7 Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

A sewing machine is a necessary thing in our house. you need a best heavy duty sewing machine 2020 ,When need to fit cloth or sew button in home.

In past, there were manual sewing machines which were used by hand and have to do various things to start it.

21st century, technology gives us the blessings by which we can do any work easily. By the grace of technology, this very familiar sewing machine has also been modified by the technology.

Technology makes the use of the sewing machine too much easier for you. In early decades, tailors and house wives have had the skills of sewing and stitching. But the grace of technology, anybody can do sewing and can fix any kind of fabric problem.

Now a days the sewing machine can do some heavy work than the past manual machines. There are a lot of functions and features in today’s heavy duty machines. They can do your work in a shortest time and also help you to save your valuable time.

Best heavy duty sewing machine can sew anything whatever you want. There is a foot pressure system with it. You can use your legs instead of your hands. These machines have got some automatic needle thread system.

By this system machine can sense the right needle for the fabrics. Also there are some functions which can help you to do some stitching things. You don’t have to use your hand for these types of stitching.

The machine has got the ability to do hands free stitching. Also you can do some free hand work. Also there are some amazing accessories systems which can help you. You can sew anything by heavy duty working machines.

By the support of technology, the machines have been update to the next level. You can have computerized system in this sewing machine.

Best heavy duty sewing machine can do almost 1500 stitches per minute. Price of these machines are low than their features. So, if you want to do some professional things in home or your industry, have to buy one for you.

List of Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 2020

There are many and almost same type of sewing machines in every market. But if you want best heavy duty sewing machine,  we can recommend you some of the best and gorgeous sewing machines of this era.

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Tiny and little things which will help you to buy your comfortable and favorable sewing machine. Here are some best heavy duty sewing machine for you. Choose comfortable one for you.

Janoma HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine best For the Money

Janome HD3000 Heavy duty sewing machine is a very strong and one of the best sewing machines. Very strong sewing machine, specially used for big farm and clothing company.

18 built-in Stitches and specially designed for industrial work and for heavy duty.If you need a long lasting sewing machine, it will best for you.

Features and performance:The Janoma best heavy duty sewing machine has some unique and exclusive features. Body of this sewing machine is very strong and polished also enduring aluminum body.

Automatic needle threaded system is amazing countenance. Reverse stitch handy lever. This sewing machine has various types of special features such as drop-feed, buttonholes, adjustable tension.

Machine is so cool that it can be used for any type of fabrics. Specially built for professionals. But a beginner can also use it for starting skills. Mechanical system of this machine is so easy that it is very much accessible for navigation.

Janome HD3000 a brand that can easily be long lasting. But you have to take a proper care of it. It also got a shell which cans easy the caring of this machine. This is very much unique for stitch design.

Solid aluminum body casing is very much excellent for its scratch- resistant feature. over sized reversed lever is very much favorable for identify the front of the sewing machine.

It has a great control system and free-arm features it can easily be used for quick sewing and can sewing the hard –to-reach areas like sleeves, cuffs, legs, hems etc. This sewing machine has foot control for better sewing and control over the machine.

Help you when you are deal with much thicker and more resistant fabrics. Many of you have been straggling with the hand wheels on older version machine models which are very much annoying.

But this sewing machine has made your task easier with the auto-declutch bobbin winder. You can do your doddle grindstone and you have to move the winder right side of the machine to activate the mechanism.

It will instantly halt the bobbin winder. One of the most propitious features of this machine is the precise control setting. One of the Janome brand logotype which is very much identity of professionalism.

This amazing machine has also added some mind-blowing accessories. The package is having accessories like lint brush, the blind hem foot, quilting bar, spool pin, spool holder, needles, seam ripper, various types of screwdrivers etc.

So, this amazing machine has got some of the most interesting facilities, functions and features.  If you get this beast, your work will more easily than you thought.


  • Have many features.
  • It can be used for heavy duty.
  • Have foot-controller.


  • The built-in light is not properly angled.
  • The compact size of the table is too small.

Singer Heavy duty 4423 Sewing Machine

Singer 4423 extra-high sewing speed machine is one of the finest sewing machines. This is one of the cheapest heavy duty sewing machines in the market. The most anonymous thing is its accuracy and speed.

