5 Best 2 burner gas grill 2021

What is the best gas barbecue on the market?

If you are a barbecue lover, but you don’t like all the work involved in roasting charcoal or wood, and you prefer not to cook in the smoke, then you need to buy a best burner gas grill.

This product offers very similar results to charcoal grills, but in a cleaner and faster way.

On this occasion, we have prepared this post, where we show you the latest trends in gas roasters , so that you are finally encouraged to have your own barbecue kit, which suits your tastes and without affecting your pocket .

The 5 Best 2 burner gas grill for their quality and price

1. Campingaz Expert Plus

This is a perfect gas grill for cooking for up to 3 people. It has 2 very easy to light burners and a chromed steel grid, ideal to achieve the best roast flavor. In addition, it is very resistant, since the burners are made of aluminized steel, and both the grill and the lid are also made of steel, which does not deform at high temperatures.

Its design makes this gas grill very practical to use, as it comes with two folding and lateral metal trays, and a lower tray, perfect for placing all the necessary utensils when cooking. In addition, it is very easy to move, thanks to its two large side wheels that give it a lot of stability.

We recommend that you buy it at Amazon, at a very affordable price.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by how well this gas barbecue works, you achieve exquisite flavors, without much problem, and it is very easy to use, even for the most novice. I recommend it a lot”

2. Campingaz Xpert 200 LS

If you prefer an even stronger product, this butane grill made of cast iron is the option that suits you best. Bring 2 burners made of aluminized steel and lava stones to give the touch of smoky flavor. The grid surface has a size of 55 x 34 cm, ideal for preparing several portions.

It is very practical to use since it has two side trays and an integrated front shelf , ideal for storing condiments and kitchen utensils. The lid includes a very useful thermometer to control the cooking temperature, and it is very easy to transport, since it has two wheels attached to the body of the barbecue.

If you enter Amazon, you can take this product at a fairly economical price.

“I loved this gas barbecue, it looks very elegant, and I feel like a professional when I use it, since I have everything I need to cook comfortably. The materials are very resistant, so I hope to use it for a good time. “

3. Campingaz Xpert 100L

If you need a more compact and light gas grill , which does not coupe much space, we recommend this model. With the backing of the Campingaz brand, this barbecue is very practical to use. It brings 2 burners of aluminized steel and high performance, and a steel lid with large handle, very easy to handle.

It comes with 2 practical folding metal side tables , very functional and a chrome steel grill with a cooking surface of 43 x 35 cm. It is very easy to transport thanks to its 2 wheels with lock , which provide stability and are very safe when storing the grill. With this grill you will show off with family and friends, preparing the richest dishes.

The best thing is that you get it on Amazon at a price without competition.

“I bought this gas grill, because it did not have much space on my terrace and it has been perfect. Very safe and easy to use. And the food is cooked to perfection very quickly. I would buy it again”

4. Cclife with 3 burners

This gas grill has a very peculiar design, since in addition to the grill; it brings an external thread that can be connected, to have an additional burner that will allow you to cook more food at the same time. This barbecue is very versatile, since it can work with butane and propane gas. Its two burners are easy to ignite, thanks to its independent regulators.

It is made of powder coated iron, which makes it very resistant and is not toxic. The lid includes thermometer and comes with a very functional side tray. It is very easy to move, as it incorporates two large wheels in its base. And besides, it’s easy to put together.

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“This gas barbecue is very functional, you can cook many things at once and it is also very safe. I have used it even to cook seafood and they are divine. The best thing is that you can move it very easily. I do not change it for anything.”

5. Cclife with 6 burners

If you need something bigger that allows you to cook many servings at the same time, we recommend you buy this gas grill. It brings 6 burners with independent regulators and its grid covers an area of 70 x 34 cm. It is made of powder-coated iron, which makes it very resistant and durable. And bring two grills at different heights, so you can grill food indirectly without burning.

It includes 2 metal side trays, quite wide, and very resistant, ideal for placing utensils and placing comfortably. Its iron lid is very easy to handle and incorporates a perfect thermometer to control the term of the preparations. Despite its dimensions, it is very practical to mobilize, thanks to its two side wheels.

