5 Best Italian Coffee Makers 2021

Today I am going to talk to you about a great type of coffee machine , it is about Italian coffee makers, and recently I was in Sicily for two weeks visiting my friend Giuseppe and he discovered a new world after teaching me the Italian coffee made With these coffee makers.

It is simply spectacular and as I want to buy one right here I bring you my personal selection.

What is the Best Italian Coffee Makers?

1. DeLonghi Coffee EMKM6 Alicia Plus  – A traditional coffee without putting it to fire

The DeLonghi Alicia Plus has the unmistakable aroma of Italian coffee lifetime. In its design, we only see differences when we observe that the upper part is transparent , which will allow us a better control of the moment when the coffee comes out.

On the other hand, this model does have a big difference compared to traditional models. Instead of having to put it to heat in the kitchen, we can plug it where we please , since it is an electrical device . In addition, with the advantage that the base (which is the one that connects) is totally independent .

We can also highlight that, once the drink is prepared, the machine shuts down by itself , ideal for the clueless and so that the coffee does not burn.

Because it is a separate item, we can serve coffee directly from the coffee maker. The base of it is kept cold , as is the handle, so we are not in danger of burning anything when deposited.

Mind you, then keep the drink warm for about 30 minutes . Once we remove the coffee maker, the base will shut down alone, saving us that step.

This model is ready to offer us three cups of coffee , but we can double this amount if, instead of the normal filter we use the special adapter included. With this, we can make 6 espressos in each use.

The negative point that can be put on this coffee maker is that it takes time to make coffee. Although this is normal in this type of machine, the 10 minutes that the process lasts can be many depending on the situation.


If you are a lover of Italian coffee makers and prefer them over more automatic ones, this model may be yours. Not having to put it to heat when already having its electrical base, is an advantage to take into account.


  • Its electrical base that prevents us from putting it to heat
  • Its cold base to place it anywhere without risk of burns
  • Very simple to use


  • It takes 10 minutes to warm up
  • It only has capacity for 6 cups

2. Cloer 5928 – The Italian electric coffee maker

The conical shape of the Cloer 5928 breaks a bit with the traditional aesthetics that traditional Italian coffee makers have always had. Apart from aesthetics, this will help us to clean it more easily, since there are no edges or complicated areas to access.

It is usually separated from the more traditional devices because it does not need to be put on the stove to heat it. This model includes an electric base, so we just have to plug it in and wait a few minutes for the coffee to be ready. This base can also be separated from the rest of the coffee maker, making it easier to serve the drink.

Another feature that we should highlight about this coffee machine is that we are not going to have to be aware of turning it off or not.

The Cloer 5928 switches off automatically once the coffee is prepared, even if we don’t take the jug. This prevents accidents and also that the coffee overheats and spoils.

In principle the coffee maker is prepared to make 3 cups of coffee, but it includes a special device that doubles this capacity. In this way, it allows us to obtain 6 cups of espresso with a single use.

Its use is very simple, like all of this segment. We just have to put the water in the tank and coffee in your filter. Then, we turn on the coffee maker (plugged in clear) and in about 3 minutes we will enjoy our drink. It is a matter of separating the jar, take it by its handle (which insulates from the heat) and serve them.

The negative point is its capacity. This model will not give for three cups, so we will have to put it several times if we are more at that time.


Its electric base makes it more comfortable and safe than traditional Italian coffee makers. The fact that it goes off alone once it has prepared the coffees, gives it a safety bonus that is much appreciated, making it clueless.


  • Your independent electrical base
  • It turns off once the process is finished
  • Very comfortable to use


  • The capacity is somewhat short
  • The plastic used to make the base is a bit fragile.

3. Bra Bella  – A classic with a design award

This model is closer in operation to more traditional Italian coffee machines than those discussed above. This is because it is not an electric machine. The Bella Bra works like that of a lifetime, putting it in the corresponding fire or stove and waiting for the water to heat up. Of course, luckily this coffee can be used in all types of kitchens , including induction .

What does vary is its design . In this model the brand has opted for curved and smooth lines , without edges or with a very elegant appearance . To such an extent this aspect is taken care of, that the Bra Bella was a finalist in 2005 in a prestigious Industrial Design contest.