Most awesome thing is it adorned metal frame.

It can stitch 1100 stitches per minute which is too fast. It has got stainless steel bed plate which makes sewing thick fabric smoother. This machine has more variables that will blow your mind. So, if you want the smoothest machine, it will be best for you.

Features and performanceSinger 4423 has some amazing features with much more variables. It avails with 23 variables. It is one of the most stable machine. The metal frame helps you to get effeciently stable sewing.

There is a feature called neddle threader. It will help you to do sewing without straining your fingers and eyes. This heavy duty sewing machine has more button holes than the rest of other heavy duty machines.

Most of its peers is four fully fitted. But although the machine is lighter than you thought. It is only 17.5 pounds. It is average 7 times lighter than any other heavy duty machines.

Also sewing jeans, denim, leather etc.this machine is too faster than any other heavy duty machine. It has a professional speed which is 1100 stitches per minute. This is very much awesome.

It also got automatic needle threader. This will help you to save your time. You don’t have to stitch the cloth with your finger also can automatically set that for you. It is also safe for you. Another feature is drop feed.

As it is said that this machine has got professional skills, drop feed feature can help you to swing free motion for top-stitching. The heavy duty sewing machine has got a stainless steel bed plate.

This feature can smooth your sewing and also make your sewing skip-free. It has also got 23 built-in stitches which is very much essential for the machine. It is also decorative and stretch.

Machine has top drop-in bobbin. It will make easy in and out the bobbin for you to quicker the threading.  The machine has got a heavy duty metal frame. This will also help for skip-free sewing.

There are some accessories given wither machine box. There are many accessories like bobbins, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, edge guide, thread spot caps, auxiliary spool pin, various screwdrivers, soft -sided dust cover and many more thing.

This machine has got everything for you. This machine price is also cheap and you got more features. So , choice is yours.


  • This machine is lighter.
  • Have feature of fast stitching.
  • Have skip-free sewing.


  • The machine is rather loud.
  • Easily dragged of strong fabrics because of it has light weight.

JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

JUKI TL-2000Qi best heavy duty sewing machine is one of the best sewing machine for jeans.  It is a very performing, reliable and dependable sewing machine. This machine has got some of the best features. Very strong machine also has some most unique functions.

Gliding foot which a amazing feature. Professional sewing machine with strong life and specialized for denim and jeans fabrics. If you want to sew your jeans in a very smooth way, this is the best material for you.

Features and performanceThis best heavy duty sewing machine is full of amazing features. Functions are to modified and smart. This will help you towards your work. There is a function of this machine which is gliding foot, a nice feature for sewing.

It will help to sew denim and jeans in multiple layers. it is so smooth and strong that the jeans and denim sewing is look ordinary sewing. This machine is so strong that it can glide over 12 layers of your denim without missing a stitch.

Named heavy duty because of it amazing hard working process. It can glide 12 layers on soft denims and 9 layers on hard denim fabric. That is the most impressive thing. It also has 34 stitches built-in.

Like drop feed capability, built in quick guide advisor, convenient stitch panel, adjustable presser foot pressure, built-in bobbin winder, precise tension control and many more. By drop feed capability one can have free motion sewing.

It will make your sewing process easy and you don’t use your finger to stitch. Built-in quick guide advisor can help you to know how to thread the needle or bobbin. This will make your work easy and you don’t need to panic.

Amazing sewing machine has also got a function which will help you to find out which stitch is going to need you.

As we say there are many stitches built-in. they are utility stitches, stretch stitches, blind hem stitches, decorative stitches, over lock stitches, a 4-way smocking stitches, a triple reinforced straight stitches, a triple reinforced zig zag  stitches and a four hole button up stitches.

Amazing best heavy duty sewing machine has a presser foot pressure by which you can sew any type of fabrics including soft fabrics, denim, jeans etc.  Bobbin winder of the sewing machine can help you to do effortless rewind bobbin.

There is also a wonderful feature called precise tension control. It will help you to your project and help your project to be professional. So, if you want to be professional and work on a big project, the sewing JUKI TL-2000Qi machine wills the better one for you.


  • Have so many features.
  • Having a presser foot pressure.
  • This machine has precise tension control.


