5 Best capsule coffee machine 2021

A few days ago I received a desperate call from my mother. It turns out that his old automatic coffee machine had stopped working and he had been looking for a new one to replace it.

He had gotten it into his head that q UERIA a capsule but was not able to decide between all the models on the market.

What I was looking for was one that was very easy to handle and, in addition, did not present problems when buying coffee. So I promised to advise you on which machine to buy. Here you have what I have found about the best capsule coffee machines on the market, in case someone is doing well.

Best Capsule Coffee Machine on the Market

1 . Nespresso Krups XN1001 Inissia – A great little coffee

The 12 centimeters wide of the  Nespresso Krups Inissia make it one of the lightest and most comfortable coffee machines to place on the market. Of course, that small size does not detract anything from the way it works. Not even the water tank suffers too much, since it has a capacity for 0.7 liters.

Similarly, continuing with the design, we can buy this coffee maker in several different colors . It also includes a removable drip tray , which will allow us to use cups of different sizes, not counting what makes cleaning easier.

This model has 19 bars of pressure , which gives it a very high power to make our drink. And, in addition, it does it very quickly. It’s only 25 seconds that it takes for this machine to warm up and start working thanks to Thermoblock technology .

On the other hand, the simplicity of its use stands out. If we want to use it without complicating ourselves at all, it includes two buttons with which, automatically, we can choose how much coffee we want.

This system, called Flow Stop , offers us that just by pressing the button for Espresso or Lungo we can customize our drink.

On the other hand, the machine includes an automatic shutdown system to save on electricity. Thus, after 9 minutes without being used, the coffee maker will turn itself off, which also saves us that no accidental mishap can happen.

The most unfavorable point we can point out about this model is that the place where the capsules are placed is quite narrow. This makes putting them something difficult, as well as removing them.


If you are looking for a small, beautiful coffee maker with all the quality offered by the Nespresso system, this may be yours. In a few seconds the machine will offer you a good coffee to start the day or to enjoy the desktop.


  • Its size allows you to place it in any corner
  • The preparation of the drink is very fast
  • The multiple capsule options offered by Nespresso


  • The capsules are somewhat difficult to place
  • The water tank is a bit small if we are many at home

2 . DeLonghi Nespresso Inissia IN 80.B  – Number 1 in sales

This model follows the line of what we have presented previously. TheDeLonghi Nespresso Inissia It weighs only 2.5 kilograms and its size allows us to place it in any corner of the kitchen without occupying half of the countertop.

The capsules used are Nespresso , so we will have at our disposal an extensive range of types of coffee . In fact, it includes a small welcome set so we can try some of its varieties.

What is different from the previous model is that the capsule introduction system has been provided, to make the whole process even easier.

On the other hand, it includes Flow Stop technology to customize our coffee. Thanks to it, with the press of a button, the machine will serve us an Espresso (shorter, about 40 ml.) Or a Lungo (longer, about 110 ml.).

It is also equipped with the Thermoblock system for faster operation. In just 25 seconds , the machine will be hot and ready to run.

As for other details that complete its qualities, it should be noted the 0.8 liters of capacity of your water tank. It also includes a mechanism to expel used capsules and a place to store up to 10 of them until later recycling.

The negative point that I could find this capsule coffee machine is that it is a bit noisy. If it is used in the afternoon it hardly shows, but in the silence of the morning it is annoying.


If you need a quick coffee just before leaving for work, this may be the model you are looking for. It is very quick to prepare the drink and, when discarding and storing the used capsules by yourself, you don’t have to worry about doing it at the moment.


  • Its speed of operation
  • Its small size. Fits anywhere
  • The FlowStop system


  • The coffee maker is a bit noisy
  • The water tank is somewhat small. A little more capacity would have come in handy

3. Krups KP1201 – One of the stars of the kitchen

This coffee maker in one of the stars of the brand for Dolce Gusto Nescafé capsules. The Krups KP1201 offers a pleasant design that even received the Product Design Award in 2014. Its size also makes it a very comfortable model to place in any kitchen.

As we mentioned before, the type of capsules used by this coffee maker is Dolce Gusto. The wide variety of drinks it offers will allow us to choose between cappuccinos, latte coffee, espressos or even cold drinks, since this machine offers this option.

Together with our machine, we will receive a pack with 6 different types so that we can test the different possibilities.

On the other hand, this model includes a system so that we can create our coffee according to our tastes. This technology, Play & Select, makes it as simple as placing the capsule and selecting the dosage we want for our drink. Once it reaches the amount we have programmed, the coffee maker will stop by itself, without having to be aware.

