5 Best Nespresso Coffee Machine 2021

The other day, while I was drinking coffee with friends in a cafeteria, one of them brought up the issue of coffee makers at home , because I was thinking of buying one. It seems that, except her, the rest had already some and all began to sell the benefits of the different models: drip, Italian, single dose …. in short, all existing.

With so many opinions, my poor friend was not clear at all: no brand, no kind of machine, no mode of operation. So I offered to do a little research that would make things clearer. She agreed asking me to start looking at the best Nespresso coffeemachine on the market , which George Clooney throws a lot.

What Nespresso coffee machine to choose?

1. Nespresso Krups XN3005 Pixie – A great little coffee

The Nespresso Krups Pixie XN3005 is presented as the perfect model for those looking for a small and compact machine to put in their kitchen. It is only 11 centimeters wide , so nobody can use the size of your countertop as an excuse.

On the other hand, this is not the only detail that makes this model one to be taken into account by coffee lovers. It also highlights its two “One Touch” buttons , which, as its name indicates, allow you to select the amount of drink you want by pressing it. One will serve us a short espresso , while the second will prepare a Lungo with more quantity .

The 19 pressure bars presented by this coffee maker make the resulting coffee very creamy and intense . And all, in a very short time thanks to the Thermoblock system that achieves the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds. Ideal for those who go in a hurry in the morning.

Also interesting is the light warning that the machine emits to warn us that the water tank is empty and that, therefore, we have to fill it.

Finally, we must highlight its automatic shutdown system , which turns off the machine if we do not use it for 9 minutes. Perfect for the clueless and to save energy.

The most unfavorable point presented by this coffee maker is that it is quite noisy. This, although in the afternoon little is noticed among the ambient noise, in the early morning in the middle of the silence it can be much more annoying.


For all those looking for a coffee maker with the quality of the Nespresso system and with different functionalities, but have problems with space in the kitchen, this model is a great option. Its only 11 centimeters wide allow it to be placed in almost any corner we choose, without getting in the way. It even includes a deposit to store the capsules.


  • Its attractive design and small size.
  • The Thermoblock system makes it ready in seconds to make coffee
  • Flow Stop technology that automates the size of our drink


  • It is a bit noisy compared to others in its range
  • The 0.7 liters of capacity of your water tank fall somewhat short

2 . Nespresso Krups XN2501 U  – A smart machine

According to the company, the Nespresso Krups U XN2501 is the most automated coffee maker of the brand . In the absence of being able to confirm it 100%, it can be said that this machine includes a series of automatic configurations that make it very interesting.

Among these functions, the most striking is the ability to memorize our favorite coffee and act accordingly. That is, the coffee maker remembers what kind of configuration we have chosen in our last uses and, if we do not order otherwise, it will start to prepare it as soon as we introduce the capsule and close the compartment.

If we prefer another type of coffee at that time or it is for another person, this coffee maker presents the Flow Stop system to choose the amount and intensity of the coffee. In this way, in a simple way, you can choose between a ristretto, an espresso or  a Lungo coffee with the push of a button.

Like other models in the same range, the Krups U incorporates a technology that turns it off when it is inactive for 9 minutes. It also has the Thermoblock system , which heats the machine in just 25 seconds.

The negative point that we can find for this coffee maker is that the water tank only has a capacity of 0.7 liters. This means that we will have to recharge every little time, since it does not fit for many cups.


We can affirm that the publicity that affirms that it is the one that includes more automatic functionalities among the Nespresso is totally true. It is a machine capable of detecting our favorite type of coffee and serving it without having to do anything. It is also very comfortable to eject the used capsule itself.


  • Your ability to memorize our favorite type of coffee
  • The Thermoblock system that makes it heat up very quickly
  • The side magnets that allow us to place the water tank wherever we want


  • The water tank falls a little short
  • Although it does not become very annoying, if it makes some noise when using it

3. Nespresso DeLonghi U EN110B – A fully automatic machine

The Nespresso DeLonghi U EN110B is the previously presented version of the coffee maker manufactured by DeLonghi rather than by Krups. Therefore, the benefits it presents are very similar, with very small variations practically unimportant.

For this reason, it is necessary to emphasize again the great automation that this model presents. As we mentioned before, what stands out most is that the machine is able to memorize our latest uses and reproduce our favorite coffee. Just insert the capsule and close the compartment.

They are also the same controls that will allow us to choose between three different types of coffee: we find the option of making ourselves a ristretto, an espresso or, if we want something more in quantity, a Lungo.

Remember that these models do not include milk treatment, so we will have to do that separately.

Also note that the water tank can be placed in the part of the machine we want. This is possible because the sides are magnetized, so if we want to put the tank on one side for reasons of space, we can do it without problems.

It should be noted that we can use cups of various sizes, since the drip tray is easily removable and can be placed at three different heights.