  • Price is too high.
  • Only used for denim and jeans fabrics.

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Singer 9960 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine is one of the nice and steady sewing machines. Very nice sewing machine to look for. Sewing speed of 1000 stitches per minute.

Built with  hard metal body which is very much wonderful. Because, this metal will keep the machine straight and it will enhances its stability and balance control. Not give you any kind of shacking problem while working.

Stainless steel bed plate which will ease the feeding with fabric. This sewing machine also got some features which are very unique.

Features and performance With the metal body, it is very steady and stable. It will give you a shack-free sews. Bed plate is made of stainless steel which helps you to feed the fabric. Utility stitches, straight stitches, decorative stitches and four step buttonhole system.

One of the finest and unique features is reverse stitch. Most amazing feature which will need you in garments making or quick quilting. There are also some features like free motion stitching and pressure foot controlling.

Free motion sewing can sew anything without the help of hand. Pressure foot control can help you to do heavy fabrics sewing. Machine is fast sewing machine having stitch of 850 stitches per minute.

Automatic needle threader which is very much helpful for spooling the needle. Free arm function is also a helpful option for you. You can stitch cuffs and sleeves without any hands.

600-Stitches Electronic Auto Pilot Mode,18 decorative stitches, 1 auto buttonhole. This is perfect for home clothing and constructing clothing. Motor of this machine is very much strong.

60% stronger than the other machines. It also helps for heavy duty clothing. There is also accessories stitch bed which stores the accessories. Stitch width is up to 6 mm which helps for decorative clothing.

Three needle position will be used for top stitching, zipper stitching and also used for many projects work.  Reverse stitching is also an amazing feature. You can have adjustable stitch length and width.

It can help you to adjust the stitch length and desirable width.

There also some accessories including all-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, seam ripper, lint brush, quilting guide, needles, bobbins, screwdriver, auxiliary spool pin, spoon pin felt, soft sided dust cover, instruction manual, power cord, foot controller etc. so, you will have all these amazing features is you buy this sewing machine.


  • Have a reverse stitching system.
  • Easy to use.


  • Doesn’t have automatic threader tension.
  • The machine is very much loud.

Brother PQ1500S Sewing Machine our Top Besst choice Picks

Brother PQ1500S High Speed Straight- Stitch and Quilting Machine is one of the best sewing machine now- a -days.  If you are thinking about quilting or sewing, the PQ-1500SL is an amazing and wonderful sewing machine in low price.

Feature that comprehends it from other heavy duty sewing machine is its unbelievable speed of stitching. Sewing machine is considered the highest speed straight stitch sewing machine because it has the power to sew up to 1500 stitches per minute.

So, this machine can be your helping hand. You can have done your work in shortest time.

Features and performance Most unique feature is big throat space which can comfortably sew a queen size quilt with this.

This best heavy duty sewing machine has got some accessories like knee lifter, accessories kit with needle packet, ballpoint needle, spool cap, fabric separator, feed pin and feed pin charger, metal bobbins, seam guide, cleaning brush, screwdrivers, spool cushion, power cord and operational manual.

Included with straight stitch sewing foot, rolled hem foot, invisible zipper foot, sprint action quilting foot, walking foot, adjustable zipper foot. Called as straight stitch machine because it has got only one stitch with this machine.

Because of its one stitch, it doesn’t sew fancy things; this machine is only built for speed. The maximum size of the straight stitch of the sewing machine is 7 mm and perform with basic drip.

Best heavy duty sewing machine has large space table also handle king sized quilts and it is very much light. You can easily move it around. It is very much attachable for industry as it can do heavy fabric work.

Cost is also low as we get so many amazing features. Manual thread trimmer is on the left side and above the needle. In front side of machine, there are thread cutter button which can trim the top and the bottom threads.

It has also got an amazing features called reverse stitch lever. Reverse stitch lever can sew the fabric reverse when the lever is held down. There is also feature called needle stop position button. If you press the button the machine will stop with the needle down.

Stitch length control knob at the top of the control panel, build in lift handle on the top of the machine. On the back of this sewing machine, there is a pressure foot lifter. Machine has narrow feed dog.