And it is not only a matter of aesthetics: it is built with the highest quality stainless steel , so that we have a durable and robust device.

In terms of coating, the only element that presents differences with the rest is its handle. This, although it presents exactly the same aspect of the rest of the machine, isolates perfectly from the heat , so that we do not burn when you take it. The pressure valve is, on the other hand, the discordant color note, since it has a golden hue, so that it is well distinguished.

The use is the same as in all Italian coffee makers. We put the water on the one hand, We put the coffee, of the kind we prefer, in the filter, we screw and put it to heat. In a few minutes we will have the drink on the table.

This model has the capacity to prepare about 10 cups of coffee in each use, since it has a deposit with enough capacity .

The main drawback that can be attributed to this coffee maker is that some of its parts are difficult to clean. These areas are too narrow and it is difficult to reach them.


If yours are classic coffees made with an Italian coffee maker, but you are looking for something with an attractive design, this may be yours. It really has a great quality in its finishes and you will enjoy taking it directly to the table for your guests to serve.


  • Your design and finishes
  • It can be used in induction cookers
  • Its mouthpiece prevents cumbersome dripping


  • It arrives with difficulty at the 10 cups it offers if you put the coffee somewhat longer
  • Some parts are complicated to clean

4. Lacor Express Hyperluxe – Elegant design for our coffee

Among all the models we are analyzing, the Lacor Express Hiperluxe is possibly the one that presents the most simplicity in its use. Of course, we should not confuse this simplicity with that the quality of the coffee you make is lower.

This machine has a design with a lower part wider than the upper. Like the previous model, it has also chosen to leave behind the characteristic edges that used to present the most traditional Italian coffee makers, which can facilitate its exterior cleaning .

The material used is high quality stainless steel. This means that the Lacor Express Hiperluxe can be used both in gas, ceramic hob or induction cookers , which is an advantage over many of its segment that do not allow this last option.In addition, it has chosen not to glaze the interior, making the more resistant product.

Another point to note is that this model presents a wide variety of presentations . Thus, the user will be able to choose between coffee machines with capacity for two cups , for four , for six or, finally, for ten . That is, we find models for all types of houses .

As for its mode of use, we must use it in the same way as the other Italian coffee makers : water in its corresponding tank, ground coffee in the filter and heat until steam does its job and we get our favorite beverage .

The negative point we can find to this coffee maker is that it is very difficult to find replacement rubber gaskets. Although the rest of the coffee maker is very robust, we must take maximum care of that component.


If you are looking for a coffee maker that can last for years, this is among your options. It is completely stainless steel, including its interior, which is not enameled. Very easy to use


  • It is very robust and can last a long time
  • It is suitable for use in induction cookers
  • Its design is very elegant, away from traditional Italian coffee makers


  • If you like loaded coffee, it does not reach the 10 cups announced
  • Some parts are complicated to find

5. Bialetti Easy Timer Caffettiera  – Prepare your coffee at any time

The Bialetti Caffetiera Easy Timer presents a very striking novelty compared to the other Italian coffee makers that we have presented here. It is precisely the functionality that names the model. This has a device that will allow us to program when we want to start preparing our coffee . That is, if we are eating we can leave it ready to start preparing the drink at a certain time and, thus, not having to wait for anything .

On the other hand, it is what the Italians call ” electric mokka “. That is, we do not have to put it on the stove to heat it, but it comes equipped with an electric base on which we will put the coffee maker once prepared.

In about 5 minutes , the drink will be ready for us to enjoy.

It is also very interesting the function that keeps our coffee hot for about 20 minutes and we do not have to reheat it to enjoy it at the right temperature.

As for its design, we can see that the brand has chosen to make a nod to traditional machines . Although the electrical base, where the timer and its controls are located, is rounded, the coffee maker itself has a shape very similar to those of a lifetime , which many nostalgic people will like.

In terms of capacity, we will find two different options . In this way, we can acquire one that offers 3 espressos  in each use or another that doubles this capacity up to 6 cups.

The most negative aspect that I find in this coffee maker is that its capacity falls somewhat short. Perhaps because in Spain coffee is usually taken longer, but it is scarce for what it announces.


