5 Best Buy Sharp Microwaves 2021

A friend recently asked me for advice on which Sharp microwave to buy. It was then that I consulted all the alternatives available on the Internet and naturally that of the Sharp brand that always offers many guarantees.

For several days I was consulting the best alternatives of this brand and here I bring you some of those that for me are the best options in the market.

I make a c om parativa microwave where some of the keys to choose which one is best alternative.

Best Buy Sharp Microwaves 2021:

1. Sharp R642INW  – A marvel of the market

The Sharp R642INW is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market. For the low price it has (compared to other models that give less for more money) it is certainly a great alternative when deciding which microwave to buy.

It has a capacity of 20 liters and a power that reaches up to 800W in its microwave function and up to 1000W in its grill function; more than most Sharp microwaves that for the same price only reach 900W.

It also has eight automatic functions depending on the type of food we are going to handle. That is why, considering the price it has, it seems to me a more than profitable alternative to consider . About its design, despite being something classic it is valid for any type of cuisine.

It is simple to operate since its display has very intuitive keys that make it ideal for any type of user, including older.

The negative point I can put on this microwave is that it doesn’t have any more power to be able to adjust its possibilities even more.


It is a good option if you are looking for a cost-effective microwave that can offer you long-term guarantees and functionality. A good purchase, without any doubt.


  • More grill power than most models (1000W)
  • Various programmable automatic modes
  • Attractive design


  • I would have liked some power mode more

2. Sharp R242BKW – Very complete and character

The Sharp R242BKW is a microwave with up to 11 power levels and a capacity of 20 liters . That makes it one of the stars in the Sharp range, taking into account its price. Without a doubt, with this model the brand wants to position itself favorably in the offer available when deciding which microwave to buy.

It has an elegant design that also includes that of your display: at the same time, its operation is simple since its keys are intuitive and accompanied by drawings to know what we do and incidentally take out all the potential it has .

It also has eight adjustable automatic programs depending on the type of food we are handling.

On the other hand, it has a super compact design that, without taking away any of its internal capacity, makes it ideal for kitchens where there is little space. Without a doubt an excellent alternative at a great price.

The only “but” that could put this microwave model is that it does not come in more colors to further adjust its performance to our preferences.


It is a complete, affordable and very functional microwave model. Its design is very elegant and its use is very intuitive so it is perfect for any kind of person. It certainly seems to me one of the best options within the Sharp brand catalog.


  • Simple to use
  • Very elegant design
  • Very profitable in terms of quality / price ratio


  • Not available in more colors

3. Sharp R242WW  – Great option with great possibilities

The Sharp R242WW seems to me a good option precisely because it has many possibilities at an economical price. It has 800W of power that is already more than many other offers in the market with a higher price show us.

It has 11 power levels that allow us to adjust our type of cooking or defrosting to the type of food we are preparing .

It has 20 liters of capacity , which makes it perfect for single people or couples as well as for whole families. Sharp intends to meet all the requirements

Like the previous models, the intuitive key display that is accompanied by explanatory drawings makes it ideal for any type of user , even for those who are more clumsy. For the price you can not ask for more but later I will get a but.

I like the variety. Therefore, I have to say again that I would have liked that Sharp had offered more possibilities in the colors of this model to be able to fit in any type of kitchen.


Again, it is a functional device at a low price. That is why I consider it an excellent alternative that we should take into account when thinking about which microwave to buy.


  • Very simple use
  • Various power and cooking modes adjustable
  • Very affordable price


  • Not available in more colors

4. Sharp R342INW – For all audiences

The Sharp R342INW is undoubtedly one of the microwaves that can offer the most. Only in capacity it should be noted that it reaches up to 25 liters . In potential, it reaches 900W, which is much more than most alternatives that exist in the market.

It has a price despite it more than affordable compared to other models of other similar brands in terms of capacity and power. Therefore, I consider that it should occupy a prominent position in this microwave comparison.

It has eight automatic functions adjustable to the type of preparation we want to do or the type of food . At the same time it has up to eleven adjustable power levels. Without a doubt, it is a good alternative for those who are entering the world of microwave cooking.

In passing, it has a very modern design with semi-opaque screen that promises to fit in any type of kitchen. Despite this, the variety never hurts.

If I had to put a negative point again it would be that it is not available in more colors although with the one it has it can fit well in any type of kitchen.


If you are looking for a cost-effective device that can offer you guarantees both in its use and in the preparations you want to make with it (beyond heating a plate or a cup) the Sharp R342INW is a good alternative for the price it has.


  • More capacity than most microwaves (25 liters)
  • Attractive and compact design
  • More power than most microwaves and greater adjustment capacity with up to 11 power levels
  • Eight different cooking / defrosting modes


  • Not available in more colors

5. Sharp R742INW – The crown jewel

No doubt the Sharp R752INW was born to occupy the top positions when choosing which microwave to buy. He has done it for several reasons; among others, it should be noted that it has up to 900W of power for its microwave function and 1000W for its grill function . Much more than other similar models of other brands can offer us.

Also its timer is higher reaching 99 minutes. It has eight automatic functions to adjust them to the type of food that we are going to consume or defrost.

It offers at the same time a very simple way of organization that makes it very easy to use for all people thanks to its large and intuitive keys accompanied by explanatory drawings.

If I had to put a negative point it would have to do with the power of the grill. Although 1000W are enough for most functions, 1200W would have been wonderful.


This is a microwave model that must be taken into account by those people who want to perform more complex functions than those of defrosting or heating. That is why it seems to me that for these people it can be a profitable alternative since most of these types of models are not usually as cheap.


  • Easy to use
  • More capacity (25 liters) than most microwaves
  • More power than most similar devices
  • 99 minute timer


  • Not available in more colors

Sharp microwave

I believe that Sharp has been able to offer a complete and varied range of Sharp microwaves that can certainly meet all the needs including those of the most demanding users. It has a wide range of microwaves in particular and appliances in general, which is certainly worth consulting thanks to the guarantees offered by this brand.