7 Best Soft Sided Cooler Review 2021

The coming hot summer days would be the most enjoyable day for people who love to travel a lot. Best Soft Sided Cooler These hot summer days will remind you of your best drinks that you would love to have with you during your journey to make it more enjoyable. What if I say that going far away from your house keeping those drinks cold cans with you and they don’t get warm a little. Yes it can be possible. Because there are some special Santa cold magic bags are available. These bags are called Soft Sided Cooler Bags. It can keep fresh and icy your drinks or what else you want to keep it cold, this bag will not let you unhappy ever. Life is a lot easier during the summer months, unless it is game day and you end up with the spunky beer because you choose the wrong soft sided cooler to take to your delicate party. Not only will your friends disown you, but no self-respecting craft beer maker will fill your growler ever again once the word gets out. You could easily forego this whole scenario all together, by choosing an ordinary iron side’s cooler. With this you will also lose portability and you are a drinker on the go with places to go and lagers to imbibe. Insulation is the name of the game when it comes to your soft cooler. A couple hunks of foam might do the trick if you pack in enough ice, but to keep the pickiest fresh beer, you must need a cooler that holds the cold without bleeding out or dripping like a sieve. You also look at the seams, since that is where much of your cold is going out to be lost forever. Lastly, since you are going to be carting it around, it can’t be made from wicker or cheap plastic. You want something that can stand the last of time. If you have a hard case cooler you might want only a soft cooler for drinks and food. These will not cause consideration on your vehicle carpeting because they are made of fabric materials. These are more odor resistant. There are many compartments to hold cups, snacks, and other necessary things you take with you. Some have zippered compartments for safe keeping your keys, sunscreen or even cell phones that you do not want to get or carry in your pockets. Many soft sided cooler are versatile so that you can keep ice frozen for many hours with the heat of the day. They keep actually cold food cold and hot food warm for many hours. They can be also used anywhere making them versatile for the beach or at a park picnic with the family. By being adaptable and multipurpose, they are handy and useful all year long. Large cooler are great when you are thinking about for camping, hunting, or engaging in any other activities with big groups of people. This will be gone also at few days at a time consuming. However this is not always the case. While it would be nice to take that big cooler with you on your next outing, the fact is that you probably don’t need it. But if you are smart and keep things perfectly they deserve for than you must need a soft sided cooler anyhow. When buying a best soft sided cooler for your next adventure getting away from it all whether a road trip or a camping tent trip, you must want to consider certain features. Are they affordable, versatile, have brand reputation, and weight or portability as well. You might simply want a shoulder strap and handles or just one or the other. Before your next road trip or camping trip, you may need to think about whether your current cooler is up to par. Most people have a cooler that is hard, which can mean heavy or bulky, making its mobility limited. Perhaps a better option for you would be consider one of the best soft sided coolers available. Once upon a time companies such s Coleman and Igloo dominated the world largely of keeping things cold outdoors. In terms of volume of units sold, they probably remain the 800 pound gorillas. But then the Yeti, Engel and few other brands took the game up a notch with bear proof, crush proof, bash up and down on the deck proof coolers, which caused traditional cooler makers to develop similar competitive products. So taking apart from this information now you can choose in all the ways the market has measured the performance how cold it stayed how easily it loaded. How durable it was against leaks, how comfortable it is top carry this model stood shoulder with coolers that cost twice as much. So for getting the best soft sided cooler now you can easily decide through evaluating reviews of your own. The 7 list of Best Soft Sided Cooler 2021:
  • After taking a all closer look we have picked some of the best top rated soft sided cooler bags for you. every possible feature should be given below, check out and guess which one suits you the most.
  1. Logo Chair College Soft Sided Rolling Cooler.
  2. Norchill® Soft-Side Cooler Bag, Medium.
  3. Yeti Hopper Cooler.
  4. Mojecto™ Cooler Bag Dual Insulated Compartment.
Logo Chair College Soft Sided Rolling Cooler. The most versatile product as the soft sided cooler for your next tailgate party. You bring your schools cooler that is what. If you are looking for the best soft cooler on wheels then it is the best product for your need. This is the most upgraded soft sided cooler in the town now. You will be a hit at your next tailgate party when you roll in with this, no pun intended. You can pack to a case of cans of soda, beer or other beverage in this cooler. You can take off the wheels and use it as a backpack. There are extra pockets for storage space, making this an ideal companion at any barbecue. The manufacturer of these soft sided cooler states which can hold ice up to two days, some buyers states that it is less than that. Features and performance This soft sided cooler has 1680 denier polyester and foam insulation interior which is pretty amazing for the cooler. The heat consume of this cooler is heat sealed technology manufactured and also has leak proof liner. The pull out handle with smooth rolling in-line wheel made this cooler a versatile among buyers so far. The good looking zipper storage compartment and two elastic mesh pockets on the size keep the interior staff safe. This feature backpack straps for carrying easily. It holds up to 24 and 12- ounce cans plus ice easily. Pros:
