5 Best Coffee Press machine 2021

Investigating new ways to get the best coffee at home by Coffee french Press machine For the most exquisite coffee consumers there is no virgueria that resists them Traditional coffee makers usually bring a low quality plastic presser or tamper, and that is why it is recommended to use a different one if you want to make good espresso coffee: and what will then be a good presser? We tell you here.

We present the 5 best coffee presses on the market and tell you what you should keep in mind when choosing the right model.

Do not play it and buy the best coffee presser at the first. If you follow our advice you will not regret it.

What coffee press to buy? The 5 best quality coffee press machines

1. Motta 8170

professional, elegant and functional coffee presser . Get the best coffee Press for your coffee maker every morning. The same model exists in several sizes (up to 57 mm) to fit your coffee maker perfectly.

If you are looking for a treat to give that special touch to your coffees , this tamper will be ideal for you.

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2. Luxpresso Business Coffe

more classic but always timeless coffee presser model . Made of bright aluminum, it will be very light and easy to handle when pressing. This is only offered in the measure of 51 mm filters.

If you have always wanted a retro-style coffee tamper but with the effectiveness of the modern ones , we recommend this Luxpresso, you will not be disappointed.

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3. Motta 110

If you are looking for the quality of a Motta press, but you don’t find the right size for your 58 mm filters, here is the solution . The brand is a guarantee of quality and assures you that you will buy a product for life.

Ideal for larger coffee filters, so that nothing stops you when making espresso with more flavor thanks to its great pressing.

4. Amazy Cafe Tamper

Also indicated for 58 mm filters. Its base is unscrewed for easy cleaning, also you can add another base of different size if necessary.

It is a great coffee tamper to give that traditional air to coffee making. Perfect for the most demanding coffee growers , as this tamper will give you a coffee at its most authentic flavor and aroma point.

5. Yosoo press kit

We present a kit for those who want to have everything when it comes to getting the best pressed coffee. The kit includes the stainless steel press itself , a reusable capsule of the same material and a spoon to measure the exact amount of coffee.

Not only will this all in one complete package of coffee press, but it also will benefit to the environment using the capsule including, reducing plastic consumption . What could be better?

What should you keep in mind before buying coffee presser?

1. Base diameter

It is important that you choose your coffee press according to the diameter of the filter holder of your coffee maker. There are presses for all sizes, so it won’t be difficult for you to find yours. We recommend you to look especially at this aspect before launching to buy a new coffee press, so you will get the most out of your new acquisition.

2. Materials

The most important thing is to make sure that the contact base with the coffee is made of metal, does not transfer flavor to the mixture and is a very durable material. Some pressers have the wooden handle, which is better suited to the hand, but in turn does not give the stability of a press made of a single metal piece. In the variety is the taste, choose the one that is most comfortable according to your preferences.

3. Weight

As far as comfort of use is concerned, the weight of the presser will be a fundamental factor to take into account. Since we must exert a slight pressure with the hand on the coffee, a light presser will make us the simplest task than a heavier one, since in this case the effort of enduring the press itself is joined while pressing.

4. Handle design

It is especially important if we are looking for a coffee press of the best quality. The more ergonomic its design, the easier to hold and press it will be. If we keep the pressure stable on the grain, we will get the best coffee in terms of aroma and intensity.

What is a coffee presser?

It is one of the most frequent baristas accessories. Essentially, a coffee compactor is a weight, which is usually made of aluminum or any other light metal with a handle. The weight ends in a circular shape, with a variable diameter that can be chosen depending on the size of our filter holder. Many times, the handle of the Coffee Press machine is made of wood, which represents an instrument of much higher quality and aesthetics, although in practice its function is the same.

A coffee presser is used to compress the ground coffee inside the porfatiltro before starting to extract it. Although it is a very simple device, the key is in the correct use when pressing the coffee.

How to use a coffee compactor?

The objective of the apparatus for pressing coffee is to make the passage of water through the ground grains homogeneous to achieve a uniform extraction, which makes it a decisive stage for the preparation of a good coffee. Although each barista has his own technique to use the coffee press machine, the process is always the same:

  1. Grind the coffee beans with the particularities you need for the drink you are going to prepare.
  2. Place the coffee in the form of a mountain inside the filter and distribute it by helping you with your hand or with a spatula. Be sure to remove any coffee residue from the filter edges.
  3. Put your index finger and thumb on the edges of the presser base and with the other fingers and the palm of your hand grab the handle of the coffee compactor. Place it on the filter, checking that both fingers enter at the same time and that the presser is level. Press hard with the palm of your hand to eliminate the air pockets that may have been between the coffee and thus prevent water from passing through some areas more easily than others.
  4. Remove the device for pressing coffee from the inside of the filter gently and very carefully, in the end you will see that the ground coffee ground is flat and compact. Never try to hit the sides of the filter to avoid cracks forming in the circle that would be very difficult to reseal with another press.
  5. Insert the filter into the coffee maker and turn it on, when the hot water comes into contact with the coffee will be distributed evenly, thus obtaining an appropriate extraction of all the properties and flavor of the coffee bean.

