5 Best Saeco Coffee machine 2021

A couple of months ago I opened a supermarket near my house that, apart from food, also usually offers other interesting items, including small appliances. Each week the exposure varies and new products of different classes arrive.

Precisely this week I received the information leaflet left in the mailboxes announcing new products on display and, among them, there were several coffee makers . They were all of the Saeco brand and, as Christmas is close and you always have to make a commitment gift, I have decided to take a look at the best Saeco coffee machines on the market , to see if I get inspired. This is what I found.

Best Saeco coffee machine in the Market

1. Saeco Pomia Focus HD8423 / 22 – Coffee with all the comforts of home

The Saeco Pomia Focus is part of the range of espresso coffee makers of the brand, but adding some interesting features. To start, we will be able to use this machine with two different types of coffee: one, the pre- ground and, another, with the ESE type pods in case we prefer them or want to save a few seconds of time.

A remarkable aspect of this model are its filters. These incorporate a technology that makes the coffee much creamier result , helped by the 15 bar pressure with which account. Thus, it is able to preserve all the aroma and intensity of the product.

The operation of this coffee maker is very simple, since it has only a couple of controls.

After putting the coffee or the single dose, we only have to choose between if we want one or two cups and wait briefly for the drink to be prepared.

The built-in vaporizer also stands out . It is what connoisseurs call pannarello , capable of removing a large amount of milk foam . Thanks to this, we can prepare delicious cappuccinos or lattes with little effort.

The negative point that I have found to this coffee maker is that the vaporizer has a very limited movement. This means that we can only use small milkmaids, since the larger ones do not fit well.


This Saeco is a simple machine, but it prepares a high quality espresso. The filter designed to make the coffee more creamy and the pressure bars it has, make each drink a delicious experience.


  • Allows you to use ground coffee or single dose ESE
  • It turns on very fast, so in a very short time we have coffee on the table
  • The pannarello vaporizer that manages to remove a large amount of milk foam


  • We will not be able to use large containers to heat milk
  • It vibrates a little, which sometimes causes a drop to fall out of the cup

2. Saeco Pomia Class HD8425 / 11 – A tough coffee maker

This model is very similar to the one previously mentioned. The Saeco Poemia Class retains all the characteristics of the Poemia Focus, highlighting within the differences the use of stainless steel in some finishes and components, which makes it more resistant.

One of these components that ceases to be plastic is the vaporizer. As it happened in the previous one, this one of the pannarello type , prepared to extract the maximum possible of foam to the milk . The difference, as we said, is that it is built with stainless steel , which eliminates the fragility of the plastic.

On the other hand, it preserves the type of pressurized filters, called Great Cream , which are designed to make the resulting coffee very creamy and aromatic.

This Saeco also allows the use of ESE pods if we prefer it to pre-ground coffee , which is the most common in this range of coffee makers.

In any case, the drink will be prepared quickly and easily, being able to choose between us to prepare a cup or two.

Finally, the coffee maker includes a surface on the top that heats the cups to have them ready for use. This function can be delicious in the cold winter afternoons.

As the most unfavorable point of this model, we can point out that it will not allow us to use large cups. The distance to the tray is short, so we will have to settle for that amount or pour the coffee into a larger container.


The main advantage of this model compared to the previous one that we have analyzed is its stainless steel finish, which makes it more resistant. For the rest, he shares the quality of his coffee and, above all, the creaminess he manages to give the drink.


  • The pannarello for foaming milk is stainless steel
  • We can choose between making a cup or two of coffee
  • It is very simple to use, as well as very fast


  • The liter of capacity of your deposit may fall short sometimes
  • We will only be able to use espresso cups, that is, small in size

3. Saeco Incanto HD8917 / 01  – A coffee machine for the best coffee

Contrary to the other coffee machines that we have mentioned before, it is already fully in the category of automatic machines of the brand, one of its strengths. The S aeco HD8917 / 01, known as Incanto,   incorporates numerous functions that we will choose with the press of a button.

To start, we must highlight the grinder built with ceramics that incorporates this model.

The ceramic prevents overheating and that the blades end up being damaged. In addition, we can configure your grinding up to five different thicknesses . In case we prefer, it also admits coffee powder.

After grinding the coffee we can only choose what type of drink we prefer. And here come the many options offered by this Saeco.

We can select the intensity of the drink and then choose between six different recipes . Among these, we find espresso , Lungo , macchiato or cappuccino .

The latter is completed with the use of the included jug for milk , which allows it to be stored in the refrigerator. Thanks to this, the Cappuccino function , serves coffee automatically presenting it with a good layer of foam.