As happened to the other Nespresso U, this model falters in its water tank. Its capacity of 0.7 liters is going to force us to fill it every little time, especially if we choose to make coffee Lungo.


If you are looking for a Nespresso coffee machine that has managed to automate a good part of its functions, this may be yours. He has also managed to simplify the way he uses it to the fullest: making your usual coffee won’t even force you to press a button.


  • The capsule container with capacity for 14 of them
  • Your automated systems to choose the type of coffee we want
  • It allows us to use cups of various sizes


  • The water tank does not allow us to make too many coffees without recharging
  • The noise you make when you start it

4. Nespresso Pixie DeLonghi EN1255 – A single espresso pressing a button

We find again the version of another coffee maker also made by Krups. In this case, the Nespresso DeLonghi Pixie EN125S is very similar to the Krups Pixie. Like this one, the one built by DeLonghi is only 11 centimeters wide , so it is very easy to place it anywhere.

It also shares the  two “One Touch” buttons . Remember that with these controls we can choose between two different coffee lengths just by pressing them. With the first we get a creamy and thick espresso and with the second, a Lungo with more drink.

It also shares the 19 bar pressure pump , which places it in the upper range in this aspect and makes the drink very creamy . By the way, by purchasing this model, we will also receive a welcome set with 16 different capsules , so that we can try the different modalities.

The DeLonghi will let us know by a few lights that the water tank is empty and, in addition, it will turn itself off if we do not use it for 9 minutes.

The negative point that I could find this coffee maker is that it is quite noisy, which is especially noticeable if we make coffee early in the morning. Luckily it is so fast making coffee that lasts a short time.


The DeLonghi Pixie is a great coffee maker if you are looking for a simple, compact-sized machine that offers all the quality of Nespresso. It stands out, above all, for the speed with which it works and that will allow you to enjoy your drink in a short minute.


  • Your transparent capsule container to control what we have left
  • The rapid heating system to have coffee right away
  • It is really easy to use


  • It’s a bit noisy, but it makes coffee so fast that we barely noticed
  • Your water tank falls short of capacity

5.  Nespresso Citiz & Milk Cream DeLonghi EN266  – Best cappuccino

Just look at the design of this coffee maker to realize that it is very different from other models that we have commented. Apart from its aesthetics, for which it was awarded in 2009 with the Reddot Design Award , its form is due to the introduction of a milk tank .

One of the most interesting details presented by this model is precisely that it allows a certain treatment in milk . Highlights, above all, a frother called aeroccino . With it, we can remove all the foam from the milk, beating manually until we reach the amount we want. This makes this coffee maker perfect for cappuccino lovers .

And, to make this option even more comfortable, we can use two different cup sizes because the tray is removable. Thus, small coffee makers are ideal for espresso and large ones for cappuccinos.

On the other hand, the machine also allows you to choose between two sizes of coffee just by pressing the corresponding button. Thus, we have the possibility of taking an espresso or a Lungo quickly and easily, since you have to join the rapid heating technology that makes it ready to work in just 25 seconds.

Like the previous models, the negative point that we can find for this coffee maker is the size of its water tank. Although it reaches the liter, being able to make cappuccinos sometimes falls a little short.


This model of Nespresso coffee maker presents an interesting extra about similar ones. Thus, apart from the usual quality of these products, it incorporates the possibility of preparing delicious cappuccinos, which will delight lovers of this drink.


  • The aeroccino to prepare cappuccinos
  • It is very simple to use and in a very short time we get our drink
  • The system to control the quantity and intensity of coffee


  • Water tank capacity is a bit short
  • It occupies a little more space than other models of the same range

How Nespresso coffee machines work

Nespresso coffee machines have been made with a good bite of the market in this type of products. It is undoubtedly the one that has achieved the most visibility in recent years and the quality it presents has made it the most popular. It should be noted that Nespresso, belonging to Nestlé manufactures its coffee makers with a company such as DeLonghi or Krups, so sometimes we find very similar models with different names.

Nespresso uses its own system of capsules, made of aluminum and with a plastic that separates this material from ground coffee. Being sealed tightly, the coffee does not lose qualities, neither of aroma, nor of freshness. The brand markets a wide variety of capsule types, so that each one can find the one that may interest you most. In recent times there have also appeared some other companies that have developed capsules compatible with these coffee makers.

The general operation of these devices, leaving aside more advanced functionalities, is very simple. Just put the capsule in the coffee maker and a small needle will pierce its lid. After filling the corresponding tank with water, it begins to heat up and ends up crossing the area where the coffee is located. The hot water, then, begins to soak the product and in a few seconds, we get our drink.

Besides, in recent times they have added advances in coffee machines that have incorporated, for example, milk treatments that make it easy to make cappuccinos or coffee with milk. Progress has also been made in automating many functions, which makes its use even easier.

Advantages of Nespresso coffee machines

  • We will find a wide variety of types of coffees
  • They are very simple to use, preparing coffee quickly
  • We will not have problems finding the capsules