You can buy it on Amazon, and take advantage of the best deals.

“My family is very large and I needed a grill where I could cook a lot of food quickly. That is why I bought this model and I am fascinated, it cooks very fast and everything is perfect. It is very safe and has everything necessary to make a grill comfortably”

The best gas barbecue with volcanic stone:  Campingaz Expert Plus

Campingaz us brings this gas barbecue lava stone incorporating two burners high performance adjustable independently made of aluminized steel grid chrome steel (50 x 30 cm) and a power of 7000 W . It has a steel lid with a large handle with an integrated thermometer so you can monitor cooking at all times.

It has piezo-electric ignition for comfort and safety. Use standard gas cylinder and consume 510 g / h . Includes two folding side tableswheels for easy transport and steel front with condiment tray. It measures 100 x 50 x 60 cm and weighs 23 Kg.

Check out prices on Amazon

The best portable gas barbecue :  Weber Q 1000

It has a power of 2.6 Kw and has a vat and lid in vitrified steel. It comes with wide handles for easier handling and vitrified cast iron cooking grills . Offers temperature regulator and grease recovery tray for easy cleaning. Fast ignition with piezoelectric system for added security.

It is made of low carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome, nickel and enamel baked at 870 ° C for robustness and durability . It weighs 12.6 kg. You can clean it by paralysis by lighting the burners at maximum power for 30 to burn dirt.

The best cheap gas barbecue :  Campigaz GasGrill mit Deckel 2000008369

multifunctional gas barbecue with triple functionStove, iron and grill . It has 1500W power and a large kitchen area of ​​645 cm2. It is very compact for convenient transportation and storage. Its lid is covered with porcelain to improve heat distribution.

It has a locking latch and piezo ignition for added security. Includes transport bag and regulator to adapt its power according to each food. Removable parts for easy cleaning. CV300 Plus or CV470 Plus cartridge works that can be disconnected after each use. Easy to transport

The best gas barbecue with iron:  Campigaz Texas Re.volution S.

Gas barbecue of high power and high quality with cast iron burners high performance  (8.2 kW) and one  side burner  (2.3 kW) for heating sauces or garnishes. It has piezoelectric system to facilitate safe ignition .

Large cast iron grill  (55 x 33 cm),   extensive chromed heating grill . Its system with volcanic stone that guarantees an even distribution of heat  and helps to protect the burners from dripping grease. It has a  steel lid with window  and  thermometer  ideal for indirect roasting. Cooking height of 90 cm.  Gas consumption  546 +167 g / h . It weighs 26 kg  and has  wheels for easy transportation.

L to best Weber gas grill :  Q 3200

This powerful gas grill with 6400 W of power is made of aluminum, cast iron and high quality stainless steel to ensure. It comes with thermostat settingsstorage shelf , electronic ignition and integrated on-off switch for efficiency, comfort and safety.

In addition, it has a non-slip step and removable grill rack for easy cleaning. Wheels for easy transport, It has a kitchen surface of 64 x 45 cm and includes a thermometer.   It weighs 40 kg to make it more stable and avoid accidents. Ideal for your weekend barbecues or to take it to the countryside and the beach.

The best Campigaz gas barbecue :  Expert 100 L

It can offer you up to 7100 W of power. It has 2 burners in high performance aluminized steelbarbecue grill with piezo ignition for greater comfort and avoid accidents. It has a cooking surface with enameled grill (45 x 35 cm) and chicken broiler with optional open lid (accessory not included).

Your car is made of sturdy steel with a steel lid and large handle that allows easy opening. Its kitchen height is 85 cm and it has a gas consumption of 515g / h . It weighs 17 kg. It comes with 2 practical folding side tables and wheels with lock so that it does not take up space when storing it.

What should you consider before buying a gas barbecue?