Some number of quilting frames also got pin feed feature. So, this machine has everything you will need for a better sewing. You can have all these amazing accessories in a low rate.


  • Have fastest stitching system.
  • The price is comparatively low.
  • Have many features.
  • The body is lighter.


  • No free arm.
  • No twice needle.

Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine w/Hard Case + Extension Table

Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine is one of the smartest sewing machines. Nice body with great polished model. Machine is computerized and also the only one with the electronic speed controller.

Help you to modify your machine speed and automatic control to the pace of your machine to adjust specific need. You can set the speed of your machine.

Want to quick sew, set the speed to ‘max’. You can demonstrate someone, just set speed to ‘min’. If you want a computerized and speed controller sewing machine, this one is the best for you.

Features and performance Janoma DC2014 Computerized Sewing Machine is a heavy duty sewing machine. Sew some strong fabrics in many layers like denim, jeans and many more. This will help your work to make it easy.

120 Built-In Stitches with decorative stitches and utility stitches. Three styles of one-step buttonhole which will save your time. Automatic needle threader which will help you to close the needle down when work is done.

In the front head, there is a memorized up/down needle stop position. Weight is 18 lb, so quite heavy for you. Assist you to work straight and it will be stable for any type of fabrics. Prove that this sewing machine is very much portable.

As a computerized machine, you can control your stitching by set things in your favor. Option for control speed of this sewing machine. You can also do some free-hand thing with this amazing machine.

Sewing machine has foot control system by which you can control your stitching and sewing.  It is very much helpful for you when you work with some strong fabrics. You can do a relax work on this sewing machine. So, in a budget like this you can have all these features.


  • Various features are available.
  • Can do heavy duty work.


  • The machine is too heavy.
  • Functions are too critical to understand.

Brother ST371 heavy best heavy duty sewing machine under $200

Brother ST371 is a very heavy duty machine. In a low price like this, you can have quilting and sewing in this amazing machine. Sewing machine is very much great for the beginner specially used for heavy duty work.

So, this machine can be very much helpful for you. It will be helpful for beginner and also for your industrial work.

Features and performance Brother ST371HD is an amazing sewing machine. Big space at the throat, so that you can quilt some big fabrics. Default accessories like ball point needle, spool cap, seam guide, rolled hem foot, cleaning brush, knee lifter, screwdrivers and spool cushion, feed pin charger, power cord, metal bobbins, spool cap and operate manual.

Built in 37 stitches including rolled hem foot, invisible zipper, walking straight stitch sewing foot, rolled hem foot, sprint action quilting foot, walking foot, adjustable zipper foot. Many stitches option, so got some fancy things to do.

Design your fabric by yourself with this sewing machine. Big space table by which you can sew some big fabric. As this is an amazing machine, the weight of this machine is very light.

Easy to move this machine from anywhere. Though it is light, but you can do some heavy duty with this. It can sew any fabric like denim and jeans. Great features like reverse stitching, foot pressuring system, automatic needle threader etc.

Catch best design of your own fabric by this machine. So, if you want some heavy work, this sewing machine is perfect for you.


  • Got some amazing features.
  • Having 37 stitches built-in.


  • Too much lighter.
  • Work process is very critical.

Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Guide

The heavy duty sewing machines are very much useful and interesting to use. So, one can easily buy this machine. But there are some terms and policy that you have to remind in mind while buying this amazing machine. Thus you can choose the best machine for you.

You can found many interesting and amazing sewing machines in market. All of these machines have almost the same features and functions. So you can easily get confused about what type of machine you want to buy.

Look for some issues and condition to choose the right one which will help to find your desire sewing machine. If you can get the better one for you, you can have the best benefits of it. These features will give you the most flexible working experience.

If you are working for a project, you will need this machine. For better industrial work, need this type of sewing machine to improve industries. Some of these sewing machines are controlled by computer.

Automatic system such as singer which will help you to accurate your work. It has also got a speed controlling system by which you can control the speed of your machine. This is revolution for the sewing machine for having such features.

So, when you went to buy a heavy duty sewing machine, you have to keep these things in mind. This terms and conditions will help you to buy a best sewing machine for you.

The weight of a machine.

