pica, Crush, Knead Steam Cooking among others.  Integrated Balance, Includes 150 Plates Recipe.
It has a special function for sofrito, and has more than 3000 recipes in its memory. Without a doubt, that is why we must say that he is a great ally in our kitchen. It also has 10 different cooking modes and an adjustable power depending on the preparation we are going to perform. Another interesting fact about him is that it works by induction. In addition, it has a power that reaches up to 1600W of power. The negative point that I find is that I would have liked a little more capacity. With this, Taurus would have managed to offer an affordable product to those who are looking for alternatives for the whole family. Conclusion: If you want a kitchen machine capable of performing multiple functions (including all that you ask for baking) and at the same time it has a lot of quality and long-term guarantees, the Taurus My Cook is a good option when choosing What kitchen machine to buy.


  • ·                       Easy to use
  • Adjustable power
  • It has precision balance
  • Perfect for pastry


  • ·                       I would have liked more capacity

2. Taurus MyCook Touch  – Professional results

The Taurus MyCook Touch is undoubtedly the star in the world of the kitchen machine. In the food processors I know I have never seen one of this type. The peculiarity it has is that it includes a seven-inch touch screen. It is fully interactive with our mobile devices, which is very interesting to get the most out of it.  It has a capacity of 2 liters , with which we can say that it is especially suitable for small families, couples or single people. It is a kitchen machine that, like the previous model, works by induction. A curious fact about the Taurus MyCook Touch is that it is only manufactured for Spain (or rather only in Spanish).
Taurus Mycook Touch - Induction cooker 40 to 140º C, 7 "touch screen, 10 speeds and four special functions, 1600 W, Stainless Steel, Gray
The temperature can be regulated between 40 and 140 degrees , so we can achieve a wide enough range to achieve the perfect result in any preparation. In case that is not enough, it must be said that this food processor model includes two cooking modes, the manual and the one that is guided by recipes that accumulates in its memory. On the other hand also includes four special functions kneading, stir-fry, turbo and balance for example to be able to make pastry preparations. It is totally efficient in terms of consumption and reaches up to 1600W of power. It is simple to clean and also comes with built-in steamer. It comes with a basket, mixing spatula and steamer. Again, the negative point I can find in this model comes from its capacity. I consider that 2 liters is little for a kitchen machine with so many benefits. I would have liked it at least to reach 3 or 4 liters of capacity to meet the demand of those of us who want it for family use. Conclusion: If what you want is a kitchen machine that can offer you guarantees both by design and by endowment, without a doubt the Taurus MyCook Touch is your model. It is therefore a long-term investment that in all probability and thanks to the good work of Taurus will accompany you for many years. It is very simple to operate thanks to a very intuitive design and a touch screen that, by the way, is fully customizable. By the way, its wide range of power adjustment and its different cooking modes mean that we can always obtain perfect results in a simple and effective way.


  • ·                       Great quality materials
  • Includes steamer
  • Great adjustability of its power and temperature
  • Many automatic cooking modes
  • Touch screen (very simple to use therefore)


  • ·                       I would have liked more capacity than 2 liters

3. Taurus MyCook Easy – Want things easy?

The Taurus MyCook Easy includes many of the functions listed above from the other devices but in exchange for a more affordable price. That is why I think it should be in this comparison of kitchen machines. It is a more affordable and easy to use model. It is in fact designed to make life easier for those who do not want to complicate it by cooking or making overly complicated recipes or waste too much time. Like the previous models, this one also comes with an integrated scale, which makes it especially interesting for those of you who also want to make pastries or your own bread at home (activity that is becoming fashionable lately).
Taurus Mycook Easy Induction Cooker Robot, 1600 W, 2 liters, Plastic, Black, Stainless Steel, White
It has the possibility of regulating the temperature between 40 and 120 degrees . Like the previous models, it is a kitchen machine that works by induction. That naturally makes it more efficient than those that heat up resistance.  It has two liters of capacity and 10 adjustable power modes depending on the preparation . Likewise, it must be said that this power reaches up to 1600W, which is enough and in fact will allow us to roast some pieces of meat, vegetables or fish. It has several automatic cooking modes and also the manual mode. In addition, it comes with a built-in recipe book that includes hundreds of recipes to get the most out of this wonderful kitchen gadget. 
Again I must say that, despite being a wonderful device, I would have liked it to have more capacity than 2 liters. I guess Taurus will have done it so that all his models are adaptable to any type of kitchen; Despite this, I miss some more capacity. Conclusion: I think this kitchen machine is a more affordable model that, at the same time, has nothing to envy of the previous models despite being cheaper. In fact, it is a model suitable for those of you who want to enter the world of the kitchen machine to the extent that it allows simple use and modest investment in exchange for achieving good results. It certainly deserves to be in this comparison of kitchen machines for all the features listed.


  • ·                       Various power modes
  • Affordable price / quality ratio
  • It comes with recipe book
  • Very simple to use


  • ·                       Only two liters capacity

4. Taurus Machine Cuisine 925008 – A good option at a great price

The Taurus Machine Cuisine 925008 is a very affordable option in relation to price / performance. It is a compact kitchen machine that can offer great possibilities to those who want to make the most of any investment of this type. It deserves to occupy a prominent position in this comparison of Taurus kitchen machines for the characteristics that I want to detail below. It has three different speed modes and three different temperatures . Both modes include a special turbo that allows us to cook or knead faster. It must be said that this model of kitchen machine reaches up to 1600W of power , which is much more than what other kitchen machines usually offer us for a similar price.
Taurus Robot Cuisine - Multifunction kitchen robot 925008, white
It has a basket for frying or steamer, at the same time it has a mixer and also a spatula. It comes with more than 150 built-in recipes which will guarantee us a perfect result in any case and with any preparation. You can perform any type of process, cutting, crushing, kneading, cooking, stir-frying, etc. So, again Taurus makes things easy with one of his models. Finally, it must be said that it has a very easy to use design since it distributes all its operations in roulettes that can be easily handled. It has 1.5 liters of capacity and is very easy to clean. Due to its color and design, it is suitable for any type of cuisine.
Again (and without wanting to be repetitive) I must say that I miss more capacity. In this case it has 1.5 liters, which makes it a kitchen machine suitable for couples or for single people, not for families who need to cook more. Conclusion: If you are looking for a quality alternative that in exchange for a profitable price can offer you the operations, modes and good work of many more expensive appliances, this kitchen machine model should definitely be one of your options when thinking What kitchen machine to buy. It has an affordable price considering that other brands offer us less for more money.


  • ·                       Different power and temperature modes
  • Easy to handle
  • Various built-in accessories
  • More than 100 recipes in your memory
  • Kneader and kitchen machine


  • ·                       Low capacity (1.5 liters)

Taurus kitchen machines

As you have seen for yourselves, Taurus can offer us a wide range of kitchen machines adapted to all needs. It is a brand that is committed to the quality of its designs and that is why any purchase we make we must understand that it is a long-term investment. Undoubtedly, any of its models in both kitchen machines and any appliance we buy will have a more than enough guarantee.