Best Personal Breathalyzer’s Review 2020

A personal breathalyzer is really an amazing creation of modern technology. Breathalyzer can help you make sure that you are drinking responsibly. You simply blow into the breathalyzer, and the device can calculate your blood alcohol level. With that info, you will know if you are safe to drive. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve rounded up the best deals and discounts on a variety of personal, portable breathalyzers. Whether you want something keychain-sized, something low-tech, or an option that’s top-of-the-line, this device can help you. The breath alcohol content reading is used in criminal prosecutions in two ways. The operator of a vehicle whose reading indicates a BAC over the legal limit for driving will be charged with having committed an illegal per se offense: that is, it is automatically illegal throughout the United States to drive a vehicle with a Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) of 0.08% or higher. One exception is the state of Wisconsin, where a first time drunken driving offense is normally a civil ordinance violation. The uniformity is due to federal guidelines that states choose to adopt as motor vehicle laws are enacted by the individual states. It is said that the federal government ensures the passage of the federal guidelines by tying traffic safety highway funds to compliance with federal guidelines on certain issues, such as the federal government ensuring that the legal drinking age be the age of 21 across the 50 states. In earlier years, the range of the threshold varied considerably between States.


The list of Best Personal Breathalyzer:


  • The breathalyzer is really an amazing device to use. That is why we have given some of the best personal breathalyzer for you.

1. AlcoHAWK PT500 Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector

2. BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzer

3. Alcohol Test Breathalyzer Tester

4. Breathometer Breeze Wearable & Wireless Smartphone Breathalyzer

5. BACtrack Trace Professional Breathalyzer




 AlcoHAWK PT500 Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector

This is one of the leading names in the personal breathalyzer industry. They have a couple of different models, including the low-cost Slim. We like the more premium PT500 model more than the Slim. The PT500 uses PT Core Sensor Technology. This is designed to minimize the risk of scoring a false positive. The display is nice and large, and it’s back-lit to boot. When using this display in the dark, or after a few beers, this is still easy to read.

Features and performance:

There are many features in this device. You’ll likely appreciate after having a few drinks is the presence of both an audio and visual warning when you are over the limit. The BAC alarm can be adjusted to your preference. This breathalyzer can measure BAC range from .000 to .400 percent. If you’re looking for a breathalyzer you can share with friends, family, or roommates, this is a solid choice. This unit has replaceable mouthpieces that are individually wrapped. If you choose this particular model, or any other breathalyzer on this list, make sure to follow directions for your particular breathalyzer exactly to get the most accurate results. Drink responsibly. Never drink and drive.



  1. Designed for peak accuracy
  2. Mouthpieces are simple to install
  3. Comes with ten mouthpieces, far more than other AlcoHAWK model



  1. Expensive
  2. Blow time resets after powering down




BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer is a great tech accessory to have in your arsenal, but it only works if you remember to take it with you. An ultra-portable keychain breathalyzer lets you keep your BAC meter right on your keys, which is perfect for those nights when you’re going out to have a drink.

Features and performance

BACtrack’s Go Keychain breathalyzer is a great option for personal use, though it’s not the most sanitary option for those who need a shareable BAC meter. Only three mouthpieces are included. The mouthpiece folds in for easy storage. The LCD display is a bit on the small side, but this is still a solid choice for people who need a small, ultra-portable BAC tester. For best results, only use this tester after at least 15 minutes have passed since you finished your last drink.



  1. Small
  2. Reasonably priced
  3. Batteries are included



  1. Only under warranty for one year


  1. No Bluetooth






 Alcohol Test Breathalyzer Tester 

This device is an interesting device. Unless you have a backup battery handy, you’re out of luck. That’s one reason we like these decidedly “low tech” drink-a-lyzers from Alcohol Test. To operate this BAC test, you simply blow into the chamber.



Features and performance

This device has got various functions and features. Within the chamber, there are color-changing crystals. The color of the crystals indicates whether you have a O percent BAC, a BAC of 0.04 percent, or a 0.08 percent BAC. These types of test are nice because they are disposable, discreet and don’t involve collecting any digital data. You can use these disposable tests by themselves, or to confirm your readings from an electronic reader.



  1. Inexpensive
  2. Easy to use



  1. Response not immediate



 Breathometer Breeze Wearable & Wireless Smartphone Breathalyzer


Breathometer is a wearable breathalyzer you can attach to your clothes. It’s relatively inconspicuous, and quite lightweight. It connects to your smart phone using Bluetooth, and takes mere seconds to give you your results. Within the app, you can see estimates on how long it should take you to get sober.


Features and performance


This device has contains many features like counting display, connecting with your phone etc. Other features of the Breathometer app include the ability to find nearby lodging, or even the ability to call a car through Uber so you can get home safely. The app also syncs with Apple’s Health Kit, so you can see how your drinking may be negatively impacting your health over time.