Weight of the machine is most important for a sewing machine. Sometimes it got heavier or sometimes it got lighter. Lighter machine can comfortable to move. But for some heavy duty work you only need the heavy weight machine.

Because when you put strong fabrics, the machine will stay stable if the weight is more. Lighter machines sometime crumble while working.

A strong motor.

A strong motor is one of the important things of your machine. If the motor is strong, you can do as much work as you want. A strong motor can do your work faster than the other machines. It can speed up your work.

Leveling button.

Leveling button features is a common feature for a sewing machine. You can see it in the side of your foot pressure. This is a tiny little black button.

When you push it, the front of the pressure foot is up so that it can climb the thickness of the fabric. It will help you to button up the jeans.

High pressure foot lift.

High pressure foot lift is also an amazing feature of the sewing machine. You can control your sewing by foot. There are also some features including with foot.

Very important because if you are going to sew the multiple layers like denim or leather then you will have to pressure it with foot.

Built-in stitches.

There are many machines with built in stitches. These stitches help you to sew the layers with different types of stitches.

Speed of the machine.

It is very important to have a good speed in your machine. Because a good stitching will help you to save your time and speed up your work. So, you have checked the machine’s stitching speed. Highest speed is 1500 stitches per minute.

As you see, there are many things to check for a good heavy duty sewing machine. You have to know some terms and condition about the heavy duty sewing machine. It will give a good knowledge about the uses of the features and functions of the sewing machine.

Terms and Conditions behind a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine.A best heavy duty sewing machine is an important thing for your home and industry. You can have a good one by knowing the working process and the right features. So, there are many features and function of this machine.

These are ball point needle, spool cap, seam guide, rolled hem foot, cleaning brush, knee lifter, spool cushion, screwdriver and power cord, feed pin charger, metal bobbins, spool cap and operate manual. There are some stitches including invisible zipper, rolled hem foot, walking straight stitch sewing foot, walking foot, adjustable zipper.

You can also have foot pressure system by which you can sew thick fabric like denim and leather. It also helps you to work without your hand.

Some other Comparisons:These best heavy duty sewing machine machines will help you to sew your fabric faster. This is depending on the stitching speed. A good speed is 1100 stitches per minute.

You also need a good motor for your machine. The machine will be fast and will be ling lasting if the motor is good. A motor can work your sewing very fast. A good motor is also less loud. It will not sound much while working.

Bed plate is also a feature that will help you to work smoothly. A nice bed plate can slide the fabric easily to the machine arm. Also you can sew without any stress.

The board storage can also be an issue for the machine. It can help you to work with large fabrics in the machine.

Free arm feature is also a technical thing for your machine. In some point of sewing, we have to use our hand and these types of work are very tricky.

But in heavy duty sewing machine, this type of problem will be solved. Because of this free arm system, you can do the sewing part easily.

So, these things will help you to choose your sewing machine. But you will have to check the features and terms.

Some FAQs about the Heavy Duty Sewing Machine:Why do you need a best heavy duty sewing machine?Do the size of the machine matters?Is it very much important to have built-in stitches in best heavy duty sewing machine?

Final Words

At the end, we can say that a best heavy duty sewing machine is very much important for those who want to do something with fabrics. All these features are built for sewing the fabric in various and beautiful way.

But you have to know the proper use of the features for good outcome. These machines are named heavy machines because these are capable of doing hard work and sewing strong and leather fabrics.

This is also used in industry for better work. You can use it for bigger project. Accessories help you to do some decorate things on the fabric. There are many functions and features of this sewing machine.

Machine contains vertical bobbin system, auto thread cutter system, upper tension system, knee lifters system, programmable needle stop positioning. Built-in stitches with a great mix of utility and decorative stitches.

Other stitches like rolled hem foot, invisible zipper, walking straight stitch sewing foot, rolled hem foot, sprint action quilting foot, walking foot, adjustable zipper foot. Heavy duty sewing machine has got bed plate storage which will help you to do some large fabric work.

A heavy duty sewing machine is a better gadget for you stitching work. So, all these features are available for your work. Only need to know the use and use these for your better work.We have given you some of the best sewing machines. You have to choose the best one for you. Hope you find these machines really amazing.

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