1. Price

In the market there are endless models of gas barbecues, among which you can find those that are very economical, up to those that cost thousands of euros. Therefore, the decision of which barbecue to buy will depend on your budget. In this post we have described 5 products of very good quality, and which are also very economical. These can serve as a guide to establish the minimum parameters that your gas barbecue must meet. If the model you choose meets these parameters perfectly and adapts to your budget, then it will be the model that suits you best to acquire.

2. Materials

The second aspect that you should take into account is the manufacturing material, which must be strong enough to withstand the heat of the burner flame. Today, the most popular materials are cast iron, aluminum or sheet and stainless steel. When buying a gas barbecue, the latter is the most recommended, since it is very resistant, easy to clean and lightweight. You should also take into account the material of the grilles, where the best option is chrome steel. And finally, you should also look at the quality of the accessories such as folding trays and front panel, which must be resistant to high temperatures.

3. Size

This is a very important point to consider before buying a gas barbecue. Unlike other types of grills, gas grills necessarily need to be accompanied by a bottle, which takes up space. Therefore, before choosing the product, you must be clear about the dimensions of the space you use to place the grill. In this way you will not run the risk of buying something too robust that takes up a lot of space and that, in the end, is very uncomfortable to cook. In this post we have shown you compact and light gas grills as well as larger ones, so you can compare and make the right decision.

4. Versatility

If you have already decided to make a considerable investment in the purchase of a gas barbecue, we recommend that you look at the additional features that the model of your preference may have, so that you can get the most out of it. In this sense, it will be a better option, the barbecue that brings an additional cooking station, so you can prepare more quantity and variety of food at the same time. It is also very important that they incorporate a thermometer, since when cooking with gas, temperatures rise very quickly, so this instrument will help you a lot to prevent food from passing through cooking or burning.

5. Easy to transport

By their nature, gas barbecues are usually always more robust and heavy, since they incorporate the burner system that obviously implies a greater weight, compared to charcoal grills. Therefore, it is very important that the model you choose, offers you a design that is easy to transport. At this point, those with large wheels and rubber wheels are highly recommended, which allows you to move the grill on any surface. These wheels must have a locking system to guarantee the stability of the grill, especially when saving it.

6. Easy to clean

This is a very important factor that must be taken into account when buying any type of barbecue, since its useful life depends largely on it. In the case of butane grills, it is recommended that the grill be made of chromed steel, as it is the easiest material to clean. Barbecues with cast iron grill are not usually as recommended, since it is much more difficult to remove the residue from both the grilles and the device in general. Always remember that, the easiest way to clean a gas barbecue, is with the pyrolysis process that is, by heating the cooking area with the lid closed, for about 10 minutes, so that the grease and food scraps are burn and take off more quickly.

Top brands of gas barbecues

  • Campingaz – With over 65 years of experience in the market, this brand has achieved recognition for its exclusive dedication to the manufacture of versatile products, for the enjoyment of outdoor activities. In addition to the line of barbecues, they offer burners, indoor stoves, as well as camping accessories.
  • Cclife – This firm offers a wide variety of products for home use, such as furniture, barbecues, mats and tool sets, which have very modern and very good quality designs. In fact, their barbecues are among the most sold in online stores.
  • Charles Bentley – This brand was born in 1860 and its main mission is to manufacture very high quality products at very competitive prices. Its catalog offers cleaning products, for industrial use, for gardening and for home use, with very innovative designs. Their products are among the best sellers in online stores.
  • Tepro – This is a well-known brand for its products specially designed for garden activities, including barbecues, garden furniture, garden storage centers, such as sheds; all with high quality standards.

How do gas barbecues work?

What is more than clear is that, its handling is much simpler than that of other barbecues in the market. Gas barbecues can function as any stove that has a knob to adjust the amount of gas that comes out of the burners and there are some models that usually have an ignition button that is the one that lights the fire.

Sometimes this button may fail to make the spark, so you can help him manually using a match. They usually have a place to hold the matches and the hole they have on the side, they make lighting with the match much easier. To avoid burns, there are long matches or lighters also with an elongated shape, with which you can light it without burning.