The only problem we can point out about this coffee maker is its size. Those who have very small kitchens will have to juggle to place it. Of course, these dimensions are due to their benefits.


If you are looking for an automatic coffee machine that offers many options at the push of a button, it can come in handy. Being able to make six different types of coffee, several of them with milk, is something that lovers of this drink will appreciate.


  • The ceramic grinder that prevents overheating
  • All types of coffee you prepare automatically
  • The water filter that slows problems with lime


  • It is more bulky than other coffee makers because of the size of their deposits
  • Spend a lot of water for its purge system in each use

4. Saeco Pico Baristo HD8927 / 01 – Coffee purest

The Saeco Pico Baristo is another of the automatic coffee machines marketed by this company and, seeing the functions that we can choose, the truth is that it is presented as one of the most powerful in the range.

The control panel of this machine is very similar to the model presented above. Thus, it includes a digital screen and, around, the buttons to prepare the most common recipes .

Each button includes the name of the type of coffee, which makes handling very simple. Among these modalities are espresso , Lungo , Crema coffee and milk drinks such as macchiato and cap p uccino .

If we need more options, we can use the intensity selector or the menu for special drinks. All those that include milk benefit from the included jug . When coupled, the machine automatically performs all the necessary treatment and serves it in our cup.

Finally, although it includes other interesting features, the built-in water filter stands out . It not only removes impurities, allowing a purer taste, but also prevents us from having to descale the machine until we have 5000 cups consumed.

Perhaps the most negative point of this machine is, paradoxically, the amount of functionalities it presents. Not because of its usefulness, but because we will need to use it several times to be able to find the appropriate settings to prepare the coffee to our liking.


With the amount of programmable modalities that this coffee machine incorporates, there will be no unsatisfactory palate. But, among all, highlights the possibility of developing excellent cappuccinos in a simple and professional way. The visits will be amazed.


  • Its water filter system that ensures superior machine maintenance
  • All the options available to customize our coffee
  • We can memorize our favorite recipe to prepare it quickly


  • Spend a lot of water for self-cleaning in each use
  • It is large, so you have to find a suitable space

5. Saeco HD8769 Moltio – A beast in your kitchen

The Saeco Moltio is the next step in the evolution of automatic coffee machines, with so many options and possibilities that no one will be disappointed with their use, not even coffee sybarites.

Precisely, they will enjoy the Grain Commutator function . Thanks to this system we can configure the machine depending on the type of coffee we use . We find options for the Arabica , the Ro b usta and for the mixtures we want to make.

On the other hand, we also find the possibility to choose between numerous coffee recipes. From its control panel, just by pressing a button, we will obtain an espresso , a Lungo coffee , a macchiato , a latte and, thus, up to seven different modalities . Obviously, it also allows you to select the intensity we want for our drink. And finally, we will be able to memorize the choices we make to access them more easily.

Stresses, among other features, the automation of all cleaning processes . From usual, to descaling. The machine will guide our steps to perform it without problems. And, in addition, the machine itself will notify us when it is necessary to do it.

As with other previous models, the main disadvantage of this coffee maker in its size. It is necessary to make room in the kitchen and, for its 11 kilos of weight, it is not a device to move it often.


If you want one of the best coffee makers in the market today, this is undoubtedly one of the ones you have to contemplate. For foodies, the grinder system for treating different types of coffee beans, including mixtures, is a real joy.


  • The innumerable options that it presents when it comes to preparing coffee
  • The system for switching beans and making mixtures is perfect for connoisseurs
  • All cleaning, including descaling, is automated


  • It occupies enough space in the kitchen
  • The water tank is large, but its use to purge the machine at each use forces us to refill it often

How Saeco coffee makers work

Founded in Italy, home of the best coffee, in 1981, Saeco has established itself as one of the most important firms in the sector. It stands out especially in the segment of automatic machines, with multiple functions within our reach with the press of a few buttons. In fact, already in 1985 it commercializes its first automatic espresso for the home.

In 2009 Saeco was bought by Phillips and, since then, it has not stopped selling more and more advanced coffee machines with its own characteristics that make it one of the most powerful brands on the market. Thus, stand out the machines called super-automatic, equipped with ceramic grinders that give a great quality to the final product. Likewise, the details have been carefully taken care of, incorporating various treatments for milk, as well as pre-configured programs for cappuccinos and other similar drinks.

Of course, it also sells a line of manual coffee makers, some of them with the option of using single doses. These machines allow the user to choose all the parameters of their coffee and, in addition, they usually include vaporizers for milk and, thus, make the whole process complete.

Advantages of Saeco coffee machines

  • Simply, the quality of the coffee you prepare
  • The great variety of models it offers
  • Their coffee makers are characterized by their robustness and reliability