Best Buy Bosch Microwave 2021

A friend recently asked me for advice on what microwave to buy. When making a bosch microwave comparison we must look at several aspects. I consider that the main one is the functionality. I chose two models that I think are worth it for the functions that he wants, which are in addition to the classic heating and defrosting of baking thanks to his grill. Recently it has joined the fashion of microwave cooking.

It consists of a balance between how practical a bosch microwave is and the power it possesses. This aspect is especially important for people who want to cook with it whenever they have the necessary utensils: the truth is that some microwaves make it easier than others in this regard. Here are the ones that I selected for the Bosch brand, I hope it helps you.

Best Buy Bosch Microwave 2021:

1. Bosch HMT75M451 – Compact and with many functions

I consider that the Bosch HMT75M451 is a microwave loaded with functions and, nevertheless, easy to handle . Its appearance is unbeatable: it has a compact design that will not occupy much in our countertop or kitchen. In general, it must be said that Bosch is committed to compact designs that, thanks to this, can be adapted to the design of each kitchen.

Its appearance is very aesthetic and presents an aspect that is fundamentally designed to save the maximum space in our kitchen in large part because it will be embedded.

This bosch microwave model also has a memory function. That makes us forget about what it contains for some time. Personally I consider it ideal for my friend since it allows him to make the recipes of his cookbook for microwaves without having to keep an eye on him all the time.

The truth is that Bosch has incorporated a series of devices that are absent in most brands. Despite this, they have a very intuitive design that will not be a problem to master in a short time . Likewise, it allows to obtain good results in the short term so it is not a machine that you do not end up taking advantage of. Having a white color, the truth is that it will hit in most kitchens. Regarding its power (which is what most interests many users) it must be said that it has five power levels distributed between 90W, 180W, 360W, 600W and 800W . The latter is especially interesting not only for the rapid heating function but also for the function of browning meat, fish and vegetables.

Thanks to its keys (which are otherwise very intuitive ) we can program its modes to achieve a cooking mode that, in many recipes, is expressly indicated for each preparation. In addition, it has an autopilot that allows us to adjust the times without breaking our heads depending on the weight and size of the food in question. Without a doubt it is a great alternative, very balanced between functions and quality / price ratio . That’s why I say that if you are looking for a microwave device that can perform functions similar to those of an oven and give you many more possibilities than a conventional microwave can offer, the Bosch HMT75M451 is your device, both for the quality and for the price it has in exchange for so much functionality.

The only negative point I can put is that I would have liked to have more capacity. It is normal to find microwaves that have between 20 and 23 liters of capacity, the Bosch HMT75M451 only has 17 liters. For the rest it is a good option when deciding which microwave to buy considering that its design makes it suitable for any kind of cooking.


If what you are looking for is a microwave device that allows you to make elaborations such as those that come in some manuals for cooking with this type of appliances, surely the Bosch HMT75M451 will make it easy for you. In addition, it has a very intuitive use that goes great for more daily uses. It is a great option if what you want is to make a long-term investment with a microwave that can serve you for many years: that is why it is ideal to install it for example taking advantage of a home renovation or the new construction of a house.


  • Automatic function to properly cook products
  • 5 power modes for perfect results
  • It occupies little space
  • Very intuitive design with many functions


  • It has less capacity than other microwaves (17 liters)

2. Bosch HMT 72 G 650 – A compact oven

The definition I give to the Bosch HMT 72 G 650  is rather that of a compact oven. In fact, because it has a built-in grill as well as a grill, it allows us to make preparations that are more typical of ovens.

So, I consider that it is another good option for my friend who is entering that world.

It also has memory that in fact aims to make things even easier for us. It is easy to clean due to the compact design of its interior and the stainless steel that covers it.

In general, it seems to me that Bosch offers models that are suitable for installation when a work has been done since the nature of its microwaves cries out to occupy its own space in our kitchen giving it a greater degree of elegance.

This is especially interesting for those of you who do not have much space and do not want to give up that touch that baking gives some preparations. It must be said that like all Bosch microwave appliances, the Bosch HMT 72 G 650 has several power modes.

There are five levels that reach 800W in the heating and defrosting functions and up to 1000 in the grill function. Like its predecessor, the cin c or power levels are distributed in 90W, 180W, 360W, 600W and 800W reaching 1000W in the grill function. The fact that you have the grill included certainly makes things a lot easier and helps make the results optimal. It is a device eminently designed to be embedded in our kitchen , so it does not become incompatible with virtually any design because of the elegant appearance, in addition.

Again, the only but I can put the Bosch HMT 72 G 650 is the size of its internal box: 17 liters again, where some microwaves can offer us between 20 and 23 liters of capacity. Even so it is understood that it can fulfill any of the functions that we assign to it and that in fact it is for that reason that it carries some functions such as memory or auto cooking depending on size and weight: it is because it is eminently designed to give us daily use while allowing more sophisticated elaborations.


If what you are thinking is what microwave to buy considering that you do not have much space and that, at the same time, you would not like to give up functions of an oven, the Bosch HMT 72 G 650 is your device. Its compact design designed to be embedded in our kitchen makes it a unique device that by Bosch’s warranty will last several years. That is why I consider it a great opportunity to install it, the realization of a reform as well as that of a new work: they undoubtedly constitute golden opportunities to have a microwave of guarantees if what you are thinking is what microwave to buy.


  • Very intuitive use
  • Bring built-in grill
  • Very powerful grill


  • Less capacity than other models (17 liters)

Bosch microwave

In general, both in the world of household appliances and in the world of DIY Bosch offers an unusual quality . One of the main guarantees that it can offer us consists precisely in the durability of its models together with a design that far exceeds that of other models in the market. Therefore, I consider that either of the two devices is a good choice , especially if you plan to use them beyond the heating and defrosting functions. In fact, both devices can serve this purpose very well thanks to the number of functions they have, their five power modes, their grill and even their grill . They are two easy to clean models that will also be sensational in any kind of kitchen of virtually any material or any color.