Once you have turned on your gas garden barbecue, you can place your food to prepare and you only have to play with the temperature depending on how cooked you want the food.

How to choose your gas barbecue grill?

Our team of product experts indicates that there are some factors to consider before choosing a particular gas barbecue, whether for terraces, gardens, outdoor restaurants, etc. in addition to what is indicated in the previous section of what should you consider before buying a gas barbecue? , you should consider the following:

1. The fuel can be propane gas or natural gas, natural gas requires a conduit that communicates with the barbecue that is a bit more expensive but saves you time and money in the long term (in case you have access to a zone gas matrix pipe), not having to continually change the cylinder. 2. Make it comfortable and easy to turn on since they usually warm up in about 15 minutes depending on the model you have selected. 3. Cool quickly for safety. 4. That food does not drip… it shouldn’t! Because the food liquid tends to evaporate with the heat of the burners. 5. Have enough warranty time.

Types of gas barbecues

In our previous section on what gas barbecue to buy? The 5 best gas barbecues for their quality and price we intrinsically mention some types of barbecues such as those that use volcanic stones (smoker), folding, large and with a thermometer. Here we will briefly describe all other types of butane barbecues that are professional or for domestic use with or without a car.

• Gas barbecues with iron. These gas grills are quite good since at the time of cooking it is fast, with a short time the plate reaches the optimum cooking temperature. The maintenance and cleaning of this type of barbecues is very comfortable; It contributes to the environment as it makes the process of cooking on the barbecue cleaner. • Gas barbecues that come with a built-in sink. Super great because if you dirty, you scrub once and do not accumulate dirty dishes. • Gas and coal grills. These gas barbecues are very useful for many since, having the mixed option they can cook in one way or another depending on whether you have the fuel or coal. •Tabletop gas barbecues without legs. They are portable and practical since you can mount it in an inn or put on something if you want to travel and use it outdoors and in motor homes. They can be embedded. • Parrill a gas grill and filters. They come with these accessories and are easy to use and the meals are very tasty. • Industrial gas barbecues. They can be used in restaurants or in places where they are used very frequently and have great capacity and power, which allow marking the meat and making other dishes. • Butane gas barbecue for interiors. There are three types of these, the first for small barbecues and practices that are also placed on a table work with electricity, are mostly for use by diners during the meal; the second is the barbecue integrated in the fireplace and the other is the barbecue integrated in the kitchen equipment. • Smokeless gas barbecues. Suitable for both exterior and interior. • Gas grill with oven. It is ideal for other meals that cannot be done on the grill or on the top of the gas grill, even pizzas, breads and cakes ´ you can make; They are a bit big, but worth it.

What gas barbecue grill to buy?

Already considering the types of gas barbecues that exist, a budget and having chosen the gas barbecue plate you just have to realize that it is the one that really suits your needs and what you are going to use it, obviously roast and make some grilled foods; but, if it will be for domestic, industrial, commercial use and where you will use it.

Similarly, you can take a look in our Shopping and Opinions Guide, Comparison of the best gas barbecues of 2021 and we offer you 5 exclusive models chosen by our experts with all their specifications so you don’t have much to look for, round or square .

Tips to take care of your gas grill

Follow these tips and your gas barbecue will last for a long time:

1. As the gas heats the barbecue very quickly, you must be aware that you do not burn the food; we emphasize this. 2. The sun does not hit where the bottle is. Preserve it from the heat of the sun because it can explode. 3. If it is located in a place where there is not much wind, the better. It can easily move heat to one side or the other and burn food on the one hand rather than the other. Place it in a cool area with little wind. 4. Use caution and avoid unnecessary fires, that is, be aware of not having combustible material such as paper or any other material that can catch on fire. 5. Check the burners every so often because they can be damaged and stop working. In this case it is necessary for a technical specialist to review them and say what needs to be done. In case you have to make a replacement or put a spare.