Perfect for those looking for new features while maintaining the flavor and aroma of Italian coffee makers. Being able to program for when you want me to prepare the coffee, gives great comfort. There will no longer be a wait after the meal for coffee to be served.


  • Your programmable timer
  • Being electric you don’t need to put it on fire
  • It goes off alone when it has just prepared the drink


  • Its capacity falls somewhat short
  • It cannot be washed in the dishwasher

How Italian coffee machines work

Italian coffee makers have been the most used in our homes for years. Invented almost a century ago, they take their name from the nationality of their designer, Alfonso Bialetti. They are also known as moka coffee makers and vary so much in size that they range from those for a single cup, to those with the capacity to prepare 18.

Despite the popularization of other types of coffee makers, the Italian continue to be widely accepted. The resulting coffee retains all its aroma and, as soon as one finds the amount of ground coffee and the pressing one likes, the taste is great.

Its operation is very simple. The bottom is filled with water and the coffee is placed in a filter designed for it. Just heat it and wait for the resulting steam to push the water into the upper tank, impregnated with coffee from the filter. It only remains to serve and enjoy it.

Advantages of Italian type coffee machines

  • The resulting coffee is strong and full-bodied
  • Supports all types of ground coffee, including mixtures that we like
  • They are very simple to use

Top brands of Italian coffee makers

If you are one of those who prefer to continue preparing coffee in a traditional way, without automatisms, or capsules, yours are Italian coffee makers. Despite being the simplest, the taste and aroma of the drink is hardly improved. Moka coffee makers, another name by which they are known, have to be heated on the stove, so one of the important aspects when choosing one is to check if they are suitable for ceramic hobs or induction. In addition, it is always preferable to buy a model of some brand that you trust so as not to have later problems. There are many companies that sell this product, so here I leave a couple of reviews to help you in your choice.

Bialetti Italian coffee makers

Its there is a brand that is a reference in the segment of Italian coffee makers, that is Bialetti. In fact, the moka was patented in 1933 by Luigi de Ponti for Alfonso Bialetti. With many years of experience and founded, of course, in the transalpine country, it offers a good catalog with other household products, but it is its coffee machines that have given it more prestige. Most notable is the patented method to extract all the flavor to the drink, satisfying all palates. In addition, we will be able to find all kinds of models, with different sizes and designs, from the most classic, to the most modern. This allows you to cover the entire spectrum of tastes.

BRA Italian coffee makers

More than 50 years of history contemplate this Spanish company specialized in products for the kitchen. From its pressure cookers to its pans, this brand has maintained a deserved prestige thanks to the quality and reliability of its designs. In the field of coffee machines of Italian type it is remarkable that, apart from marketing those of aluminum, they also offer them made of stainless steel. This makes them suitable for use in induction cookers, something that always causes problems for fans of this type of equipment. Likewise, the rounded design of some of its models, which take it away from the classic coffee maker to which we are accustomed, is striking.

Purchase guide for Italian coffee machines

Parts of an Italian coffee maker

  • Heater – A kind of container located at the bottom. It is covered and is where we pour the water.
  • Filter – On the heater. It is the place where coffee is placed.
  • Collector – The top of the coffee maker. The coffee, already prepared, is deposited there, prepared for us to enjoy.

Is it better steel or aluminum?

It is not easy to answer this question. Some users claim that aluminum (the most traditional) leaves a little metallic aftertaste and that it is easier for coffee to stick. On the other hand, steel is faster and is suitable for induction. Actually, when testing the result, I have not found appreciable differences, so I would leave it to everyone’s taste.

Steps to make coffee in an Italian coffee maker

Preparing a coffee with these machines is really simple. It only takes a little patience until the water has warmed.

  1.  Pour the water into the heater (some prefer to heat it a little apart). It must not exceed the safety valve.
  2. The coffee is placed in the filter. It is not recommended to press or fill it too much
  3. The top is screwed
  4. Place the coffee maker on the stove, over low heat to prevent the coffee from burning
  5. When you start to hear the water rise, turn off the heat and leave a few minutes for the process to complete
  6. Serve the coffee and enjoy it

What is an Italian coffee maker?

