The 5 Best Moulinex Kitchen Machines 2021

A family friend asked me a few days ago for advice buy a Moulinex kitchen machine. After coming home to eat and seeing the pot in my own kitchen, he asked me what it was and what it was for . I had to update him and he thought it would be a good idea for him that he never has much time to cook.

Also, as you may have guessed, it is not that I have much idea of ​​cooking . So I started to see the different kitchen machine options that are in the market and here I present the ones that seem the most interesting.

Best Moulinex kitchen Machine

1. Moulinex Cookeo CE701010 – Cost – effective and complete

The Moulinex Cookeo CE701010 is a great apartment full of possibilities and functions. It must be said that in general Moulinex is a fairly affordable brand . This model has 6 liters of cooking capacity, which is perfectly valid for an entire family.

It has 1200W of power and a very intuitive and easy-to-use display that has four menus for different preparations. In fact, it has a built-in recipe book to make the task easier.

On the other hand, it has a very interesting aspect, which is the adjustment of temperature and time depending on the preparation . That helps people who, like my friend, don’t know how to cook and don’t handle the issue of the times well.

Moulinex Cookeo CE701010 - Cooking robot (1200 W, capacity for 6 people, capacity 6 l, 50 recipes), white

It has high pressure technology indicated to be able to cook food faster. Finally, it should be noted that in addition to its simple design and large load capacity, it does not take up much space. Undoubtedly it is a great device that will serve us on many occasions and will know how to get us out of trouble.

I particularly like the variety. Therefore I miss that this model is not available in more tones; for example black. It is a device designed for universal use and in this sense it seems to me that it would have been a success easy to make by Moulinex.


If what you are thinking about is what kitchen machine to buy and you want a model that does not offer you too many complications and at the same time can serve you and the whole family in a simple and effective way, the Cookeo CE701010 is your device.


  • ·                       Very simple to use
  • Intuitive display with explanatory drawings
  • High pressure mode for fast cooking
  • Up to 6 liters capacity
  • Compact design


  • ·                       Not available in more colors

2. Moulinex Cuisine Companion HF802AA1 – A cooking center

The Moulinex Cuisine Companion HF802AA1 is a more than complete kitchen machine model. Specifically, it has up to six different cooking modes and a capacity similar to that of the previous model (6 liters). 

Among them includes one for soups, sauces, dough making (ideal for bread and pizza), steamed, etc. That is why more than a kitchen machine I would say it is a cooking center.

Hence its name, Cuisine Companion , as it will serve us as the best possible helper in our kitchen.

It should be noted that it has an adjustable temperature that ranges from 30 degrees to 130 degrees . This, together with the variety of functions that it offers us makes it a very interesting model to be able to perform all kinds of processes.

Moulinex Cuisine Companion HF802AA1 Cooking Robot, 6 automatic programs, Capacity up to 6 People

By the way, it comes with recipe book included . This book has nothing more and nothing less than a million recipes available. The truth is that for all these reasons we can say that the Cuisine Companion is a true ally in our kitchen . If you are thinking about what kitchen machine to buy and what you want is an alternative that can be useful for a lifetime, this can undoubtedly be your model.


The only bad thing I could say about him affects his ability. In fact, it only has 4.5 liters, which in particular makes me a little fair.


I think this is the ideal model for those of you who are great foodies. It is a cooking center rather than a kitchen machine, which means that with it we can do operations that with other models we could not even dream of. For example, doughs and desserts.


  • ·                       Many integrated functions
  • Up to six different cooking modes
  • It comes with a recipe book with a million elaborations
  • Easy to use


  • ·                       Only 4.5 liters of cargo

3. Moulinex QA404G15 – All the possibilities of the world

Without a doubt, the Moulinex QA40G15 should be defined as one of the best kitchen machines on the market.

When buying a food processor it is difficult to choose considering all the variety available in the market . However, at first sight this model makes it clear to us.

Among all those I know I would say that this is a more than complete model to the extent that it is capable of performing several functions . Not for that reason it has an exorbitant price; It is in fact cheaper than other models that bring less things.

Moulinex QA404G15 Masterchef Gourmet - Cooking robot [Imported from Alemánia]

We can say that it is a two in one . On the one hand it has a 4-liter metal bowl that is what allows us to cook exactly like in a kitchen machine. It has a more than assorted menu that allows us to make all kinds of preparations .

Naturally, among them are the pastry preparations . This kitchen machine has a complete kit for the preparation of this type of food. This Moulinex model can knead, beat or emulsify to achieve perfect pastry results.