The water tank has the capacity to store 0.8 liters, which gives us several coffees. It also highlights the automatic shutdown system, which makes after a few minutes inactive, the machine disconnects itself. Finally, comment that the materials used to build this electric coffee maker, makes cleaning very simple.

The least favorite aspect of this coffee maker is that the cable to plug it in is red. It may be something silly, but it totally clashes with the rest of the set


It is a small coffee maker, so we will be able to put it in any corner without it getting in the way. It takes very little time to prepare the coffee and if you use the automated systems, you will be able to customize the drink to your liking and carefree on a day-to-day basis.


  • Its Play & Select function to customize your coffee
  • It is automatic, so do not be aware of cutting the beverage outlet
  • Your beautiful design


  • The water tank stays small if you are several in the house
  • The red wire that breaks the harmony of the whole

4 . Bosch Tassimo1252 – A technology different

This coffee maker model, compared to the previous ones, is characterized by the use of a different type of capsules that, in addition, incorporate a technology that helps us prepare coffee more easily.

Thus, the Bosch Tassimo 1252 uses Tassimo brand products that range from, obviously, all kinds of coffees , to chocolates or tea . In total, up to 40 different kinds of drinks .

The main difference is that they have included the Intellibrew system , an interesting innovation compared to other devices. In this way, to make any beverage, we must make the coffee maker read the barcode of the corresponding capsule.

Once this is done, the machine  automatically adjusts all parameters : pressure, amount of water, time and temperature.

Another advantage with the Bosch account is the great speed with which it works, ideal for those who go in a hurry. Once the T Disc (name of the type of capsules used) is inserted, the machine heats up in seconds and we just have to press a button to get our drink.

Nor should we stop highlighting its design. The small dimensions that it presents make it possible to place it in any space available in the kitchen. On the other hand, the water tank, with a capacity of 0.7 liters , is removable, which greatly facilitates its filling.

The negative point we can point out about this model is its water tank. The 0.7 liter capacity falls short if there are several who drink coffee at home.


The fact that the machine reads the barcode of the capsules and, from there, prepares the drink makes it very easy to handle. We will not have to worry about the amount of water needed, or the pressure, just wait to taste our coffee.


  • The Intellibrew system to automate coffee preparation
  • It is very fast preparing the drink
  • Very comfortable to clean


  • Water tank capacity is somewhat short
  • It is a bit noisy, especially in the first uses

5 . DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Mini Me EDG 305BG  – big on features

One of the great advantages of capsule coffee machines is usually their size, which saves us problems when placing it anywhere. This is clearly visible in the DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Mini Me. And not only stands out for its small size, but it won the prestigious award for the best Red Dot and iF Design in 2015.

This model works with Dolce Gusto capsules, which offer us up to 30 types of drinks. Of course, coffee, but we can also take home several types of tea, chocolates or cocoa drinks. And not only hot drinks, its system that allows you to use cold water gives us the option of preparing Nestea of ​​various flavors.

To make its use easier this model incorporates Play & Select technology. This allows us to adjust the beverage to our liking in a single step and let it automatically take care of serving it without having to be aware of stopping the flow of liquid.

And since it admits all kinds of cup sizes, we will have no problem preparing large quantities if we wish.

This model also has an automatic shutdown system, so that we do not lose heart and leave it on. Thus, after 5 minutes of inactivity, it proceeds to shut down alone, saving us problems and money.

The negative point we can find in this model is the capacity of your water tank. The 0.8 liters fall a little short if you have to prepare several coffees in each use.


Like others of this same line, it is perfect for those who seek to combine design with coffee quality. Being semi-automatic and being able to regulate the amount of water for each type of capsule, it makes it very easy to handle.


  • The Play & Select system makes its use much easier
  • The wide variety of types of drink you can prepare
  • Heats up in just 20 seconds


  • A little more capacity in the water tank would have been fine
  • It has no place to leave the discarded capsules

The best De’Longhi capsule coffee machine:  Essenza Mini EN85.R

The Essenza Mini from De’Longhies is a 1370 W single – dose coffee maker that uses Nespresso capsules . It is very compact (32.5 x 11 x 20.5 cm) but can produce up to 19 bars of pressure so that your coffee retains its original aroma. It combines simple use and professional quality to create the optimal coffee cup.

It offers two programmable cup sizes (espresso and lungo) and has a rapid heating system to reach the ideal temperature in less than 30 seconds. It incorporates an ECO mode to consume less energy after 3 minutes of inactivity and automatic shutdown function after 9 minutes without use.

