5 Best Orbegozo Microwave Market

A friend recently asked me for advice on which microwave to buy. That’s when I started to check the internet from top to bottom looking for a microwave that could satisfy it in several ways. 

The first of these is that it should be functionality: the more functions better naturally, however, there also has to be a balance between the appearance and the size of a device.

In this comparison of microwaves I intend to talk about what are the best options for me in the Orbegozo brand catalog.

Which microwave Orbegozo to choose?

1. Microwave Orbegozo MI 2015 – Simple and very complete  

It must be said that the Orbegozo MI 2015 is one of the simplest models of Orbegozo . However, far from it means that it is worse. It is a more than affordable device: for the price it has and the quality it can offer us, it is without doubt one of the great options when choosing which microwave to buy.

It has six different power modes that are more than what other brands can offer. This power reaches 700W and has a capacity of 20 liters (which is also more than that offered by other brands).

If I had to say a bad point about the Orbegozo MI 2015, it doesn’t have a grill. With this we will not be able to do baking functions although the truth is that most houses already have an oven so I do not think it is very necessary either. 


I believe that the Orbegozo MI 2015 is a device for those of you who are thinking about what microwaves to buy and want a simple model to use that can offer us several power modes to be able to adjust them to our needs. If in addition to that you are looking for a microwave at a price that is more than affordable both for its current price and for all the guarantees that its brand (Orbegozo) can provide you, without a doubt the Orbegozo MI 2015 is your device.


  • Very simple to use, panel with roulettes
  • Up to six different power modes
  • Compact design with good internal capacity (up to 20 liters)
  • Easy to clean


  • It has no grill

2. Orbegozo MIG 2380 – A leading microwave  

The first thing that catches the attention of the MIG 2380 Orbegozo is its design . Aesthetically it is one of the most successful microwaves in the market thanks to its opaque screen and its avant-garde appearance. Behind that facade is a microwave with many functions and a very intuitive use despite combining keys and roulettes.
It has eight levels of power that is more than most microwaves offer. Its function in heating and defrosting (which is the microwave itself) reaches 900W. It has grill and this reaches up to 1000W of power.

In addition, it has greater capacity than most microwaves reaching up to 23 liters. Without a doubt, it is a device that makes it clear that it serves for much more than heating a simple cup. For those of you who are followers of the microwave kitchen, you can certainly provide a great service. At the same time, it offers more features and better performance than other devices that are worth more expensive . It is certainly a great option when thinking about which microwave to buy. It has a stainless steel design and, in general, all its materials are of high quality so it can last several years.

The only but I can put the Orbegozo MIG 2380 is that it has no ceramic interior. This is especially interesting when cleaning because it offers no difficulty. However, I am aware that there is nothing perfect in this life.


The Orbegozo MIG 2380 is a device that can offer great functionality to those of you who want to use it more than heating a glass or a plate. Specifically, thanks to its grill function we can cook large pieces of meat, fish or vegetables. It also has more capacity than most microwaves reaching 23 liters, which makes things even easier. It is certainly a great long-term investment that also has a very attractive design.


  • Easy to use
  • Very attractive design
  • It is stainless steel
  • It has grill
  • Eight power modes (more than most microwave models)
  • It has more capacity than most microwaves


  • It has no ceramic interior for easy cleaning

3. Orbegozo MIG 1811 – For the most demanding  

Although it has a very different design from the previous model, the MIG 1811 Orbegozo loses nothing in terms of personality and functionality . Without a doubt, it represents one of the most avant-garde microwave devices in the market, both for its appearance and for the large number of possibilities it offers us.
It has six power modes and in the microwave function (for defrosting and heating) it has a power that reaches 700W . In the grill function (which naturally has) the lega up to 900W. This power is more than enough for cooking meat, fish and vegetables.

It has an avant-garde design as I said it is operated through keys. At the same time it is compact so it will not take too much on our counter and even a good idea to reserve a place if you are planning to carry out works andBetween a set of wood where it will undoubtedly contribute to give an unbeatable look to the whole kitchen.
Your timer can be programmed from 30 to 30 seconds , which means that we can adjust the times well in the case of delicate preparations. I consider it a great option for the simple fact of belonging to a brand of as many guarantees as Orbegozo and at the same time for being one of its best equipped models.

Again, what I can put in this microwave is that it does not have a ceramic interior that allows us to clean it more easily. For the rest I consider that it deserves a ten in both design and functionality.


Despite its avant-garde appearance, the Orbegozo MIG 1811 is a device that is very simple to operate with its built-in keys. It has a grill and also a timer that allows us to adjust the times to the maximum to achieve great results without much effort. For being Orbegozo and, in general, for all the qualities it has, it is a great option that you should consider if you are thinking about which microwave to buy.


  • Very attractive design
  • Six different power modes
  • It has grill
  • Compact design
  • It has a timer


  • It has no ceramic interior

4. Orbegozo MI 2017 – Simply affordable 

The Orbegozo MI 2017 is about the black version of what a functional and easy-to-use microwave should be . For example, I consider it an ideal device for both older people and those of you who want a microwave without complications. 
It has two roulettes that allow you to easily adjust your functions both in time and in power. It reaches 700W of power in the microwave function (defrosted and heated) that are divided into six levels with which we can fully respect the integrity of any food.

Its black color is undoubtedly better when combined in any kitchen . Its compact design at the same time ensures everything that is practical for a microwave. In this comparison of microwaves, without a doubt, the Orbegozo MI 2017 should take a ten in terms of simplicity and functionality with its 20 liters of capacity , without a doubt everything that can be asked of a microwave: that does not complicate our existence.

The only thing I miss about this microwave is the grill function that would make it perhaps a microwave too good to be true considering its price more than affordable.


If you do not want to complicate your life and the only thing you are looking for is a microwave for classic functions and some golden or light cooked occasionally, without a doubt the Orbegozo MI 2017 should be your choice. It has a price too affordable to let it escape. Don’t even think about it. 


  • Extremely simple to use.
  • It has six different levels of power
  • Compact design
  • 20 liters capacity
  • 700W power, very good for the price you have


  • Does not have grill

5. Orbegozo HO232  – An uncomplicated oven 

Finally I want to introduce the Orbegozo HO 232, a microwave oven that has arrived to stay in the house of those of you who do not have much space in the kitchen. In fact, the Orbegozo HO 232 offers us all the good things that an oven must have in the space occupied by a simple microwave. It has 23 liters of capacity and a gray color that makes it compatible with virtually any kitchen design. 

It has a timer of up to 60 minutes , which can offer the full functionality of a conventional oven.

Its compact appearance makes it very easy to clean. It has 4 bars to adjust the temperature depending on the type of food: with 1500W of power many things can be cooked.

So, I wanted to present this alternative for those of you who already had microwaves and were thinking of a device beyond the simple heating of cups, glasses and plates.

If I had to give it to this oven, I would have liked it to come with more accessories such as grills for different uses.


If you are looking for an appliance that can perform the functions of an oven in exchange for less space, surely the Orbegozo HO232 should be your choice. It is easy to clean and very affordable in terms of quality / price ratio.


  • It hardly occupies space
  • It does the functions of an oven
  • It is very simple to clean


  • I would have liked more accessories

Orbegozo microwave

Personally I think that Orbegozo is in general one of the best brands we can count on . They have made all kinds of appliances for several decades and best of all, if you ever bought something of this brand, it will probably still work. The most remarkable of all they do is their durability: the same happens with microwaves and ovens. Therefore, I consider it a great option also when deciding which microwave to buy.

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