Best Rangefinder For Golf-Beginners Guide 2021

Rangefinders are used today be a large and diverse community of users. Some of the more popular user groups include rifle hunters, bow hunters, golfers, military personnel and surveyors. Best rangefinder for golf Each group of users has their own requirements and rangefinders appropriately target specific products for them. However, a general rangefinder can often be effective for multiple purposes, at least in its basic functionality. Let us consider the reason for owning a laser rangefinder for some of these groups.

Here Our Best Rangefinder For golf list for 2021:


1.Read My Review of Bushnell Sport 850 Rangefinder

​The Bushnell Sport 850 is an affordable, accurate line-of-sight rangefinder without any fuss or weight – it’s light, incredibly easy to use, and it does what you need it to do quickly, reliably, and without you having to invest an arm and a leg. Perfect for tournament usage, or just general golf play, it’s a rugged rangefinder with a great grip and nearly 900 yard range. It’s not my favorite rangefinder, but it’s definitely a recommended piece for anyone just starting out, especially if they’re unsure what to go with. ​The Bushnell Sport 850 has got everything you want – it’s small, easily gripped, operates on a single button that gives you accurate line-of-sight readings of up to 850 yards (as you might have guessed from the name of the model) and it uses an eye-safe laser for its readings.” Bill Smith Fardevice Admin


Some people might say it’s lacking in magnification with only 4 times magnification – but I find that that’s more than enough. Any more than that and the image would get too shaky, especially since this model doesn’t have image stabilization. Just like most high-quality Bushnell products, and rangefinders in general, it’s rainproof. Bushnell Sport 850 Rangefinder It’s got a vertical design, instead of a horizontal one, making it even easier to grip in a single hand. I’ve heard people complain about its holster being too flimsy, but since I usually just keep my rangefinder in my back pocket, it’s never bothered me. Benefits The Bushnell Sport 850 is perfect for beginners – anyone who hasn’t ever owned a rangefinder before and is looking into getting one should check out the 850 first. That’s what it was designed for – being an affordable, yet reliable option that does what a good rangefinder is supposed to do, without extras or surprises. Basic range distancebasic magnificationgood gripcompact size and design, and just a single button to interface with, making it an incredibly easy tool to work with. >>BUY This Model NOW on!>> Although designed more for golfing, it can be a hunter or archer’s companion as well. That versatility, combines with its price, means Bushnell succeeded in making an entry-level affordable rangefinder that isn’t absolutely worthless.


  • It’s affordable, yet high-quality. A rare example in the world of rangefinders.
  • Durable and compact, easy to grip and even easier to use – perfect for first-time owners of a rangefinder.
  • ​Although some might say that its low magnification and range is a con, for its price it’s quite the pro.


  • The add-ons the rangefinder comes with – neck strap, holster and carrying case – are quite low quality.
  • It’s tough to work with at long distances due to the lack of any image stabilization, and unlike more expensive rangefinders, it isn’t designed explicably to hit golfing pins. Still, with some practice it isn’t too tough to use.
  • ​Battery life isn’t exactly substantial.
  • Being a laser rangefinder, it’s hard to get the range of a dark object because it doesn’t reflect the rangefinder’s laser very well. This makes the rangefinder less than ideal for hunting darker prey, especially in heavy foliage.
Conclusion The Bushnell Sport 850 is an entry-level rangefinder – but it isn’t something I’d recommend if you’re looking to seriously invest in your hobby. The cons don’t seem too major, but over time these minor nuisances become more and more of a hindrance. Still, if you’re only in need of a rangefinder occasionally, then it’ll be better to grab this model and save a lot of money, instead of in need of a rangefinder. For golfing, the main gripe users will discover is that it can be really tough to hit the posts and pins past a certain yardage, even with magnification, simply because of the lack of image stabilization. It’s also hard to get a stable range reading when you can’t consistently hit your target, made worse by the fact that this rangefinder doesn’t have continuous reading capabilities. To hunters, the main gripe would probably be the fact that the rangefinder doesn’t pick up on darker objects quite as much, making it tough to get an accurate reading on a mark with brown, black or otherwise dark fur. But, To hunters, it’s still probably the best line-of-sight laser rangefinder you can get nowadays.

2.Read my honest Leupold Rangefinder reviews

Review Summary:

Just this recent hunting season, I had the opportunity to use a Leupold 112179 RX-1000i TBR W/DNA to my shooting advantage. After trying a number of rangefinders, I was honored to finally get my hands on this one especially after reading the rave Leupold rangefinder reviews online. I am technically new to all this technology so the point and shoot system is what I prefer best. But let me tell you, the RX-100i creams the single button operation completely. The Leupold 112179 RX-1000I TBR W/DNA is a very sophisticated hunting instrument and seems way ahead of its time.