It comes with all the accessories included : with it we can chop, slice, cut, mix (it has a 360 degree rotary head ), knead, etc. In short, I think this is one of the most affordable models for all that it brings in exchange for a very reasonable price.


As a negative point I find that since they were they could have included some more accessory to perform more functions. At the end of the day, with the movements you can do include some more blade is a good idea that does not cost much.


If you are thinking about what kitchen machine to buy and what you want is a device that can solve several operations, this can certainly be a great purchase for you. It is a device that has a kitchen machine function and also a mixer and mixer for pastry preparations. It certainly seems like a good alternative for those of you who want to specialize more in baking. If what you are looking for is exclusively a machine for “salty” preparations, you can find more profitable models right here.


  • ·                       Ideal for sweet and savory preparations
  • Accessories included
  • Compact design
  • Several functions: chop, crush, knead, emulsify, beat, etc.
  • Affordable price quality / price ratio


  • ·                       I would have liked him to bring more accessories

4. Moulinex Cookeo CE703800 – Simple, versatile and functional

It seems to me that in this comparison of kitchen machines, without a doubt, the Moulinex Cookeo CE703800 should occupy a special position. This is due to all the capabilities it can offer in exchange for a more than profitable price.

We could say that it is the universal kitchen machine model to the extent that it fulfills all the functions that can be expected in one.

In addition, it does so with solvency considering its price . It certainly seems to me an excellent alternative for those who want to benefit from all the facilities that a kitchen machine gives in exchange for a reasonable price.

It has a capacity of 6 liters , which means that with it we can feed up to 6 people.

Moulinex Cookeo Connect-Kitchen Robot (Capacity 6 liters, connectivity with Tablet and Smartphone, High pressure technology), 1200 W, Ceramic, Black

It has four menus (ingredients, recipes, favorites and manual) very intuitive thanks to which we can make different types of elaborations without much effort. 

A novelty of this model is that it has connectivity with our mobile devices. In fact, Moulinex allows us to download new recipes and even share ours with a network of Moulinex users.

It has a timer; that is,  we can program the kitchen machine to start cooking at a specific time without us having to be at home. It has a power of 1200W and also its interior is ceramic . This is especially important as it allows us to clean it in a pleat . Another point in his favor.


The negative point that I can get to this model of kitchen machine is that it does not bring a steamer or grill for cooking.


It is a complete device that can undoubtedly perform all the functions that can be expected in a current kitchen machine. It is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives in terms of quality / price ratio.


  • ·                       Easy to use
  • Very affordable price
  • Very compact design
  • Ceramic interior


  • ·                       Does not bring steamer or grill

5. Moulinex Masterchef Gourmet – All in one

The most interesting thing about this food mixer is that it is actually a 2 in 1 . When thinking about which kitchen machine to buy, it may be important for us that it can fulfill all the functions included in the kitchen in general.

This model is not only valid for salty preparations, but it is also a model that also includes advanced baking and pastry functions .

That is why its design is perfect both for carrying out cooking operations exactly like any kitchen machine such as mixing, whisking and kneading as a conventional kneader.

Moulinex Masterchef Gourmet Kneading Robot, 6 speeds, 4.6 l bowl, 900 W, plastic / Stainless Steel, White

So, it is an interesting bet for those looking for a 2-for-1 offer in terms of kitchen machines . It has a capacity of 4.6 liters in its metallic bowl. With this we can cook for several family members.

It has a power of 900W, especially interesting for the beaten and kneaded functions. This power is divided into six speeds qThey allow us to specify the maximum result that we want to obtain both in emulsion and kneading and in cooking in general.

Therefore, it is a kitchen machine that can bring great results and much precision in exchange for an affordable investment compared to other similar models. That is why it can certainly be a profitable alternative for those looking for a machine for a lifetime.


The only point against this is that I would have liked more accessories for this kitchen machine.


If what you are looking for is a programmable kitchen machine that can help you with several functions that go from conventional cooking to more elaborate confectionery preparations, this can certainly be a good alternative.


  • ·                       Various functions, from savory cuisine to pastries
  • Six different powers
  • Sufficient capacity for several people


  • ·                       I would have liked him to bring more accessories

Best Moulinex kitchen machines

Moulinex is undoubtedly a high quality brand that offers alternatives for all tastes . That is why we can fundamentally talk about two types of kitchen machines. One, properly machine and the other machine and also kneader. We must also highlight what, despite being called a kitchen machine, are actually cooking centers. Offers and very interesting products.

Its catalog is adapted according to priorities and preferences, both in endowment  and price . That is why Moulinex must take it into account when deciding which kitchen machine to buy.