Advantages of having a gas garden barbecues

It is certainly very positive (as long as you have the proper precautions and care) to have a gas barbecue at home because we avoid the trouble of looking for coal, for example, and get dirty apart from dirtying the area of ​​the gas grill. Some benefits of having a gas garden barbecue:

1. It is cleaner, faster and more effective. 2. They have fewer requirements for cooking because they light quickly, do not stain and allow you to control the temperature with ease; and do not miss food. 3. There are no remains of fuel or ash, because it works with gas does not release waste. 4. When using gas to ignite food, you only cook using that heat with less fat than other barbecues. 5. Having a roof to close it also helps keep it better and does not get so dirty.

Tricks to keep a butane barbecue in good condition

We show you some tricks and techniques to avoid the most common mistakes that are made when people use a gas barbecue.

• Keep the gas grill free of dirt. If you don’t keep it clean, the dirt will make your barbecue drip a lot of smoke at all times and even if it is, it can be a bit unpleasant to the taste of what you cook. We recommend that you remove the grilles and burners at least twice a year to thoroughly clean the grill, but if you use it very frequently you should reduce the cleaning time. • Avoid fires. You must have a fire extinguisher in case the grease or liquids of the food comes to explode with the flames of the gas grill; you must keep an empty part of the grill to move food if a small fire occurs by chance and if you have one, remove the food, turn off the burners and close the gas intake. • High temperatures and sweetness. The sugar burns at 130 ° C. If we are cooking food with sauces that contain sugar, we must keep the temperature of the burners below that temperature; otherwise the food will burn and blacken. • Do not neglect your barbecue while you are cooking.  • Have fuel at hand if necessary. Maintain healing. Every time you cook or do something on the gas grill, wash your hands and keep the area clean and disinfected. • The correct temperature. Lamb, pork or veal meat is cooked at a high temperature. Fish, vegetables or chicken are cooked over medium heat. Roasted chickens and thick meats until baking bread are cooked at a lower temperature with indirect heat (allows the food to be cooked completely and does not burn). • Food sealing. Sealing is one of the secrets to get the entire grilled flavor. It does not block all juices, but it caramelizes the surface and creates a crunchy layer. • Check burners. Inspect them completely and all internal parts. Check the burners are not clogged.

If you are looking for the cheapest barbecue products you can not stop reading these buying guides:

How to make homemade gas barbecues?

This is an option that you can have under your sleeve if you are presented with a meeting at home and want to eat barbecue, but you do not have the gas garden iron, or if you do not have the budget to buy one. To get out of trouble and you can make your barbecue; there is a very simple way for you to cook on an improvised gas grill.

If you do not have workshop tools and the necessary items you can buy or borrow from a friend, if you have them better and then, get to work. It will depend on whether you want a robust and durable grill. To make a 44cm x 62cm x 18cm high grill you will need the following: • ½ ”(half inch) profile and smooth iron # 6, for the grill structure • Iron rod # 6, for the rods of the grill • Iron profile # 8, for the legs • Smooth iron rod # 4, for the handles • Iron cutting machine • Corner (pay attention to the video to know how this tool is) • Welder (with its corresponding protections) • Press • Hammer

Having everything you need and with the help of another person who is never over, they will:

• Cut two pieces of profile of 62 cm each and two other pieces of 34 cm each (thus having 4 pieces of cut profile). • At the ends of each profile, mark 45 degrees and cut again. • Fix the profiles joining them by the corners and then be able to weld them. • Weld the 4 corners of the profiles so that a square remains without welding on the outside. • Now measure the distance of the diagonals between corner and corner, even if they are the same. • Cut the rods of what will be your grill, 22 approximately 43 cm each. • Release them again and leave a distance of about 2 cm between rod and rod. • Place the legs on your grill (if you want). To do this you must have previously cut 4 # 8 iron profiles of 18 cm. • In addition to the legs, you should also make the handles of the grill to be able to grip it better. To make the handles use# 4 iron rod. Cutting two pieces of 20 cm each. • Hold the rods in the press and give hammer blows to shape and fit in the shape of a handle. • Finally, weld the two handles to the extreme profiles of the grill and if necessary, file the upper part of the grill in case you have been protruding when welding the legs or profiles between them.