Why Some Rangefinders Don’t Cut It

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  Leupold 112179 RX-1000I TBR W/DNA A rangefinder is simply a device to aid you with your shot through range acquisition. Because it utilizes optics, it needs to provide you the clearest image once your eye touches the scope. Unfortunately, more archaic models have a permanent dim within the lens making it impossible to see the distance in low light conditions. Although developments in the technology and design have eliminated slow measurements, noise and bulk, it seems that there is still a problem with battery life. My old Bushnell worked like a charm but sucked batteries dry in a month’s time with heavy use. And while others carried on with their shooting, I was stuck looking for replacement batteries.

How You Can Remedy This

If you’re not happy with your current device, get one that will be worth the price. There are cheap rangefinders out there but are not conducive to an overcast situation or could easily break in the rain. I personally look for weather-proof rangefinders that don’t let water seep into its interior and that don’t fog up. More than rain, the worst thing you can see through the lens is not seeing at all. Fog and condensation that enters the device can really ruin a hunting session. Look for a rangefinder that can truly fit your needs. Leupold rangefinder reviews have provided me with enough information to really consider purchasing a RX-100i.

What You Can Expect From the Leupold 112179 RX-1000i TBR W/DNA

  • Uses a True Ballistics Range instead of the typical line of sight
  • Reaches up to 800 yards and even 1000 yards for reflective objects
  • Offers a wider field of view and up to 6 times magnification
  • Has an OLED display considered more vivid than LED
  • Utilizes a Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) engine
  • Allows users to select from three reticles: Leupold Plus PointDuplex and a combination of both
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What Reviews Are Saying

§  Unique DNA system

What makes the Leupold RX-100i so unique is its advanced electronic system called the DNA system which is able to provide ultra-fast and very accurate readings. It gives half yard and even one-tenth yard measurements for precise range acquisition.

§  True Ballistics Range bonus

Compared to other rangefinders that are limited to the existing line of sight, the RX-100i has an added feature. According to Leupold rangefinder reviews, this device employs a number of modes you can choose from including both the basic Line of Sight and the True Ballistics Range which has an internal inclinometer and takes the angle of the shot into consideration.

§  Ingenious design and long battery life

With one button for power and another for the mode, theLeupold 112179 RX-1000i TBR W/DNA can seem pretty complicated but setting it to the right mode and it can work in about any conditions, especially with adjustable reticle options. Hit the power button to turn on the device and press it again if you want continuous readings. It is smart enough to turn itself off after several seconds to save battery life although it is known to go up to 10,000 cycles. CHECK The Price RIGHT NOW on!


Well, you get used to the mode button after a while and will see its significance in low light conditions since it is still able to provide a clear display of the readings. The TBR is also a great bonus however, in situations of wind, fog and rain; it doesn’t really make a difference with other rangefinders. Although this issue is not a big bump on the road, the Leupold RX-100i operates on a single CR2 battery which is pretty pricey but still long-lasting.
What is TBR?

Who This Is Best For?

Master hunters that want precise readings in a short amount of time will definitely appreciate the technology of the device as it is perfect for quick and elusive targets. Leupold rangefinder reviews also attest to the durability of the device and it is best for rugged conditions. Archers also seem to benefit from the Leupold RX-100i’s True Ballistics Range as it concerns the shot’s angle. All in all it is recommended to anyone serious with their hunting and shooting.

3.Best Review of Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

Review Summary:

This rangefinder’s slope features could be turned on and off, depending on your purpose. It’s legal for tournaments, but could also be used for practicing slope estimation during times that one isn’t playing in the field. It also boasts of dual display technology that allows the user to switch between bright red display for low-light environments and black display for bright daylight use.

Brief Introduction To My Review

I am a new golfer, but I’ve recently been very fond of it. At first, it started as simply going out with my friends to the golf course and trying out different obstacles at a time, just for leisure. After a few months, I bought my own equipment and started playing on my own. It’s fun. Golf has been my comfort zone ever since. However, being the newbie that I am, I am very reliant on slope calculations. I first purchased a rangefinder with slope-calculating features. Eventually, my friends had encouraged me to start joining tournaments. This was a good idea, especially for my competitive spirit. This is also when I purchased my Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder. I’ve only used it for barely 3 months and 1 tournament now.
  Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder I’d like to share my thoughts on it. To start off, I regret that I had not bought it earlier. I think it’s a waste of money that I have such a multi-purpose rangefinder, and another one specialized in working with slopes. Since I only use it for golfing and I started joining tournaments now, I rarely have the chance to use my older rangefinder. I’d like to share more of my thoughts on this device with you on the following paragraphs. But before that, let me give you a summary of the features that this device boasts of.