It is a traditional machine that prepares coffee using steam. It achieves a flavor that can hardly be overcome by other similar devices. Italian coffee machines are usually very cheap and easy to use. These differ because they are composed of two bodies or parts: a lower one, where the water is poured, and a higher one, in which the coffee is deposited as it is prepared. Both bodies are handled separately, but at the time of heating the coffee maker these two must be screwed, so that the utensil becomes a single piece, closed and hermetically sealed.

Thanks to their small size and ability to make good quality coffee, full bodied and intense, these are very popular. Another advantage of these machines is that you can choose the brand of coffee you want and make several cups at the same time, depending on the size of the coffee maker you choose, there are from 1 cup to 12, so they fit the needs from any home

What is the best Italian espresso machine on the market?

One of the best sounds that can be heard in a pleasant home is that of this type of coffee maker when coffee preparation is finished. A sound that we all recognize and that is still present in every home.

From the year 1933, when this type of machine was invented, many competencies have emerged such as: American drip coffee makers, espresso and capsule. However, this mechanism has been maintained over time because of its simplicity and economic reasons.

Types of Italian coffee machines

Currently, there are different types of Italian coffee makers, which have specific characteristics that make them very attractive. These are: induction, stainless steel and electric. However, it is essential that you understand that the operation of all Italian coffee machines is the same, regardless of the model you have. That is why, next, we show you the types of Italian coffee makers that we can find in the market, considering elements such as the material or the type of cuisine in which we can use them:


If you have an induction hob in your kitchen, you already know that you cannot use all types of Italian coffee makers, nor can you use many pots and cooking pans that are not manufactured to work with this type of kitchen. But do not worry, in the market there are many models of Italian coffee makers suitable for induction.

Stainless steel

The main advantage of this type of stainless steel coffee makers is that it is a super strong and durable material, so your coffee maker will last you perfect for much longer, so if you buy one of these it will be an excellent investment. In addition, most stainless steel coffee makers are indicated for washing in the dishwasher so many people find it very comfortable.


This type of coffee maker is an excellent option if you want to enjoy a good freshly brewed coffee in the traditional way, with all the benefits of an Italian coffee maker, economical, fast and easy to use; but in a much more comfortable way, because you will no longer have to put the coffee maker on the fire, you will simply have to press a button and that’s it.

The only difference from electric coffee makers is that they have a base that connects to the electric current and where the coffee maker rests. In addition, there are some models that include a timer which allows us to leave everything ready and program when we want to have our coffee ready.

How to clean Italian espresso machines?

One of the great benefits of this type of coffee maker is how easy it is to keep them clean and in good condition. You won’t have to do much to get it. Below, we summarize it in these simple steps:

  • Boot the ground coffee already used: After the coffee is finished and the machine is not hot, unscrew the two pieces and take out the filter with coffee. Discard the ground coffee already used in the organic waste garbage.
  • Clean all three parts of the coffee maker: Generally, this type of machine has three parts: The lower tank, the central filter and the upper container of the brewed coffee; These three pieces are metallic, so you can wash them using soap and water quietly. It won’t take you a minute to do it.
  • Let the machine parts dry: After you have washed all three pieces, you will have to allow them to dry completely to avoid remaining water and moisture residues that can damage them.
  • Couple the three pieces again: To prevent dust from getting into the coffee maker or any other type of residue, after it is completely dry, reattach the pieces again so that it is tightly closed until its next use.

How much money should I spend on an Italian coffee maker?

Before buying an Italian coffee maker, first you have to observe the prices that these machines usually have, these are classified into two groups, all this in order to have a clear idea of ​​how much these coffee machines are worth:

  • Cheaper Italian coffee makers For this cost you will be able to purchase any of the smaller models, which allow you to prepare between 2 and 6 coffees.
  • Italian coffee makers of better quality In this price range you will be able to choose Italian coffee makers to make more quantities of cups at the same time, with very durable manufacturing materials or with more original designs. You can also buy an Italian electric coffee maker, which does not require placing them on fire as it includes a heating base.

How to choose the best Italian coffee maker?