  1. Battery lasts 16 months/2,500 tests
  2. Measures BAC from 0.000 to 0.250
  3. Lightweight


  1. Requires Smartphone
  2. Not ideal for sharing with friends




 BACtrack Trace Professional Breathalyzer


This BACtrack tester offers police-grade testing technology, and it’s one of the best-reviewed personal breathalyzers out there today. Built-in memory means that the last ten BAC tests you run will be stored locally.


Features and performance

This can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your outlook. Some people will appreciate having a record of their past tests, so they can see how their BAC has descended over the course of an evening. It’s also nice to have a reference for your own peace of mind. That being said, others may have privacy concerns about a device that tracks their personal data.



  1. Measures 0.000 to 0.400 percent BAC
  2. One hand, one touch operation



  1. Expensive

Personal breathalyzer Buyer’s Guide:


If you keep all the aforementioned notes you can easily effort a useful bait casting spinning reel.


The consideration that is usually of highest concern when shopping for a breathalyzer is the accuracy of the product. The number one factor that affects the accuracy of the device is the sensor that it employs. There are two types of sensors used in breathalyzers fuel cell, and semiconductor. Essentially, both options will provide accurate readings, but the degree of accuracy will increase with the price. Breathalyzers using fuel cell sensor technology are more accurate than semiconductor units, and deliver more reliable results in repeat testing, but they are also a little more expensive. There are two methods of calibrating a precision fuel cell breath analyzer, the Wet Bath and the Dry Gas method. Each method requires specialized equipment and factory trained technicians. It is not a procedure that can be conducted by untrained users or without the proper equipment. The Dry-Gas Method utilizes a portable calibration standard which is a precise mixture of alcohol and inert nitrogen available in a pressurized canister. Initial equipment costs are less than alternative methods and the steps required are fewer. The equipment is also portable allowing calibrations to be done when and where required. The Wet Bath Method utilizes an alcohol/water standard in a precise specialized alcohol concentration, contained and delivered in specialized simulator equipment. Wet bath apparatus has a higher initial cost and is not intended to be portable. The standard must be fresh and replaced regularly.




The Terms and Conditions behind personal breathalyzer:

There are three things that the user should keep in mind while buying a breathalyzer. These are crucial components of any search, and two will provide peace of mind as well as information needed to make sure the product is as accurate as possible. The third will provide safe and hygienic usage of the product.

FDA Approval

One thing that has to be made sure of is that the user is not purchasing a novelty grade breathalyzer. If a unit has FDA approval of 510(k), it is fit for human use. It also means the FDA has inspected the model for accuracy as well as reviewed the product information that the manufacturer has produced. The user can be assured that the breathalyzer has been reviewed by an appropriate agency, that the device is safe for use, and that it is comparable to at least two other similar products on the market.

Calibration of Devices

One of the things to keep in mind when purchasing a breathalyzer is how often it must be calibrated. A personal breathalyzer has to be calibrated every 400 to 500 uses. A professional grade breathalyzer only has to be calibrated every 1000 uses. Personal breathalyzers are just fine for use by a single person or by a small group of family and friends. However, for circumstances where the device will need to be utilized frequently, the accuracy of a professional level breathalyzer is preferred. All devices should be calibrated at least every twelve months, and there are online sites that specialize in the calibration.

Mouthpieces for Breathalyzers

These are key components of any breathalyzer setup. This is especially true if multiple people will be using the same unit. The mouthpiece portion of a breathalyzer resembles a little straw that the user blows into. The mouthpiece should be changed frequently, as germs can be found on a straw after use.


 There are some related brands to look for.

Personal breathalyzer keychain.

These breathalyzers are small and portable. They come in a variety of different colors and the user can try to match the breathalyzer’s color to a keyring or purse in an effort to be as discreet as possible. These breathalyzers are meant for personal use, and would be ideal for taking to a social setting to determine whether or not the person is capable of driving. These breathalyzers aren’t always as accurate as the professional grade models, but can give a good estimate of the blood alcohol level of the user. A digital model is ideal, especially late at night, as the readout display is easy on the eyes.



Where can i buy a personal breathalyzer?

The breathalyzer is a popular device to buy. This device can be found in departmental store or in drug houses. You can order it from various sites. You can order it from amazon or from ebay. is also a popular site to order this. You can find you desire model from them.  Most people know, breathalyzers detect the amount of alcohol a person has in his or her bloodstream. However, what most people don’t know is that breathalyzers can be purchased for personal use; they are not only found in the presence of police authorities. These can be vital to a business or party host who wishes to make sure that people aren’t leaving who are too intoxicated to drive. Breathalyzers can be for individual use, so a person can bring along the device when he or she goes out to dinner or a bar. This can ensure that he or she is not over the legal limit before getting behind the wheel of a car. Breathalyzers are available at some electronics and specialty stores, as well as online. eBay is a useful place to buy breathalyzers, though, as a wide variety is available and the expertise of many different vendors can be utilized.
Personal breathalyzer Walgreens


Walgreen is a store where you can find many types of medical devices and also can test your body too. In Walgreens, the latest breathalyzer available is Bactrack s35. Perfect for testing anywhere and anytime, bring the BACtrack S35 along with you to get a quick Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) result.  Test yourself, friends and family, understand how alcohol affects the body, and make more informed decisions every time you drink. Designed in California with ease of use and style in mind, the BACtrack S35 harnesses a powerful proprietary sensing technology and a specially tuned algorithm, delivering trusted results every time you test.  Just pull it out, turn it on, and blow into it for five seconds.  Your estimated BAC will display on the cool, Caribbean blue LCD screen.