What are the Benefits?

This rangefinder’s slope features could be turned on and off, depending on your purpose. It’s legal for tournaments, but could also be used for practicing slope estimation during times that one isn’t playing in the field. It also boasts of dual display technology that allows the user to switch between bright red display for low-light environments and black display for bright daylight use. This has a pinseeker equipped with JOLT technology that gives notifications once it focuses on a flag. It also gives faster and more accurate yardages with its 2nd generation ESP and 6x magnification that could range between 5 and 1,300 yards.

How’s about its Features?      

This rangefinder has 1.5 x 4 x3 in dimensions and weighs around 8 ounces. It is powered by a 3-volt Lithium CR-2, and offers extra-long eye relief with its fully multi-coated lens, 16mm exit pupil, and 393ft field of view. As already mentioned, it is fully equipped with Dual Display Technology, pinseeker, and JOLT Technology that allows comfort, accurate, and fast calculations for the user. Lastly, its slope calculating features can be turned on and off depending on the user’s needs. This is especially useful for tournaments and practicing, as you don’t need another rangefinder for practicing with slopes and a separate one for tournaments. This totally kills two birds with one stone. >> Read More Wonderful Features of this product on >>


This rangefinder is light, accurate, and fast. It has a good size that fits my hands perfectly, and a hand clasp that makes handling it easy. Battery life is good, and could last for about 10-12 rounds on me. The highlight of this rangefinder is it is equipped with various types of technology that make rangefinding easier. It isn’t hard to manipulate and could be good for almost all purposes that I could use a rangefinder for.
  Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Since this is especially for golfing, what I like most about this is its slope technology that could be turned on and off. That’s a big plus, especially since most people before have to have two sets of rangefinders; one for slope calculating and one especially for tournaments. It might seem pricey, but considering its versatility, if you’re one who would be able to maximize such features, it’s a really good buy. It has a lot of features. For example, it could change the display from red to black depending on the ligh conditions. Also, the red plate gives two figures at the same time; the vertical slope and the yardage adjusted. Ideally, it also is good for my shaky hands. It isn’t hard to focus on the flag once it finds it. It works fast on the yardage results too! >> SOUND AMAZING? WHY NOT CHECK THIS PRODUCT NOW ON >>


Generally, I regard this product as a good purchase. Except for a few issues. It doesn’t have an eyecup, and occasionally, it’s hard to see through the eye piece. Also, the focus knob easily twists out of focus. It’s also hard to focus with the red display too. Lastly, I think it’s pricey. Luckily, I am very happy, as I could make use of all its features as I like joining golf tournaments. Otherwise, this won’t be such a good buy.

4.Best Simmons Rangefinder Review

Review Summary:

With hunting season just around the corner, my anxiety to accurately shoot at a moving target increased as well. I’m an old school kind of guy and rely on my ability point and shoot, but unfortunately, my eyesight and intuition can only go so far. Last season, hunting in a dreary overcast, my aim was off and I wasn’t able to score any big game as I had used to. With the buzz of new devices to complement my aim, I decided to do my research.

Why I Wasn’t Hitting My Targets

Missing target is a pain in my ass! In a shooting range or archery, you are given multiple chances to hit the target. However, in real life hunting, you are only given one chance to hit the target dead on (literally). On a bad day, and by bad I mean low light conditions with a chance of rain, it is more difficult to aim at targets further away from you. Anything more than a hundred yards can cause an immediate eye strain. Include a number of giant trees between you and a deer, and you’re almost sure it had run off to hide elsewhere. The fact that I couldn’t provide myself with an accurate distance was a huge let down for my hunting skills last season.

How I Remedied This

A few friends of mine have been raving about a rangefinder they purchased recently and tried on an open target practice. They told me that the device provided them accurate readings up to 200 yards. I found out recently that this was the Bushnell V3. After careful research online, I found that the Bushnell line was not for me since it seemed best suited for golf and it was at a whopping price. I found the Simmons LRF 600 on Amazon and was immediately attracted to it because of its sleek designs, one in all black and another in a handsome camouflage design. Also, it was one of the most affordable rangefinders on the online market. And after reading a number of Simmons rangefinder reviews, it seemed the best bang for my buck.