When choosing one of these Italian coffee machines you should consider what features can make the big differences in their use, if you buy one or the other. Next, we leave you the most important aspects:

  • The amount of cups you prepare: This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying an Italian coffee maker. You can get those that can prepare from 1 cup to 15 cups of coffee. It is best that you buy the machine that makes you the quantities that you will need in a single preparation.
  • The manufacturing material: These coffee makers can be made of stainless steel or aluminum. The aluminum ones are the most traditional, although you can also get more unique models made of stainless steel.
  • The safety valve: It is essential that you observe if you have a safety valve. It is the most usual, however, there are models in the market that fail is this issue.
  • The appearance of the coffee maker: Italian coffee makers are often sold a lot in different types of colors, as well as there are some special models with more attractive design that may interest you.
  • Its handle and handle: It is essential that the handle and the handle of the lid are made of a thermo-insulating material so that in this way you can not burn.

What Italian coffee maker to buy? Aspects you should keep in mind

If you are going to buy an Italian coffee maker, you must take into account several factors that will then suit you when using it: size, type of cuisine, brand, characteristics, design, among others. Take note of these aspects when looking for and buy the best Italian coffee maker for you.

Choose size

The most important thing when it comes to knowing which Italian coffee maker to buy is to consider what size is most appropriate for you. The coffee maker you are going to buy must adapt to you and your needs. Do not choose a very small coffee maker if you have several people at home. You also don’t buy a 6-cup coffee maker if you only have one or two coffees a day. There are models of Italian coffee maker of 1 cup, 2 cups, 3 cups, and up to 15 cups generally. So you will surely find your right size.

What kind of cuisine do you have?

Another precise factor that you should consider is the type of cuisine you have. That is, if it is gas, electric or induction; Since all coffee machines are not suitable for all types of kitchens, so look closely at this little detail. Essentially, the type of cuisine and size are the two main aspects that you have to consider yes or yes when purchasing your Italian coffee maker. If you don’t take them into account, you could buy a coffee maker that you can’t use later.

Italian coffee maker brands

Likewise, you should pay attention that your coffee maker is of a recognized brand and that it offers you a guarantee. There are brands of Italian coffee makers that are excellent for their quality and design, and the prices are quite competitive.

A design that you like

Indeed, the design is also essential, since you will see your coffee maker daily in your kitchen. If it’s flashy, decorative, beautiful and makes you feel good, much better, that’s the coffee maker for you. There are them with the characteristic grace of traditional Italian coffee makers, also minimalist and modern if that is your style. They even exist with cheerful and colorful designs, ideal for all tastes.


It is important that you verify if the chosen model complies with all the regulations regarding safety. The Italian coffee maker has a certain risk, because if the pressure rises and does not get out, it can cause an accident. It is best that when you use it, make sure the coffee maker is closed properly.


One of the main advantages of Italian coffee makers is that they are the cheapest in today’s market. There are cheap Italian coffee machines, which provide very good services for day to day. On the other hand, there are more sophisticated models that can be around These offer higher quality, more finished designs and better features. Without a doubt, we recommend this type of coffee maker.


After you have seen the model that you are going to buy, do not forget to consider the different opinions related to it that other people have done, in order to know some hidden details, and check if it is worth it, or if you should choose a better option.

Where to buy an Italian espresso machine?

Surely you want to know the platforms and online stores where you can buy your Italian coffee maker safely and reliably. Therefore, below, we show you the most recommended ones that offer you the best Italian coffee machines:

  • Amazon: In this store you will get practically all the models of Italian coffee makers that exist worldwide. Even some special designs, which only offer in the Italian market. In addition, many models are available with their price reduced.
  • Carrefour: It has endless models for sale, a repertoire of super extensive coffee machines that includes all ranges and the vast majority of existing brands. It is a perfect place to make your purchase, with all kinds of designs to choose from.
  • El Corte Inglés: It only has four Italian coffee maker models and three other electric models. It has a very small catalog, so we advise you to find another place to buy yours.
  • Media Markt: It only has few models of Italian coffee makers and they are all machines with very similar prices and similar services. So we advise you to visit another place to buy your coffee maker.