  1. Hardware is corrosion proof.
  2. Can keep ice frozen up to 2 days.
  1. Stitching is a bit weak.
  2. Price is high.
Norchill® Soft-Side Cooler Bag, Medium. This Norchill® soft side cooler bag is a versatile designing backpack for keep things cool. It is available in various colors like black, white, blue, camo or red colors to match your camping decor. This backpack is made of canvas and will keep your beverages cold or hot food hot with its dual temp insulation system. The fold down clips allows more compact space with its squared edges. The zippered kangaroo pouch pocket uses the YKK zipper that will not break and is also heavy duty. It is a marine canvas device zipper that will not corrode made of a nylon slider and teeth. The teeth of this manufacture are molded to a tape and then double stitched to the bag for added strength and functionality. Because it’s a mess to hold with a rusty zipper that will no longer works when it is ready for travelling or camping. Anyone can easily put small cooler bags in your larger ice chest. Features and performance This medium size best soft sided Norchill® cooler holds 24 cans, the small cooler holds 12 cans, and the larger cooler holds up to 48 cans so far. This cooler will fit under an airplane seat in front of you, used as carry-on luggage and also to be used as a cooler later with ice packs. While traveling, fishing, boating, camping, sports events anywhere you can use this soft sided cooler with great comfort. It is also helpful during track events as well. You can also use it for your workout tights, electronic items, or for lunches. The shoulder strap provides comfort to carry the cooler with you and is also removable. It usually does not have additional handles. This medium cooler will hold a 5 pound bag of ice with 24 cans. The liner seams are fusion welded for superior strength. There are no toxins in this bag making material. The materials are made of lead free. The nylon shell with its puncture resistant G8TRSKIN liner that is leak-proof and puncture has made this thing easy to clean of a vinyl blend resisting stains. It has a dual temp insulation system with a consideration barrier to eliminate wetness and sweating on your vehicle carpet as well. The cushion has open cell foam around the entire bag with an insulating air barrier for sustaining ice for a day eventually. The soft sided cooler will roll up to put in luggage or putting away for storage using the shoulder straps to secure it. The dimensions of this soft sided cooler bag are 10 x 18 x 12 inches and the cooler weighs about 4 pounds. Pros:
  1. Mesh sides’ holds up to four water bottles.
  2. Liner can be easily removed or washed out.
  1. Interior walls tend to rip over time.
  2. Meets airplane carry on requirements.
Yeti Hopper Cooler. This Yeti Hopper Cooler is in the ever popular soft sided cooler available in the market now. It is offered in either 20 or 30 quarts. This cooler offers similar ice retention time frames as their larger siblings, but in smaller package. This may just be the best soft cooler when it comes to the talked of durability. This soft sided cooler is puncture resistant and completely leak proof. It also opens and closes with a zipper enclosure. The versatile design that you will find on the hopper will make it easy for you to take on the go should you need to walk for long distances. Features and performance This soft sided cooler has six different D-Ring ties down locations make it a breeze to secure to any vehicles. The Yeti Hopper soft sided cooler has the most durability as well as the protection availability that it mostly offers to the users. This cooler stayed completely dry, even in the rain as well. Another amazing thing is that you can be able to toss the cooler into the car, onto the floor and elsewhere with it being able to take the work it gets put through. The zipper portability is little rough than other features in this soft sided cooler. This zipper keeps contents cold as well. Perhaps a re-design may come in the future, but till than the general consensus is positive when it comes to the Yeti Hopper. Pros:
  1. Offers extra side storage space.
  2. Mildew and mold resistant.
  1. Roughly slide onto luggage handles.
  2. Zipper is little difficult to pull.
Mojecto™ Cooler Bag Dual Insulated Compartment. The Mojecto™ soft sided cooler is a versatile designer backpack to take with you anywhere with its heavy duty polyester material and high density super insulation. It has the most as like doubled zippered closure, and numerous mesh pockets for extra items. It comes with two heat sealed removable PEVA liners. This PEVA is polyethylene vinyl acetate and is a plastic and a vinyl. In fact there are several types of vinyl ethylene vinyl acetate, so PEVA is polyethylene vinyl acetate, in case you didn’t know. The liner resists wrinkles and is leak proof being very thick in the backpack. The PEVA material is not toxic and is much stronger than other deniers and is preferred in the making of cooling bags. Features and performance The stitching is extra durable for not tearing apart or breaking out. The material of this soft sided cooler bag is made of 840D heavy duty polyester fabrics that mean it is 840 x 1680 denier nylon stiff mesh used for commercial grade luggage and coolers. The PEVA liner is replaceable and easy to clean if it becomes soiled. It is almost BPA- free as well. Keeping all the features together take this adaptable many purpose cooler with you for your food to keep it wormy. During hiking, picnics and other places you need cold drinks or warm salad, for this reason you must have to carry one of this soft sided cooler backpack with you. it will be so easy to carry with its padded shoulder straps that are removable. There are also 2 long handles for carrying easily as well with this soft sided cooler bag. The shoulder straps of this bag slides over the carrying handles for ease in clutching job. The dimensions of this cooler bag are 15 inches long x 12 inches tall x 9 inches wide. This Mojecto™ soft sided cooler bag is weighs about 2 pounds slightly. The Mojecto™ recommends the use of icepacks or ice gel made specifically for cooler bags. Ice cubes, homemade icepacks, or ice blocks will damage the liner easily. The sharp edges of the ice can cut into the liner ruining it totally. With this soft sided cooler bag you will get an extra free bonus PEVA liner, instructions and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Pros:
  1. Replaceable food safe liner.
  2. Uses the same materials as waterbeds.
  3. Liner covered by lifetime warranty.
  1. Price is comparatively high.
  2. Heavy weight.
Soft Sided Cooler Buyer’s Guide: There are lots of variations in the products line ups we are given. But there are also some essential conditions, where the best soft sided cooler depends for. The Terms and Conditions behindSoft Sided Coolers: Size: The size of soft sided cooler depends on where you are using it for. If you just need something to pack your lunch then you may not want to get a large rolling cooler that can hold a case of beverages. If you are going to hunting trips or a picnic for somewhere you must need a larger compartment for your convenient. Benefits: Soft coolers are easier to transport, easier to store and more efficient. Efficiency is noted because there is no sense in lugging a regular boxed ice chest if all you need is to ice down and pack a few drinks. Consideration: There are a few more key things to keep in mind that course of the cost. While there is a many top rated soft sided coolers here, the best soft cooler for you is really that one that will meet your needs the best. If you need to take another look and we are sure you will be able to find the one that meets your budget and specifications well. Aside of taking all these conditions in head there are some related key terms you can find out. Igloo marine Ultra soft Cooler Bag: This Over popular Plastic and fabric composition intermediate soft sided cooler bags are so versatile among the users. These brand cooler bags are incredibly good insulation for a soft side multiple carrying methods, easy access top, looks awesome. Non- corrosive hardware, extra thick insulation for a soft sided cooler is so much amazing. Soft Sided Rolling Cooler: This kind of cooler bag is also so much acceptable among the consumers. It holds up to 42 cans at the same time. The telescoping handle and durable wheels handle the load with ease. It has also removable plastic liner substitutes to keep treats cold. The heat welded seams prevent liner leaks. These front zippered pockets, two sides mesh pockets and lid bungees for added storage. Soft Sided Lunch Coolers: These cooler bags are small size bags. They can only carry a lunch bucket once. There is less space than the medium size cooler bags. Some excellent brands provides these lunch cooler bags are Yeti Hopper, Nice Thermafoam, Magellan Outdoors, Columbia Sportswear soft sided lunch cooler bags etc. Some other Comparisons: Polar Bear Nylon Series>Freddile and Sebbie FS0018> Igloo Marine Ultra 24- Can Square> Arctic Zone Pro 30> AO Cooler 24 Pack Soft Cooler. All of these soft sided cooler bags are made of heavy polyester fabric with nylon stiff mesh used for commercial grade luggage and coolers. These coolers are great for travel, picnicking, camping and hiking as well. The cold compartments of the bottom are well insulated of these soft sided cooler bags. This insulation compartments are welded with PVC free PEVA liner. PEVA is polyethylene vinyl acetate and is a plastic and a vinyl. In fact there are several types of vinyl ethylene vinyl acetate. Most of these cooler bags have pockets with 2 zipper pullers and alsohas pleated sides so that things will not fall out easily. The PVC free food safe PEVA lining complies with the lead standards mandated by the state of California itself. Some FAQs aboutthe Best Soft Sided Coolers: What is the biggest advantage of soft sided cooler bags? Where will you be using this cooler? Why is a soft sided cooler best? Final Words: All of these aforementioned products are quite handy and user friendly, which are also in an affordable price limits as well. So getting up from the chair now it is your own job to find a best soft sided cooler bag for your demand. These things will also broaden your outlook of the journey you want to make with so many delighting food recipes and cool beverages with you.