What To Expect With The Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder

  • Provides accurate readings up to 600 yards as advertised
  • Gives the user 4 times optical magnification
  • Includes an in view LCD display for speedier readings
  • Utilizes a single operation button for simple and easy use
  • Sleek vertical design that allows a more secure grip and quicker storage
  Simmons Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence laser Rangefinder


§  Completely unreliable after 200 yards

Although advertised as providing accurate readings up to 600 yards, the Simmons LRF 600 fails to do so at 200-300 yards. However, it is very accurate at 50 to 150 yards but readings start to falter in their precision after the 150 yard range. Even Simmons rangefinder reviews will attest to this flaw. This isn’t a huge setback for me however, since my farthest target is usually within a 200 yard range. I don’t own a sniper rifle, and don’t plan to purchase one any time soon.

§  Hard to read in low light conditions

I purchased a rangefinder to help me especially in overcast or dreary weather conditions. Unfortunately, the Simmons LRF 600 uses a black font color in its LCD display which makes it almost impossible to read in low light or at dusk.

§  Does not include a 9-volt battery with the purchase

The 9-volt battery is easily replaced and I prefer this over rechargeable models which can go dead in the middle of a hunting session. However, the 9-volt version is a bit outdated and I need to go to special hardware stores to purchase a replacement. The solution: Buy the batteries in bulk. >> READ Over 83+ Reviews from other Users on >>

Who This Is Best For?

The Simmons LRF 600 is best for seasonal hunters. If you don’t plan to shoot anything more than 200 yards, then by all means try this product. According to Simmons rangefinder reviews, it is one of the cheapest devices in the market. I personally consider myself an amateur hunter and have been happy with the LRF 600 despite its minor setbacks. I also normally hunt when the weather permits so the troublesome LCD display in low light conditions is not a huge flaw for me either.
The Simmons LRF 600 however is not for professional hunters that require more technical features and more precise readings at further distances. It is also not for the all-weather hunter since it is not very effective in low light conditions.

5.Best Review Of Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder

Review Summary:

An amazing Rangefinder models for Golfers with built-in PinSeeker technology and 4x magnification. Average rangefinders are plagued by a simple line of curses – mediocre durability, and unreliability. Sadly, these are the two things you want most in a rangefinder, and they also tend to be the things that tend to be rarest. Which is why this is an exciting find. The Bushnell Medalist rangefinder brings a pretty nifty benefit with its price – total accuracy. And not just of the short-ranged kind – I’ve seen friends with a steady hand manage to hit a pin on the field at 600 yards in the first two tries; that’s over half a kilometer.


  Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder The Bushnell Medalist enjoys a good number of features. Firstly, it’s got the awesome usefulness of great magnification, an HQ LCD display, a total range of about 1,000 yards, and compact size. The thing doesn’t just fit in my hand, it slips into my pocket without a problem. Despite the screen and long battery life, it’s also rainproof – although admittedly, I haven’t had the chance to test that yet. The magnification level on the Bushnell Medalist rangefinder goes up to 4 times – meaning you get a lot of viewing distance in such a tiny package. And tiny as it may be, it’s also really comfortable. The slick rubberized grip makes it easy to hold, so there’s really no hassle at all with using it. CHECK More Amazing Features of this Product on!


Aside from its superficial benefits, battery life and screen, note that this is just a regular rangefinder, mostly for golfing. It’s designed to hit the reflective edges of pins on the course, so you know exactly how far away your next target is going to be. It isn’t, however, the kind of rangefinder you usually take with you on a hunt. It won’t account for bullet or arrow drop, and neither will it try to. However, that’s to be expected – such rangefinders would cost you a lot more than a Bushnell Medalist rangefinder, and with some practice and intuition, this will do you just fine on most occasions.


  • An immediate pro is the amount of features the Bushnell Medalist boasts in its price range.
  • It’s got a great battery life, with newer iterations of the Medalist carrying a 9-volt battery.
  • It’s highly accurate, and excellent on the golf course with its pin seeker mode.
  • It’s compact and easy to grip, making it a very comfortable rangefinder without seeming too flimsy.
  • 4 times magnification and an LCD display for more accurate readings – and on top of all that, it’s rainproof.
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  • It’s incredibly sensitive. This means that you have to be careful, as sometimes its laser will hit the edge of a grass helm or stick, or some other hazard, and give you an inaccurate reading. Make sure you’re hitting the right target, and if you’re feeling unsure, try and get a second and third reading.
  • It doesn’t target hills, only trees, pins, poles, etc. It’s specifically designed for pins, the ones with reflective qualities, and the rangefinder comes with two modes – one designed specifically for pin seeking, and a regular mode.
Protip: try to shake the rangefinder gently so the laser recognizes the reflective pin, so you get the most accurate reading.
  • It’s not a ballistic rangefinders, so some hunters might be disappointed with this rangefinder’s, well, range of capabilities. For its price, however, it does just fine – better even.
>> READ over 83+ Reviews from Other Users on >>