Personal breathalyzer Australia

Australia Breathalyzer is a Melbourne based online retailer backed by staffs with years of experience in both online and offline retailing. We differentiate ourselves from the run of the mill online stores by providing a high level of service and a strong focus on passion and innovation. Our dispatch centre takes great care with every order from secure packing to swift delivery. All in stock items are dispatched within 24 hours of payment clearance.


Accurate personal breathalyzer.


There are three methods of BAC testing normally used in the U.S., the most accurate method being a blood test. However, blood tests are inconvenient and invasive; a blood sample must be drawn from subjects’ veins in a hospital or clinical setting. As a result, breath tests using handheld devices, also called “breathalyzers” and “preliminary breath testers” (PBT), are employed in the field by law enforcement to assess BAC because they are lightweight, portable, and easy to administer. These same qualities make them great for use by concerned individuals wanting to monitor their alcohol level. While breath test results may help an officer establish probable cause for a DUI arrest, they are not admissible in court. A number of factors can influence breath test results, and many attorneys make a living challenging the reliability of breathalyzers on behalf of clients charged with DUI. In recent years, breathalyzer prices have declined while breath testing technologies have improved. Increasingly, consumers are purchasing breathalyzers to gauge their own BAC levels after consuming alcohol, as well as to monitor underage children with driving privileges or family members who have alcohol issues.



Some other Comparisons:

Vastar AD690 Professional> BACtrack S80 Professional>BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer>BACtrack Mobile Smartphone breathalyzer.>VicTsing Professional Breathalyzer


These are breathalyzer that uses semiconductor oxide sensors. These can be accurate, but can also show a false positive for diabetics or people on low calorie diets. These models show up to the hundredth of a percent, and can lose accuracy at very high BAC levels. However, if a user is looking for a personal item to tell whether or not he or she is over the limit, these make a fine option. They do have a shorter shelf life than the professional models, but their cost makes up for the limited lifespan. BacTrack is a very popular brand of these breathalyzers.

iPhone Breathalyzers

These are small units that snap into the charging and data port of an iPhone. They have a tiny hole that allows a person to breath into the unit. The unit does not always communicate with the iPhone; sometimes, all the iPhone does is providing power to the unit. The size of this breathalyzer enables it to be stored in a pocket, purse, or backpack, without being too much of a burden.

Professional Breathalyzers

These models are the kinds that are used by law enforcement agencies around the country. These units use fuel cell sensors to detect the BAC of a person, and have a few key upgrades over the semiconductor oxide sensors. The shelf life is longer; they provide accurate results for thousands of tests. CMI is a popular manufacturer of these units.

Tabletop Breathalyzers

These breathalyzers provide the most accurate results along with the longest times between calibrations. These breathalyzers use spectrophotometer technology. This method uses infrared technology to measure individual molecules for the most accurate readings. These units are not really meant for individual users. A business that wants to ask permission to test its patrons before letting the patron drive might have a reason for such a unit. Otherwise, these units are the primary domain of law enforcement agencies. Alco Sensor is a major manufacturer of these units.


Some FAQs about the Best personal breathalyzer:


What is the advantage of personal breathalyzer?

How does it work?

What thing we have to check while buying a breathalyzer?


Final Words:


The decision to carry a breathalyzer is a good one. It shows responsibility on the part of the user. There are many different options for breathalyzers. These can include personal breathalyzers, which can attach to a keychain or iPhone to make use a bit easier. Professional breathalyzers can be used by people who have diabetes or are on a diet, as these give the most accurate readings. They are also an option for people who do not wish to have to calibrate their units as often. Tabletop breathalyzers, while interesting, are not necessarily a good fit for personal users. People looking for breathalyzers should make sure that the units are FDA approved, and how often and where that the user can have the unit calibrated. Breath analyzers do not directly measure blood alcohol content or concentration, which requires the analysis of a blood sample. Instead, they estimate BAC indirectly by measuring the amount of alcohol in one’s breath. Two breathalyzer technologies are most prevalent .infrared spectrophotometer technology, electrochemical fuel cell technology, or a combination of the two. Hand-held field testing devices are generally based on electrochemical platinum fuel cell analysis and, depending upon jurisdiction, may be used by officers in the field as a form of “field sobriety test” commonly called PBT (preliminary breath test) or PAS (preliminary alcohol screening) or as evidential devices in POA (point of arrest) testing. So, this is really an amazing invention. We have reviewed some of the best breathalyzer to you. We hope you will like them

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