L better coffee capsule  Nespresso  Krups Essenza XN1101 Mini

It brings us Krups coffee Nespresso design ultracompact ideal for home or office because of its size of 33 x 8.4 x 20.4 cm. It offers you 2 coffee sizes : short or long coffee. It is very easy to use : It has two control buttons to provide perfect results because it can produce 19 pressure bars to preserve the Nespresso smell and texture.

Activate its low power consumption function after 3 minutes without use and auto power off after 9 minutes of inactivity. It has a container with capacity for 9 used capsules . Heat in just 25 seconds .

The best dolce gusto capsule coffee maker :  De’Longhi Piccolo EDG200.B

The Piccolo de De’Longhi is a small manual Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsule coffee maker ideal for home and office for its comfortable dimensions and intuitive and precise functionality . It will allow you to enjoy a true creamy espresso because it can generate up to 15 bars of pressure .

In addition, Nescafé has a wide variety of coffees, chocolates, teas and cold drinks. Its Thermoblock system allows very rapid heating. It has a mechanical lever to regulate the water temperature . It incorporates a safety system that prevents water from leaving its removable tank (0.6 liters) without the capsule holder.

L better Tassimo coffee capsule :  Bosch TAS1006 Tassimo Happy

If you like to vary, this single-dose coffee maker can easily make more than 40 different drinks thanks to its one-button InteliBrew system . With it you can enjoy espressos, cappuccinos, chocolate drinks, teas, macchiatos lattes and much more. It is fully automatic and its innovative heating technology reduces the time you wait for your cup. It has 1400 W of power and a removable water tank of 0.7 liters .

Its 5 LED panel indicates the status of the equipment: Standby, automatic mode, manual mode, fill the water tank, descaling necessary. It is cleaned automatically . It has a self-shutdown system after each preparation cycle.

How capsule coffee machines work

Undoubtedly, capsule coffee makers have achieved in a few years an important place in the market. Now they are among the best sellers and we can find numerous types and varieties of coffee in this format in each supermarket.

This class of machines does not use the typical loose ground coffee, but this is packed in sealed capsules. Once placed in the coffee maker, the hot water flows through them with the pressure that each device has. Thus, in a very short time, we obtain the desired drink. And not only coffee, one of the characteristics of these models is that brands have sold other products with the same system, such as tea or chocolate.

Its ease of use, that the coffee sealed in the capsules does not lose freshness and that multiple varieties can be chosen are part of the reasons for its success. Among the types of existing capsules are Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or Tassimo. Even in recent years, compatible white markings have appeared.

What are coffee capsules?

Without a doubt, it is one of the best options in the kitchen, because it is a very useful appliance to prepare coffee of very good quality quickly and easily. The flavor it leaves in coffee is quite intense, since the capsules they incorporate come in all kinds of coffee, especially for each particular taste.

What aspects should be taken into account before buying a coffee capsule machine?

Before choosing between models, it is necessary to consider certain aspects and specific characteristics of these utensils, in order to buy the best:

The use

It is known that a coffee maker is for making coffee, that is very obvious, but, some are limited only to it, there are others in which different combinations can be made, such as infusions and chocolates.

Manual or automatic?

Each of them offers different benefits, for example, manual coffee makers, are cheaper in terms of price. In addition, the water outlet can be stopped at the precise moment by pressing the button and, this is one of the great advantages of this type of machine, which can regulate the amount of coffee you want to make. With respect to the automatic ones, it is not necessary to worry about going over the quantity, being able to prepare in it different measures and add more quantity of water with the press of a button.

Water tank

These devices include a water tank that will indicate the specific amount of coffee or other beverage to make, without having to refill the tank. Most advisable, is to choose a model that has a capacity much greater than 0.6L, although, in the same way, the amount of people who live in the house and drink coffee should be taken into account.

Capsule deposit or extraction

A large part of the models of these machines incorporate capsule tanks in which a few can be integrated and thus the machine can process them. It is also important to analyze the way in which the capsule is introduced and extracted. Usually, it is done through a lever system that allows the opening of a mechanism to then be able to place the capsule. Some models are simpler than others.

The pressure

It is already known that these devices work by putting a certain pressure on the capsules, in order to be able to subtract the whole essence of coffee. The more pressure the machine makes, the greater the volume of the coffee, with more flavor, more body and the foam will be much thicker. The pressure in these coffee makers is measured in bars, so it can be deduced that the most recommended are those that have 10-12 bars.