If you’re looking for a feature-rich, accurate and durable rangefinder for your golfing hobbies, then the Bushnell Medalist rangefinder is an excellent choice. It does as advertised – it gives you accurate numbers to at least 600 yards, and apparently can range all the way to 1,000 yards at most, it hits pins accurately and easily without you having to have an extremely steady hand, and it’s pretty easy to use and stow away.
Keep in mind that it’s also very sensitive, and it’s limited to ranging pins, trees, poles and such – which can be both a benefit and detrimental, depending on the situation. Most of the time, you don’t want to accidentally try to get the range for the hill-side, but there are times when you’d like to. If you don’t mind these things, then this is most probably the product for you.

6.Founders Club Golf Laser Range Finder with Slope Compensation

Review Summary

I would say that one of the biggest highlights of this rangefinder for me is its durable built. It is water, dust, and even impact proof. I’m not the most careful person in the world, and that in itself says a lot about a device for me.


I’m a new golfer and I bought my Founders Club Gold Rangefinder almost a year ago. This really offers great value for the price. I’m new to golfing and I would say that I was really hesitant on making investments on it before. It’s a good thing that I came across this rangefinder and later on decided to push through and give gold a try. By far I am very much enjoying golf now, and I have zero regrets in this purchase.
  I would say that one of the biggest highlights of this rangefinder for me is its durable built. It is water, dust, and even impact proof. I’m not the most careful person in the world, and that in itself says a lot about a device for me. It’s a pretty simple device that is designed specifically for golfing, so if you are considering buying this but you think that you would be heavily relying on lots of features, I wouldn’t recommend this. If you’re all for functionality and value like me though, this one is really worth reading and researching more on. I would first be describing this device’s specs. If you want to know more about my experience and thoughts on this, kindly read on to the end of this review. I hope this helps!
  The Founders Club Golf Laser Range Finder With Slope Compensation Benefits This rangefinder has a pin seeking function that locks in once it finds a flag for accurate distance calculations to the hole. Its slope function also provides data on corrected distance and elevation, depending on the slope. Its optics ranges from 5 to 450 yards and has 6x magnification. It is fully waterproof too with a carry case strap, battery, and lens cloth in the package. It is lightweight and easy to grip. >>Take a look clser at this Amazing Rangefinder and it’s Praising Reviews>>


  • Founders Club is equipped with a ‘pole position” flag locator that makes use of highly accurate laser technology to accurately pick the distance out up to 225 yards away. Big trees, bushes, and other distractions are not a problem at all with this rangefinder.
  • It could operate at any golf course worldwide, has a +/-1 accuracy, and could range from 5-450 yards with 6x magnification.
  • ​It has slope and scan features and has a 24mm objective lens that is fully multi-coated. It creates fast measurement readings and automatically shits off after 10 seconds for battery saving.
  • ​The design is compact and light at 7 ounces in 4 x 1.6 x 2.7 in. It has a simple one button operation and an adjustable diopter too. Its body is fully impact, water and dust resistant, creating one sturdy rangefinder.
  • ​The Founders Club rangefinder can pick out the distance using its SLOPE feature which will measure the angle of incline/decline. Lightweight and ergonomic, play every shot with confidence, knowing you have the exact distance in your hand. Founders Club rangefinder is perfect for the golfer who only likes to have the highest quality equipment in their golf bag.


What I like about this product is it is really compact and light. It’s easy to handle, and the one button operation really makes everything simple. I could also easily attach the device in my pocket, or have it strapped securely on my belt. Its durable and weather proof features also make me relaxed even when it’s raining outside. So far I haven’t encountered any problems with it yet. >> Find Out More Wonderful Features On >> Another thing that I like about this rangefinder, which may be a drawback for others, is its very easy to use and simple features. It’s specifically designed to be a simple companion in golfing. It has everything that I need; slope calculations and pin seeking features, but for a better price, since it doesn’t have all the features that I don’t need in other devices. Like I said, it’s also weather proof and created to be durable, which I think really makes it a wise buy.


Although I am mostly contented with this purchase of mine, I would say that this rangefinder is quite slow in spotting the flag at times. But for the price that I got it for, I don’t think I’ll be complaining. So far it has served its purpose well, and has allowed me to practice a luxurious sport on a budget. I might consider getting a new one though if I decide to join tournaments