One of the biggest controversies regarding coffee compacting is knowing how much pressure should be applied on ground coffee. Although it is usually necessary to exert a force of 20kg, it is very difficult to measure the pressure that is being applied. In addition, other aspects such as grinding or grammage of coffee beans also influence. Experts recommend only applying enough force to remove indoor air. When you notice that the ground coffee lost sponginess and opposes resistance, it is time to stop.

Advantages of using a Coffee Press machine

The use of coffee pressing machine is essential, as it allows the ground coffee to be distributed evenly within the filter, eliminating the air between the product. In this way, we make the coffee more compact and, therefore, cause the water to require more time to penetrate the solid ground coffee tablet and slightly increase the extraction time of our espresso.

Pressing the coffee gently, but firmly, we get a cup with more body and more creaminess, otherwise, the water would get through the coffee bar more easily and we would have a very watery espresso, without force and, especially bitter. For these reasons, the use of the coffee compactor becomes indispensable in any coffee or home business, since it allows to obtain an espresso cup with the ideal body and softness.

  • This technique guarantees a more pleasant and enriched coffee if it is prepared correctly, with the exception of espresso.
  • The resting time is shorter than with drip methods. The pressure application is minimal. The water is hotter because the coffee-water ratio is higher.
  • The ground coffee is immersed in the water just before the boiling point, without boiling, which preserves the aroma, the intense and charming taste of the coffee, without any presence of bitter taste.
  • The delicate aroma of coffee oils is not affected as with a paper filter.
  • This technique is fast and also portable.
  • Thanks to its ergonomic handle, the device is much more effective when it comes to pressing coffee, since it allows applying all the necessary force on it without complications or spills.

How to choose the best device for pressing coffee?

You might think that choosing a coffee compactor can be difficult among the many models and variants that currently exist in the market. But in reality it is much simpler and simpler than you think, you just have to understand and take into account the following factors:

  • Size: In the market we can find coffee presses of different sizes, and this is because the manufacturers of cafes or filter holders, their diameters usually vary. On the one hand, we have the one of 58mm being the most standardized, but we can also get coffee compactors that range from 49mm 53mm 57mm and more. So before buying any coffee presser, the first thing you should know is how big your pan is.
  • Ergonomics: To use this type of tools it is essential to have a good grip and control that allow us to keep the coffee in complete order. Many of the coffee pressing devices have quite ergonomic designs that allow a fairly secure grip, so this will help you maintain control of the pressure you exert and also help you level the strength.
  • Type of base: There are two types of bases in coffee compactors, planes and convex. But which one is better? As some baristas say that coffee presses with convex bases are the best, since they achieve a better distribution of coffee grinding, better resistance to water flow and therefore better extraction. In any case, it is best to try and decide which one works best for you.
  • Style of the handle: The style of the handle is a very particular choice to the point that some manufacturers already allow to customize this piece as a representation of the identity of the professional barista. You can choose coffee pressers that allow you to change the handle and also adjust the height. There are those that can also be stamped with the name of the barista or the business. The choice will depend on the taste of each person and how best the barista’s hand fits on this piece of coffee compactor. There are those who opt for a large handle with a thick stem, while others prefer a thinner handle.
  • Comfort: Another point to consider is how comfortable is the handle or grip of the device to press coffee, this is very important since the correct position of the palm of the hand, will allow us to be able to exert the necessary pressure, as well as the angle adequate arm. In the end it is not the coffee press that will guarantee you a good espresso but the technique of thinking coffee. That is why it is important that you feel comfortable when using it.
  • Cleaning: Most Coffee Press machine are very easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning, since their materials allow you to place it in the dishwasher to keep it ready and clean for your next use.
  • Price: Indeed, coffee compactors are not excessively expensive tools, at least not as much as a coffee maker, however, there are professional coffee press models that exceed the budget of a normal user. But, if you just want to make sure to homogenize the surface of your espresso ground in the filter, with little effort, then it will be convenient for you to buy a cheaper coffee Press machine.

Where to buy a coffee presser?

Do you want to know on what platforms they will offer you a greater variety of coffee compactors? Well, you will not have to be looking for it, then we present the most recommended and safe online stores to buy your coffee press machine.

  • Coffee presses in Amazon: This portal offers you the greatest variety of products that you will be able to get in the Spanish market. In fact, you will even be able to buy coffee compactors that are not sold here and sent to you from other countries. It also has numerous models at quite affordable prices.
  • Coffee pressers in Carrefour: In this shop you can find a wide variety of machines for press coffee. It has models of all ranges and the amount of options in all of them is quite high, so you will also be right if you decide to buy here.
  • Coffee presses in El Corte Inglés: It has a wide variety of coffee compactors so you will have plenty of options to choose from. The bad thing is that there are more models of high ranges than low ones, something you should keep in mind.
  • Coffee presses in Media Markt: This platform also offers you a fairly large catalog of coffee presses. What makes it a good place to make your purchase, although it does not have some models that we consider very attractive.