Most of the models that are seen in the market, are of small sizes, which makes them transportable, however, there are others that are much larger, but this means that they are also very innovative. You just have to analyze well which is the one that best suits the needs of the user in question.

How to make coffee with a single dose coffee maker?

Drinking coffee is one of the best pleasures in life and, doing it in one of these coffee makers will make it with that flavor and texture that only a machine of excellent quality achieves:

1. Place the water tank on the back of the machine and then the cup lifter. 2. Raise the lever and insert the capsule in the correct position. 3. Close the lever again. 4. Place the cup just where the coffee outlet is. 5. Press the button and the extraction time is expected. 6. In that course, coffee will start to come out. 7. When filling the cup the button is pressed again to stop the coffee outlet, the cup is removed and ready.

Recommendations for making coffee with a capsule coffee maker

It is said that a coffee is perfect when its flavor is of quality and for this to be so, these aspects must be taken into account:

• Use mineral or filtered water. • Choose the capsule that best suits personal needs. • Make coffee at the right time it will be consumed and not too soon, because it can lose its flavor and aroma.

What are the components of a one-dose coffee maker?

So that a capsule coffee maker can fulfill its functions well, it is not enough to know how to use it, it is also necessary to know what its components are, because, in that way, you can determine what to do in case of any failure:

• The water tank: which generally has a capacity of between 0.6 liters and 1.5 liters. •  A pump:  which is responsible for the water circulating through the internal ducts of the machine. Basically, the pump collects all the water from the tank and sends it to the boiler and from there it passes outside. • The boiler: this is the water heating system, that is, it heats it so that the coffee can get hot. •  The pressure pump: it is mostly about 15 or 19 bars and is responsible for the hot water flowing through the coffee that is in the capsule. • The injector:through it the water comes out with a very high pressure. The injector is responsible for drilling the capsule so that the water passes through it to the interior and can then exit through the lower end but turned into coffee.

Types of capsules and coffees

These devices have the ability to make all kinds of coffee, either alone, with milk, cut, among others. But, as its technology improves, the production of capsules of all types is increasingly incorporated into the market.

This has made the offer of these coffee growers grow, as it is a very complete machine, capable of making any type of coffee with excellent quality in its flavor.

How to properly clean a capsule coffee maker?

In order to keep the machine in good condition and improve its performance, it is best to make a correct cleaning of the capsule coffee machine, in this way its useful life can be extended:

1. Remove the capsule:  in the case of automatic ones, the same machine will discard them, but if it is manual, the user will have to do it. 2. Mix the cleaner:  there are users who take the option of making homemade mixtures to do this cleaning, but, in reality this is not highly recommended, it is best to use a water softener mixed with water and introducing it into the coffee pot. 3. The descaling mode:  generally, these appliances include an automatic cleaning function, just by pressing an automatic descaling button and you’re done. 4. Wait for the liquid to circulate: The machine itself will begin to perform its work on its own and will begin to circulate the liquid inside it, so that it can be washed very quickly. 5. Empty: it is time to drain the rest of the liquid inside the device, emptying the entire container, then proceed to wash it with plenty of water and dry it.

How much money should I spend on a coffee capsule machine?

Each model has different functions, all based on the brands that have manufactured them, therefore, they are of different prices, which determine the quality in all of them:

• Cheapest single-dose coffee machines the models included in this price range fulfill their functions very well. • Coffee maker of a better quality dose the machines that are located in this category, are undoubtedly of excellent quality and, although their prices can be a bit high, this will influence positively in its performance.

Where to buy the best capsule coffee maker?

Currently, a variety of online stores have been developed, which are specialized for the sale and purchase of household items, in each of them, users will have the option to choose among the best:

• Buy coffee capsule machine on Amazon: in this prestigious page, you can find different models and designs of the most recognized brands worldwide, with prices accessible to users. • Buy single-dose coffee maker in Alcampo: in this store they do not have a large number of models of these machines, however, users have the option to choose from all. • Buy a one-dose coffee maker in MediaMarkt:  on this platform, users can choose from the large quantities of models available in their catalog with good prices.

Conclusion about capsule coffee makers

In summary, with this new device, you can make coffee with a high quality, both in taste and aroma, and in texture. But, for this to be the case, it is best that the user in question take into account the factors already mentioned above.

Likewise, so that the coffee does not lose its essence and flavor, there will be many aspects that should be considered, such as the use of adequate water for its preparation and that, in addition, can be done instantly so that its flavor can be enjoyed to the fullest