Best Multifunction Kitchen machine 2021

When cooking is concerned, there are a lot of methods and recipes so you can taste a wide variety of foods , however, we do not have the required time, we can present a conflict in our diet.

At present you can find a large number of kitchen equipment that facilitates the cleaning process, and having the best multifunction kitchen machine on the market will be an excellent option.

A product that allows you to cook delicious dishes while you make others

Home activities, if you do not know which to buy  we leave you with a guide with the best ranking of machines so you can get the best one that suits your needs.

Tips for choosing best multifunction kitchen machine with several programs

To know which kitchen machine you should buy you must take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each:

  • Functions : It is necessary that you verify the amount of functions or dishes that you can prepare with this equipment, since the idea is that you can solve your meals with a variety of dishes managing to prepare them without major problem.
  • Capacity : This is another important feature and it is ideal that you can not only prepare an exquisite dish, if you can not do it for several people and without having to use many utensils
  • Materials: it is necessary that the manufacturing materials are of quality , in this way your food will be prepared in a team that does not have any type of waste and that also prevents adhesions of grease that can deteriorate.
  • Control panel: It is necessary that you have a fairly friendly or easy-to-use control system , so that you can use it quickly and without the need to monitor the food cooking process.
  • Potency : it is necessary to verify the potency of the product so that this sea is able to cook a wide variety of dishes without having to make too much effort.

How much money should I spend on my multifunction kitchen machine?

It is necessary that there is a comparison of the product, its different models and prices, in this way you can make a selection of the best suits your tastes.

  • Cheaper machines (less than € 100 ) – You can find some products of this type for this price but they may have limited functions or that are of a low range. It is possible that these models do not belong to the best ranking of machines of this type.
  • Machines of better quality (more than € 100 ) – In general, these types of products are of better quality, so their materials are usually much more durable and although the investment is greater it has more functions and a longer useful life.

What multifunction kitchen machine to buy?

1. KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan

MK812121 is a fairly practical equipment that can help prepare different dishes in less time, it even has the function of keeping food warm for about 24 hours. In it you can prepare baked goods, steamed food, stew, fried foods , baby food and much more.

You can prepare a sufficient amount of food for 3 or 4 people thanks to an account with a capacity of 5 L thanks to its 2.5 mm thick spherical bowl with 6 layers of non-stick and resistant coating. Thanks to its panel you can select from 45 cooking programs and even customize it to your own recipes.

What recipients other buyers?

“A friend has recommended it to me, since for my work I don’t have much time and it really has been a very useful team since I can do my activities without my food being burned”

2. Kenwood FPM270 Review

Now you can make it much easier to prepare the food in your home and it is that with this product you can with just one button prepare different dishes and it has 50 preset programs that allow you to cook delicious recipes without worrying about burns.

The advantage of this equipment is that you can continue doing another activity that does not require supervision to do your job, your bowl is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of about 5 liters , so you can prepare food for several people without any problem.

What recipients other buyers?

“I have given it to my birthday mother and she is very happy with it, now she does not stop watching her programs on television or she stops maintaining her garden because she has to be aware of the food she cooks”

3. G Deluxe

This is a fairly advanced equipment that has a capacity of 5 liters with which you can prepare food for several guests, it has 9 menus so you can cook your food in a different way and without the need for you to be enslaved verifying the process cooking

We offer you the advantage that you can program it even 24 hours to keep the food warm, you can use it even for some of your food without burning or are crossed inside. In addition to the account, even with the function of being guided by voice .

What recipients other buyers?

“This equipment has been very useful to my husband and me, since when you need to make a fast meal, either of you can have it done without risking burning it.”

4.  30HGY

This is a team that has 11 functions that allow you to cook rice, stews, meats, fish, soup, steamed, slow cooked, yogurt and even bread and desserts without having to worry about turning the food so you don’t burn It also has a timer for about 24 hours to have dinner ready on time.

Its internal container is made of non-stick material that can be extracted for easy cleaning, it has a capacity of about 5 liters so you can prepare portions for a large number of people . Now you don’t have to worry because your food burns because you’re doing something else.

What recipients other buyers?

“What I liked most about this product is the one that prepared different dishes and none ends up sticking to the bottom for what is wonderful, in addition to the food that is left in the right cooking point”

5. 30IWY

A multifunction product that has the ability to cook under pressure, since it has about 15 functions , so that you can do different culinary tasks saving cooking time and being able to do other activities without the food being burned. It has simple programming systems.

It is very easy to use and you can even adapt it to your recipes in terms of time, temperature and cooking mode, its Led screen allows you to take different options even managing to pause the process and add more ingredients. In it you can prepare different dishes such as rice, stews, steam cooking, among others.

What recipients other buyers?

“He cooked and 3 recipes and it really is a wonderful product, especially when you live alone and do not have much experience or time to be cooking, excellent investment”

How to use a kitchen machine with multiple functions?

Although we have given you information to know which is the kitchen machine to buy, it is also necessary that you give the best use you can to this type of product so that you can enjoy a lot of time, here are some recommendations for use.

  1. How to use – When you have verified the status, you need to check the user manual, so you can identify the ignition process and how to use the different cooking programs.
  2. Set the cooking mode – Set the way you should prepare food depending on the type of preparation you want to get, make sure you select the right one.
  3. Maintenance – It is important that when you are no longer using the product you do the required cleaning, so that it is not splashed as it can deteriorate

Top brands of multiple kitchen machines

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best ones by far:

  • Bosch – A German brand that has a large number of years in the market, managing to introduce different types of products, including this type of programmable appliances.
  • Taurus – This Spanish brand has been positioning itself in the market for offering its customers very good quality products and quite innovative as are some programmable appliances.
  • Electrolux – Marca has positioned itself worldwide thanks to its extensive experience in the manufacture of equipment that manages to facilitate household chores, including programmable kitchen equipment
  • Cecotec – A Spanish brand has been characterized by including products that have an intelligent system that facilitates activities such as cleaning and cooking at home.

Where can you buy a multifunction cooking machine?

If you want to choose the best product on the market, you should visit the best known stores and where you can make a great comparison of the machines.

  • Amazon kitchen machine- It can be considered as one of the best online stores, offers a wide variety of products in terms of models, ranges and prices; including those in charge of facilitating your cooking tasks.
  • Multifunction machine in Lidl- The strength of this store is to offer food and drinks to its customers, however, they include some other types of products such as this type you are looking for but not much variety of them.
  • MediaMarkt cooking machine- It has been characterized by offering its customers a large number of technological equipment including some models for the home, although those of this type for the kitchen may be very few models.
  • Machines in El Corte Inglés- They usually have very good quality equipment since they are in charge of offering equipment of the best brands, they have a variety of equipment and although they have household products you may not get many models of this type.

Advantages of using a machine for multifunction cooking What are your strengths?

With this equipment you can prepare rich food dishes in a much simpler and practical way, among its main advantages.

What are the advantages of using a kitchen assistant? Its advantages are:

  1. It is a very useful equipment since you can prepare delicious dishes without burning them.
  2. They are very easy to clean and wash.
  3. You can prepare food for several people.
  4. They have an advanced control system , in some models even voice control.